Explanation of Prefixes?

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  1. I've seen people post threads with tags like "High Fantasy" and "Heroic Fantasy" and "Low Fantasy" and so on and so forth. Especially things like "Splatterpunk" and "Body Horror" like what.
    What do they mean? I know they describe the roleplay but I mean like the specific meaning. I'd like to use some of them myself but I have no clue what they mean. :C
    I tried looking on the site but I guess I'm not good at searching or something bc I couldn't find anything explaining them.
    While I'm on this could someone explain these content ratings to me as well?

    *Buckets of Tears*
    - assuming this is like very weepy and stuff

    - ?

    *It's a Kissing Book*
    - twilightesque?

    *Anime Physics*
    - I don't really watch anime, save for Attack on Titan which a friend got me into so I'm not really sure what anime physics are.

    Sorry if this is like a really newbie question.
  2. Our prefix guides are currently in the works! :D when they are done, they will be in the FAQ.

    For these:

    *Buckets of Tears*
    - lots of things that will make your cry!

    - Meaningless fluff. Often means lots of romancey or social stuff. Basically a whole lot of feel-good content.

    *It's a Kissing Book*
    - mushy romance stuff and lots and lots of making out and kissing!

    *Anime Physics*
    - Stuff that couldn't possibly be done in real life or make any sort of physics sense, but do in anime cause it's anime/cartoon.
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  3. Thank you!