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  1. Name: Isabella Strifer
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Long haired ginger, dark brown eyes and pale skin lightly freckled on her cheeks.
    6'1ft with a very fit body but its clear that she is built for flight not fight -to her much dislike.
    Black lace-up boots and a brown leather jacket are main clothing items.
    More to be relieved later~

    Isabella clenched her teeth at the stink of the place. Its not that it stunk, it was the opposite. Too clean, the scent of stale bleach practically flowed off the walls. It was unnatural, made her skin crawl. Good thing she was only there for the day. Just one day, She told herself repeatedly. One day of shifty work, make some cash and never come back. The Idea had seemed so much better before she had been made to sign a scary amount of release forms. Still, there was no going back now.

    "What is it exactly this company focuses on again?" Isabella asked the man walking beside her, leading her. They were in a lower part of the building, passing many rooms with large glass windows. It seemed like a fairly normal facility from what she had seen. Most of the rooms were empty, save for the occasional few but she did not have time to stop and look to see who was inside. The man on her right was walking too quickly, leading her somewhere.

    "Genetic modification. Here we focus on..." Well that was it, he lost her. Not interested in what he had to say, Isabella focused on the surroundings more. Was it just her or had the bleached scent faded away to something more sterile? And the walls had shifted from a pearly white to something of a brown as they turned and seemed to keep descending. Hearing her name brought her back to earth. "Hmm?"

    "I understand you are just here for the day, is that correct? You will only address workers or individuals you see here that have... ah yes, this badge." He tapped one on his coat, smiling at her. Ah yes, she had gotten one too. It wasn't nearly as flashy as his thought. He stopped at a door, automatic that required a pass code and a key card. There was a sign on the door itself that read Common Room, whatever that meant. "You are not required to address any of the subjects and I ask that you refrain from coming in any sort of physical contact with them. If things happen to get out of hand, please use your-" "Out of hand?" Isabella repeated, cutting him off. "Like, Violent?" The man smiled as he punched in the code. "Not often, we have a habit of keeping the violent ones separate and isolated." Isabella opened her mouth to say something when the door slid open with a metallic clang.
    • Name: Regis C Caverly
    • Gender: Male
    • Hair: Dark Brown
    • Eyes: Black
    • Features: Fair skinned. Looks around 180.
    • Scars: Cross shaped knife scar atop the left side of his chest -the heart area-. Normally can't be seen unless he takes off his clothes. A burn scar on left arm just above the elbow.
    • Age: 20
    • Personality: Quiet, not very optimistic, intelligent

    Regis sat still on the couch. Everything around him seemed to fade into the distance.

    There were several others chatting around him, and he could feel their gaze every few seconds. That's right, they were cautious of him. He was one of them but at the same time he wasn't. He examined the cuffs on his wrists, no one else had to wear them, just him. No one else ever gets their own room neither, just him. He was just like a convict, even in this society, he was an outcast. He never knew where he belonged, but it certainly isn't here.

    The opening the metallic doors shook him from his daily thoughts, he saw a woman, around the same age as him, walk into the room. He's never seen her before, she must be new. It all shows on her face too, how she looks around and about. He couldn't remember anymore, nothing about the outside world. The world this woman came from.

    Could this be... an opportunity? Regis had been wanting out months, no, years. This place almost never have new recruits. Someone must have died for them to have such a urgent placement.

    Yeah they should die, the whole lot of them.
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  2. Isabella did not step in right away but she did not shy away either. Rather stand tall, looking into the room. What had she expected, accepting a shady work opportunity with high pay and an hour of contracts to sign? Not the best, but definitely not this. The experiments inside, just a few of them but enough to make her immediately certain she did not want to enter the room. They were out of place, with a wild look in there eyes. Only one turned to look when the doors opened, a male in restraints.

    "Over here please, Miss Strifer." The man called and casually stepped into the room. He seemed to have no worry about the other occupants of the room so Isabella took a deep breath, ran her fingers through her hair once, and followed after him. Her eyes fluttering around the room curiously but never landing on something for more then a second before moving on. Only once did she meet the eyes of another in the room, large blue eyes that made her shrink back. They looked animalistic, turning away a moment after to go back chattering with its friend.
  3. He recognized the man beside the new recruit as Harold. He was the quiet creepy type, and you can never know what he's thinking. Regis knew one thing about Harold though, is that he is incredible cruel and sadistic. Between all the high agents in this facilities he is the one that enjoys the "games" the most. Every month, two subjects with the lowest test scores are pitted against each other in a death match. Anything is allowed in the battled, weapons, the use of abilities.

    Harold will no doubt be rushing off to see the newest after minding the new recruit.

    Disgusting... Regis leaned against the wall and closed his eyes. Hoping he could just sleep through the next hour again, but a loud shout prevented him.

    "What the hell, it's still not you?" The all too familiar voice of Ron broke out. "A wimp like you should just go and get killed in a game!" The yelling was followed by thunders and clatters, Ron was obviously picking on someone again, but it rarely got this bad. The players this time must have someone that he knows.

    Regis opened his eyes to see Ron kicking the hell out of Finian, a small man with freckles who looked as wimpy as one could get. He had no muscle, no fire in his eyes, nothing. He was the obvious target for any coward to pick on, since he never fights back. He was on the floor now, toppled over and being trampled like a dog.

    Regis turned his attention to the woman that had came in earlier. He wondered what kind of reaction she would have from this. Well, if she doesn't do anything, Harold will.
  4. The shout broke something of a silence in Isabella's mind and directed her eyes to the source. The boy curled up on the floor immediately caught her attention and brought a look of disgust to her face. "Hey!" She snarled, completely forgetting everything she was just told outside of the room.
    Even in school, she had never been the type to keep quiet about her opinions, walk past a fight, or even just stand on the sidelines. No, always in the center. Now was no exception, for all she saw of the scene was a bully and a victim.

    Strutting right over to them Harold had no time to react as Isabella placed herself in between the two, shoving Regis away. He was obviously bigger then her, which was the second thing she registered. But she didn't move, instead standing her ground with full and somewhat intimidating posture. "Back off, no physical contact in the common room."
    Wow, I guess some of those rules actually stuck. She thought dryly to herself thinking back to the booklet she had to read for one day of work, an odd thought for such a dangerous situation.
  5. Regis was surprised as she passed him. She was braver than she let on.

    Ron stared at her, and then he laughed. "What's with this measly woman, I could just---" He cut off mid sentence, his eyes darting to Harold, who was still standing by the wall, clearly interested in the fight and the disobedience of his new subordinate. "Fuck!" He muttered under his breath before walking in the opposite direction, towards where Regis was sitting. With a thud, he sat down a space away from him. Ron caught Regis' amused look and glared back.

    Finian was still crumpled on the floor, light sniffles coming from him.
  6. Isabella watched him go and snorted. Measly woman. Please. I would have kicked your ass. She brushed her hair behind her ear and crouched down on the balls of her feet beside Finian, looking him over once before standing up again. Without a word to anyone else she went to re-join Harold. Her mind did not address worry over what he might say of her dis-obidiance. She was only here for the day, its not like he could fire her.

    Isabella did however, glance at Ron with a slight smirk. Then she tripped, stumbling for a moment before regaining her balance. Her cheeks turned red with embarrassment and she swore internally, quickening her pace to go join Harold. "Is the computer in this room? I understand you were having some sort of outside hacking problem." She mumbled weakly, because that's all the job description had given her.
  7. Regis watched the woman with interest as she walked away. He had expected her to do something about the mess on the floor. Seeing how heated she was when she intervened she sure walked away cold.

    Somewhere in his mind, Regis had came up with a plan. This woman seemed naive enough, he could make use of her. After Harold leaves, he'd make his move.

    Regis was painfully aware of all cameras in the room, one to the right corner and another to the left. That's why he won't approach her. She'll have to make her way up to him, and Regis already knows how to do it.
  8. The man, Harold, said nothing on her disobidiance and but raised an eyebrow when she spoke. Eager to get out of there, he lead her along. "I will ask again that you do not address them unless absolutely necessary. This is for your own safety, of course." His tone was sharp and caught Isabella by surprise. "You will be working in here only because this is were we can fit you in today." This was a lie of course, the only reason she was working in here was because this computer was different. It was wired throughout the building as the rest were but being in the common room -the the scientists use only of course- it was the most heavily blocked and digitally guarded. Being an outsider, Isabella could not be trusted with anything more. After settling her in he turned to leave. "There are cameras with security on guard, I will be back in a few hours to check your progress."

    "Wait, your not staying?" Isaebella called as the door shut. Oh shit. She had no idea she was going to be alone in here, how was she even supposed to get some work done in a room with these things? Her eyes glanced up to Ron, the one she was most worried about. Harolds reassurance about the cameras did little to sooth her nerves, but she did have a key card to get out if needed. She took a deep breath. Just one day of work, then you can go home and move on. Her fingers strummed the keyboard and made her let out a sigh, slightly more relaxed. At first she glanced up every few moments out of perranioa but quickly she moved into a different state of mind and slipped into her zone.
  9. It's been so long since he started his preparations, though he didn't expect the new recruit to be the route he’d take out of here. Ever since he arrived here ten years ago, he’s been consistently holding back. He preformed badly on all the tests, he’s even achieved lowest scores on many occasions, but he was never selected for a game. He didn’t know why, and he was frustrated. The game room was in a stadium outside which had much less security than it did here. Regis had planned to make a run for it then and also save the life of his opponent, it was win-win situation, but the opportunity never dawned on him.

    The cuffs on his hands were just normal handcuffs, added with a GPS tracker, an emergency alarm and could be tightened. Of course, they felt no need to put him in special restraints, as those were for subjects with very powerful abilities. This was good for him.

    Slowly, he let his thoughts dive deep into the mechanics of the device, and it start to ring, a loud, ear piercing alarm. He kept his face blank as he sat still the on couch, hands in front of him. To a normal person, they’d definitely think it was malfunctioning.

    The room had cameras, but wasn’t wiretapped.

    He smiled, can you still focus on fixing that computer?
  10. Isabella was snapped out of her mind set when the sharp noise pierced at her. She looked up, instantly focusing on the source and tried to catch the subjects eye. Are you fucken serious. She seriously needed this job, it was enough to cover her rent for the month, just one day. Either that or find a new place to live, or so her landlord had told her. She shifted in her seat, focusing on the computer again.
    Or at least trying to.

    Isn't someone going to come and fix it? Time was ticking away and she needed every moment to work. After what was almost no time at all, she pushed out of her chair and it emitted a loud screech. Isabella stood up and walked over, her expression clearly stating that she was not impressed. Although this time the warning of not talking to the others in the room did ring in her head, she pushed it aside and stopped in front of Regis, glancing to Ron beside him and back again. "Can you shut that thing up?"
  11. Regis held a straight face. He shrugs, "aren't you the technician here? I don't know anything about these things."

    He held his hands out as if showing her, the LED on it was flashing bright red. "Do something about it, my ears are on verge of bleeding."
  12. Isabella scowled, crouching down in front of him and taking his wrists lightly. The sound was even worse up close, a shrill cry that made her head spin. She closed her eyes for a moment before sighing. "Fine." The cuffs were of simple design really, easily removed from the outside to somone with a clever eye and expirience. Isabella had... A little more expirience in this feild then she would like to admit. She pulled out her keycard for a lack of a better tool and slid it along a thin line, jamming it underneath until the edge popped open to expose a few wires.

    As long as she didn't remove the cuffs, Isabella reasoned, it should be fine for now. Just shut them off really, so she easily slipped a nail under the wires and pulled them loose. Instantly the sound stopped and the red LED light faded to a dull death. Isabella sighed, the relief of the silence instantly setting in.
  13. He saw her draw close. She took out her card, then slid it through an opening to silence the ringing.

    She was only a few inches away from him.

    With a sudden movement, he seized the card from her. Of course, not with his hands. The card hang dangling in air, before it was brought to slid through yet another slot. This time, the unlock slot. He grabbed her by the arm and turned her so that she was facing the same way he was. Perhaps it was her surprise that had brought him the leeway of seconds to pull off that move, but nothing else matters, he got her. He firmly locked his arm around her neck, putting her in a choke hold, and used the other to secure her hands. "Make one peep and I'll kill you." Actually, he couldn't do that, not with his powers anyway. The threat however should keep her still, since there's no way she could know what he was capable of.

    Regis turned his focus to the large doors, forcing them open. It made his head ache, since they were so heavy. He didn't let the pain show, and instead moved as fast as he could while dragging the girl with him.
  14. Isabella glanced up, meeting his eyes for a moment before his sharp movements and tilted her head.

    When he grabbed her, she was caught completely by surprise and almost knocked off balance. He was much bigger then her and she instantly tried to jerk her hands out of his grip to claw at the arm around her neck. His words barely registered, she didn't make a sound in the panic but instead tried to pull her hands out of his grip again. When they started moving, that's when his words and the panic really set in.

    Focusing on keeping her footing and thinking fast, she looked around as much as she could for something to help her out of this situation.

    Isabella was good at talking herself out of bad situations, she really was. Problem with the cops? No problem. Cornered? Well ok, maybe a little bit toung tied there from the panic but she could still cope. Grabbed by a stranger in an experimentation facility with her life threatened. Nope. Panic. Her mind was clouded and scared, still pulling against his grip with clenched teeth.
  15. The alarms were booming. Someone must have been monitoring the cameras and knew what he was up to. Although he’s spent years waiting for this, he never really came up with a concrete plan. All he could think of now was to run and break through everything in the way, by force.

    The facility was like a maze, turns everywhere. It made his head spin and he had no orientation of where he was. The card still flew, following him, and it was easy for him to open any doors after the big metallic gate. Regis made one more turn to left before he heard footsteps, not from behind, but in front.
    Three men in bullet proof vest and darkened glasses appeared from the corner. Their holsters loaded with batons and guns. The tallest one pulled out a fancy one, and pointed it straight at them. “Let her go and put your hands up.”

    Regis growled at him, he's not stupid to comply with an order like that. If he doesn't escape now, he'd never get another chance. "Get out of the way," he tightened his hold on the woman.

    "I've got a hostage, and I'm not afraid to use it."
  16. "It?!"
    Bloody hell what had she gotten herself into?

    Isabella finally snapped out of her paniced thinking and snarled at the man, a sound which was cut short when he tightened his hold. "Don't shoot!" She choked. "I've installed an add wear counter virus onto your computer system linked to the main board. But its not com-" She pushed herself up a bit, doing the only thing she knew how to do in bad situations. Talk. "Its not completed! Without the password to access it the only way you will be able to use those computers again is by wiping everything!" Her brain scrambled, trying to put it into simpler terms. "All your data, records, all of it. Gone." She talked very quickly and tried to yank her hands free again.
  17. The woman was jerking and yanking away now, trying to get free. Regis tightened his grip a bit further, he wondered for second whether he was obstructing her breathing. The comment she made earlier was useful though. The fruit of all the work these bastards put into was embedded in the data. There's no chance they would risk it. "You heard it." He took a few steps closer towards the men. "Scram." Then he took off in a run again... though not very fast because he has to tug this bag of vegetables along with him. A struggling one, at that. He again used his abilities to push the men away from him and he passed through them. If they follow him...well he will deal with them properly then. It won't be pleasant.

    Further down the hall, a map was posted on the wall. There were two exits near him. One labeled FRONT ENTRANCE and other labeled SIDE ENTRANCE. He wanted to go through the easiest way, with the lesser security. Regis had no way of knowing though.

    ....or maybe there is a way.

    "Hey," she must have came in from one of those. "Which door easier out?"
  18. Oh no not again. They were moving again, and his tighter hold was not doing Isabella any favours. On the bright side, she hadn't been shot. Tricking people into thinking she was valuable was an often used strategy of hers. There was no real passcode of course, she hadn't been working on anything that big. Still, it would take some time for them to figure out.

    In the mein time, now all she had to worry about was the choke hold she was in. She glanced at the men as Regis pushed through wondering for a moment how he was doing it all with no hands. Are you serious Isabella? That's the least of your worries. When he asked her the question, she almost laughed. "Go fuck yourself."

    There was a shot behind them, followed by a few more and some shouting. Clearly, the place was in havoc.
  19. He snarled at her. He doesn't have the time for this. There were coming from behind, obviously they were chasing them. "Then should we stand here and be shot? You'll obviously be the first to go." Regis didn't run away from the gunshots, making sure she knows he is serious. Well... he could always deflect the bullets though, although that would put a lot of strain on him. If she was smart she'd answer him now, he had no intention of letting her go. Even if he did she probably wouldn't make it out. After all, he's seen something she's not supposed to.
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