Explain the Relationship between a Character & a Roleplayer

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  1. Characters are present in every roleplay. They're as awesome as they are ubiquitous. But what exactly are they?
    Are they like our children? Are they tools? Are they imaginary friends? Can they become tulpa'd? Are they just parts of us?
    There are many different takes on this. What is yours?

    Challenge: Explain the relationship between a character and xir roleplayer.
    You might find it helpful to address issues such as, but not limited to
    -original characters vs canon characters
    -self-inserts & Mary-Sues
    -intellectual property
    -self-expression via alternative personas/fursonas
    -thoughtform/tulpa (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulpa)
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  2. -original characters vs canon characters
    Original characters are a vehicle to tell stories. Whether they enable the 'what-if's of fiction, history or fanfiction. Using canon characters is typically a means to further explore that character beyond the limits of his/her canon; the writer wants to travel, these characters are their car

    -self-inserts & Mary-Sues
    These are dreams, put simply. A Self-Insert is when you put yourself into a world to play/explore in it. Usually Self-Inserts blur with Mary Sues, because nobody likes to write and address their flaws, wrongdoings, and shortcomings in writing (remember that writing these characters are a form of escapism). While therapeutic and fun to write, they are utterly obnoxious to read, and if you want to write one of these types, you should probably keep them private
    The writer wants to forget/ignore the ugly side of people/their self, the character enables this

    -intellectual property
    "You copied my character/story! This is intellectual property theft!" Is called out far too often. The reality is that most characters and plots (including those of published universes) aren't very original; and to a degree that's fine. Your character does belong to you, and it's okay to be annoyed if you see them being played or blatantly copied without your permission, but if you see copies EVERYWHERE, you might need to take a step back and see if you're not just drawing from the same ideas

    -self-expression via alternative personas/fursonas
    A less-sue version of a self-insert, these are original characters based on yourself; you need a certain level of maturity and humility to create a persona/fursona, because you have to make a character who is easily comparable to you who has all the annoying habits, laziness, moodiness, selfishness, vices, ugliness and stupidity of a real person. A persona is the writer looking at themselves and pouring their self into a character which is deliberately similar. They act as a more believable vehicle for a writer to explore fiction as themselves

    (A being which was conjured into existence purely through spiritual or mental means)
    Writing this kind of character usually either bonds you to one player (as a summon or familiar), or allows a writer to more closely play in the non physical elements of a world instead of interacting only/mostly with the physical
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  3. First time ever doing this... Let's me take a wack out of this one. Don't actually take anything I say here seriously though, its just my own opinion. Okay, here we go!

    Original Characters VS Canon Characters
    So lets say I have a banana split sundae having all its original flavors in it like: bananas, three flavored ice cream (vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate) chocolate syrup, whip cream, nuts, and a cherry on top. There my friend, is what we like to call as a Canon Character. When speaking of canon, it automatically suggest as a "official" character. Meaning whatever flavor he had on the "official" banana split you made you can't change it. It is what it is. It is offical. But once you add more to the banana split something that would most likely fit to your own flavor... like say I wanna add some chocolate chips, cookie dough and sprinkles! Its not an official character anymore and has become somewhat your original character to the once official character. Once you add something new into the Canon character, something you most likely want that character to have, its not anymore called a Canon Character but an Original Character you made.

    Self-Insert & Mary Sue
    Is what I'd personally called the Self-Absorbed you. So you want to escape from your not so awesome real life self and want to write about yourself in a way that YOU want yourself to be, which can be dangerously close to being a Mary Sue. I want to be this perfect person who does things perfectly and, not one thing I am doing is wrong and, is absolutely perfect! Everybody here is going to love me! And notice me when I am sad or happy or upset! Everything is about me, me, ME!!---oh, shut up! So annoying you are! You are such a Mary Sue! Spare me your not so perfect life stories, it not like your the only one who's life isn't going the way you wanted. At the very least, I can accept the fact that my life suck and not self-insert my miserable life to others and hope that they would take pity on me, I have more self-respect than that!

    Bottom line is, self-inserting yourself wouldn't actually give you the result you'd wanted. There is a fine line between wanting someone to take notice to you and annoying them because of the fact you want them to notice you. Not all people would take lightly to Mary Sues, dollface, I know I won't.

    But if you'd really want to self-insert yourself that badly as something to help you out psychologically then write it in a private journal or something? Spare them from your Superman powers! Remember, even Superman has his Kryptonite. He has come in terms with his own weakness, so why can't you?

    Intellectual Property
    Pfft... Put me inside a room with ten other people and give us the same kinds of subjective elements? I tell you, 8 out of 10 people could give you the same backstory they had while they were trying to "think" about it. You might be thinking its orignial since you thought it first, but I hate to break it to you honey, its not. Your brain works in mysterious ways.

    So let's say you have watched a movie some time ago, it was a great movie but sort of forgot some bits and parts of it as time past. And here you are now, wanting to write about something... Your thinking... Your thinking... Your still thinking... Then you go decide to listen to some songs. Your thinking again while listening to a familiar OST then bam!! inspiration! A perfect character was born! So you write it down earnestly and once your done you rejoice cause you've out done yourself this time! But something is wrong here. Your spider sense is somehow tinggling. Something wasn't right, so you try to solve the mystery and--holy smokes, Batman! Its Catwoma--I-I mean a copy cat! Its that no good copy cat again! Stole MY idea! Oh, zoingks! Its another one!? Scooby Doo!! Where are you?!!!!! And you suddenly ended up catching more copy cats than you should.

    And why is that, you ask?

    Well, its elementary, Watson, old boy. Its simply because, you must have seen the same movie like the ones that you think were copying you.

    What?! I don't even remember any of it anymore! It happened so long ago?

    Now, now, Garfield, just because you can't remember the entire thing that happened in the movie you watched doesn't mean you completely forgot about it. Remember when you were listening to one OST music that gave you inspiration to write your "original" character? Turns out the music you were listening triggered something in your brain remembering something that you think you thought about it which wasn't all that you thought that you think. It was a hidden memory in your brain that you thought was your own character but really, was something you remembered watching about, reading about and had known someone in your past that you may have forgotten.

    So tell me, who's copying who now?

    Self-Expression Via Alternative Personas/Fursonas
    Pretty much Minbit hit it off the bat. No need for me to further explain things. But if you want me to. The more realistic-believable-oh-my-God-he-bleeds-he-is-indeed-a-human you in a atlernative universe. Need i say more?

    ...I guess, people likes to pretend they are Harry Potter?
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  4. Tulpa. They are tulpas in a sense, hang on Chigue wants to talk.

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  6. On the subject of Tulpa:

    The Tulpa is slightly different in every context, but it boils down to this: an idea becomes reality. There are many people for whom their roleplaying characters not only exist as an idea but also as real entities in their mind. Not in the schizophrenic sense (necessarily), but in a more intuitive sense. These individuals don't really have to think about what their character would do or say. They just know it by conjuring up the character's persona and letting it act for itself. It could be compared to method acting. In more extreme situations, the character can resemble more of an imaginary friend than the creator's own idea, existing in the mind even in the writer's daily life, no longer constrained to acting only in relation to its story.

    Personally, characters are my puppets that let me act out a theme of a story or a philosophically important scene. They, just like other elements of writing such as setting and imagery, are tools in my toolbox, allowing me to tell the sort of story I want to tell or, as a GM, to guide my players and their characters towards a meaningful end and reflect the changing world around them.
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  7. In a sense, I believe the character is a part of who we are as the creator.

    I still have the voice of my very first character, Aki, talking in my head. She is as much a part of me as my hands, her spirit a part of mine, her past derived from mine. That is why, I believe, I cannot play happy-go-lucky characters...because I am a pessimistic person by nature. I think that's also why if I don't feel the character, my posts suffer. I have to have a flow - words and thoughts and images flow from my mind through my fingers and onto the page. Even my most powerful characters - my gods of Parhteus - are all a part of me...this even includes the indulgent creator of the humanoids of Parheus, representing the contempt I sometimes feel...my queen of the gods, Kallydrana, is no more than a woman forced into a place that she didn't necessarily want to be and made the most of what she had.

    But just like my characters, my world is a part of me. Perhaps that is why I made it a living creature without a voice, instead allowing my dragons to be the voice of the world. I have no tools, persay...just parts of me that I put out, from every individual character to all NPCs...even to the antagonists of my stories...every tiny piece has a tiny piece of me. <3
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