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    This character is a hybrid Elf-Orc named Dul'Ganosh. He's pretty interesting, isn't he?
    Correct answer: no, he's not. The interesting part is explaining his existence.
    Who are his parents? How did they meet? Was he a child of a loving relationship, a one-time tryst, the spoils of war, or something else entirely? Who was he raised by? Which race does he identify more with? What strengths or weaknesses has his blood given him?
    If you're really cool, answer these questions and fill out character forms for both his parents.​
    You can use your own form; mine is just here as an example.

    Opinion of other parent:

    this is my first challenge
    I'm sorry if it sucks
    don't hate me ;_;
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  2. I vent a little over board maybe but I've become really fond of Dul'Ganosh and his mismatched parents during this exercise, they've become so real in my head.

    Name: Dul'Ganosh
    Age: 33
    Race: Elf/Orc
    Occupation: Wanderer/warrior for hire
    Description: Tall and muscular Dul'Ganosh is leaner and slender than orcs, if not for his ears, eyes and bulky build he could be taken for a very well muscled elf. His eyes are yellow, a touch paler than his mothers and his easily tanned olive skin is from his elven side, over his face and back are scars showing his hard life as a warrior and half blood. He has long brown hair that don't reach his forehead like on many orcs and his long, pointed ears has the odd shape of the orcs as well. Used to many orc traditions he wears no shirt, his hands are protected by thick, metal gloves going up to his elbow and his loose fitting wide pants goes down over thick boots with metal plates, over his hips he wears a large piece of armour. Carrying a heavy, curved blade of stone and metal made by his grand father that belonged to his mother.
    History: Born to an elven father and an orc mother Dul'Ganosh grew up in a solitary life, raised into two cultures he learned hunting, weapons and fighting from his mother Ran'Enash and some magic from his father Dularian. He had small skills in magic and could handle smaller spells but could not learn the art of healing so Dularian thaught him how to treat wounds without magic. Spared from peoples hatred as a child Dul'Ganosh experienced his first loss when his father was killed, presumably by a group of orcs, when he was 7. His mother raised him alone, teaching him what she knew of elven culture and habits as well as those of her own race. Life settled back to as normal as possible again as he grew it bacame evident he as of mixed blood, he was to slender and tall to be an orc and to muscular and heavily built to be an elf. He lost his mother when he'd turned fifteen, her own tribe had happened upon her and killed her, Dul'Ganosh ran for his life and for the first time really knew how hard his life would be. Surviving alone in a world where orcs and elves hated each other and where a mix was hated even more Dul'Ganosh knew he wouldn't be accepted by his mothers tribe and learned that his father's village did not want him as well after a failed attempt to contact them.
    Personality: Proud, stubborn and honorable Dul'Ganosh has learned to think of himself becasue no one else will, he leads a solitary life and his trust his hard earned. Selling his skills to the ones who pay the best he does the work he is payed for, no more, no less, however he has a moral code and he will help people without taking payment as he has learned compassion and kindness from both parents. A man of few words Dul'Ganosh talks only when needed and certainly not to strangers, he always expects to be called out as a mixed blood and is prepared for a battle. His many scars shows his battes and he remembers every single battle that gave him one. During his many lonely hours he misses his parents, the only family he has ever known, part of him wants a family of his own but he knows very few wants to be with a mixed blood and so he continue to sell his skills tohumans and other races that don't much care for the squabbles between orcs and elves.

    Name: Dularian
    Age: 426
    Race: Elf
    Occupation: Mage
    Description: Tall, graceful and agile Dularian has waist length chestnut coloured hair parted in the middle and mostly hanging loose, tanned olive skin and hazel eyes. Having a naturally wide frame with broad shoulders Dularian due to his lack of interest in physical exercise and always lost in his studies is lean and sinewy instead of bulky. Dressed in geryish brown cotton trousers, a silvery shirt with long wide sleeves and a midnight blue tunic with a faint pattern in silver, to this he wears leather shoes.
    History: Born into a long line of mages Dularian was early on schooled in the ways and laws of magic, his mother was the highest ranked Sorceress Iraliss and his father the famed mage Fanarian. He spent his childhood studying and training to become as good a mage as his relatives are and his worst fear was to fail and not be good enough. He didn't need to worry though as Dularian grew up to be one of the most skilled mages in his tribe, only a few, his mother included was more skilled than him. As he had his skills with magic and healing Dularian never had to go through any weapons training and made his contributions to the tribe by healing or using his magic in other ways. One day when he was out in the woods during some free time he came across a wounded orc, the woman had been injured during a hunting accident. Without really thinking he used his healing on her to heal her wounds, after this both overcame some mistrust between their races and realized that despite being of to wildly different races they had things in common. With him being the less hesitant one they eventually devloped deeper feelings and it resulted in Ran'Enash becoming pregnant and banished. Dularion freely distanced himself from his people to live with Ran'Enash as he knew his tribe would never accept an orc among them. In their little cottage they lived in peace and when Dul'Ganosh was born everything became perfect until Dularian was killed by a group of orcs when their son was only 7 years old.
    Personality: Hardworking and determined Dularian is very serious when it comes to his duties as a mage but loosens up during his free time, if he encounters a problem he can't solve he'll barely slepe or eat until it's solved. Peaceful and kind Dularian never thinks the worst of people before seeing what they do and will never judge an entire race after a few individuals and by that don't believe all orcs are evil just because their leaders and warriors seems to be. With his calm mind and easy going nature it is hard to rally Dularian to impulsive actions or enrage him as he wont fall for tease and trickery.
    Opinion of other parent: Ran'Enash learned to love Dularian after he saved her and will never fully recover from losing him.

    Name: Ran'Enash
    Age: 57
    Race: Orc
    Occupation: Hunter
    Description: Tall for an orc Ran'Enash was also quite smaller than normal for orcs, she has less muscles and width and that was one of her reasons for her occupation choice where raw strength wasn't needed. Her thick skin has a desaturated, olive green hue, her shoulder length hair is rough and a dark brown. Her eyes are a dark yellow, gleaming in the dark, in a round face. She has high cheek bones, a strong jaw line, short pointed ears and a thick neck. Dressed in a simple pair of brown, cotton trousers and a beige, short sleeved shirt of the same material, her worn leather boots reach up to her knees. She always has an axe hanging from her hip, a short bow and quiver strapped to her back and a hunters knife in her belt.
    History: Ran'Enash was born to a Gur'Kanor, a famed black smith and Car'Faisha, a skilled healer. Ran'Enash grew up in a smaller village not too far south of a large forest that the elves claimed as their own, from a young age she was raised to believe elves where frail, liars and worth less than humans even. Her people carrying on an endless feud with the graceful elves although Ran'Enash with her peaceful nature preferred to avoid any confrontations between the two races. Her life was very similar to any other orc growing up, she learned some healing skills from her mother but her interest lay with weapons, not to create them but to use them. Her need for peace led her to become a hunter instead, honing her skills until she became a hunter who was a help to her village. After being found by Dularian after being wounded on a hunting trip Ran'Enash learned that erhaps not all elves was to be mistrusted and she liked spending time with him, someone different than the men in her tribe. As time went on they developed deeper feelings and after many troubled feelings of races and cultures they found that Ran'Enash was pregnant, now her tribe learned of her treachery. Ran'Enash was banished under the penalty for death, had not her parents begged for her she would have been killed on the spot. Dularian knew she wouldn't be accepted by his tribe so he freely distanced himself from the elves and lived with Ran'Enash in a small cottage in the forest. When she gave birth to heir little son Dul'Ganosh, a combination of both their names, life seemed to be perfect finally. But when Dul'Ganosh was 7 Dularian was killed after being found by a group of orcs. Ran'Enash then spent her life raising her son in hiding and grieving her unlikely husband. As Gul'Danosh turned fifteen they were found by orcs from his mother's tribe and in that skirmish Ran'Enash was killed leaving her son an orphan.
    Personality: A peaceful and down to earth orc, slow to anger and quick to compassion she never developed the hatred for elves that others of her kind had, she still distrusted and disliked them however, it's hard to ignore an entire society's history and opinion. Her mother thaught her to be calm, understanding and to help people although it was obvious Ran'Enash would never become a healer. Just like her father she is also stubborn, determined and a woman of few words. She tries to keep a sunny outlook on life and to never fall into depression, responsible and intelligent she always finishes what she starts.
    Opinion of other parent: Dularian genuinely loved her and gave everything to save her and their son's lives.
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  3. It's a great challenge! Character background is so important.

    Name: Myrnell

    Age: 12

    Race 1: imp
    (Short, stocky creatures like carefree dwarves: usually the hair is dark and either curly or wavy, they are industrious, crafty, and descended over millennia from trolls of the type who would sit under bridges and harass travellers

    Race 2: fairy
    The wee folk, the average fairy stands 5" high not counting wings or antenna. Eons ago they were larger, 3'-4' tall, but they evolved to their admittedly more frail form as they developed their inherent magical abilities, and it became necessary to hide from those who would hunt them for their wings, antenna, teeth, eyes, and hearts. They are masters of disguise and illusion

    Race they live with: the imps

    Occupation: cobbler, travelling

    Description: short, 3'6", red curly hair, smooth, childlike features, he will never have facial hair, grey eyes stuttered with brown. Thinner bones than most of his impish neighbours.

    Personality: distrustful and shy

    You can use your own form; mine is just here as an example.

    Name: Mimi

    Age: 30

    Race: Impish

    Occupation: florist

    Description: 4'10"

    History: lived in the mountain village of Grint her whole life, loves plants, cooking, scaring the bejeebus out of people, inside jokes, and gossip

    Personality: energetic, bossy, leader

    Opinion of other parent: unique, handsome, a good listener, smart, trustworthy

    Name: Riroth
    Age: 29
    Race: fairy
    Description: a startling 5.5" high in his natural form, Riroth's wings are a pale blue like his eyes: his skin is fair, smooth and hairless, his eyes are narrow and his cheekbones are high. He can cast to take another form for a short time, but he retains most of his fairy features as casting is not his strong suit
    History: an apprentice to a weaponsmith since youth, he joined the fairy knights at seventeen, and met Mimi at eighteen whist disguised as an imp
    Personality:boastful, stubborn, competitive
    Opinion of other parent: loud, fun, enigmatic, hardworking, gentle
  4. The old, weary man closed his diary, looking over his grandchildren, who were huddling together in the light of the fireplace in this cold winter. "And this, children, closes the tale and final words of Dul'Ganosh, an unfortunate experiment which I freed during the war. And his story was the driving force as to why, today, orcs and elves have grown into tolerance of each other after such a long war. It's getting late, though. You should go to bed."

    How is it?
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  5. Very original take! Me gusta. ^^