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  1. (OOC. We are gonna start with a daily day to day life of your character in the first posts, if your an experiment and have a companion- post a view of them too if you wish. If your a rebel, post a life of your character if you scavenge or the like!)

    "Quin! I'm bored...have we got anything to do?" Gabriel moaned, perched on top of a old battered sofa- he watched Quin as she polished her pistol with an oiled cloth. With a growl, a stone was aimed at his forehead. "Gabriel, we have some canned lemonade in the cupboard! And some cards on the side! I need to clean the weapons!" Gabriel sighed as he looked at the red haired girl in front of him, feverishly polishing iron and steel. She was always so serious, and very rarely played with him- the only thing she did do with him was hunt the creatures that lived around them. Pulling out a bag of candy from under his scarf, Gabriel looked round the dimly lit room they called home. They found the collapsed building and cleared it out from any creatures that could harm them, it was cozy- and hidden from view. The mint that grew outside masked any smells that were made from inside the room. "see you later Quin! I'm going to go out and scavenge! See you later!"
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    Lily had been roaming around, scavenging for food. She had came upon a stray deer after a few minutes walk. After most major cities were desolate, creatures were allowed to roam free, with no people to draw guidelines and borders. This was good for Lily, cause all she had to do now was go outside to eat. The good stuff, fresh and bloody.

    After cornering the deer, she pounced and attacked the deer. Her teeth gnashed into the deer's neck, breaking the bones, killing it quick so as not to give a painful death. Using one of her knives, she cut off the antlers and ate the head. Using her 6 rows of razor sharp teeth, she made quick work of the unfortunate animals head. Grabbing the body, she ran back to her hideout.

    There, she saw her only friend, Analym. Lily gave her a bloody grin. All her teeth were showing, giving off a predatory esscence. Dropping the deer's body on the ground, she ran to the shower to clean herself off. Also, she had been on land for too long and was drying up. She needed the water to sustain her living.
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    The rest escaped. The help from her no doubt. Now she was locked up with all the other insane individuals. Scientists... Sure, she loved science but experimenting on people, animals, even things they couldn't explain. Mutating, cloning, chemical combinations that shouldn't really be mixed, and so much more... Why? They wanted power.

    Analynn wanted out. After the escape, she had been traped. Her fingers tapped at keyboard opening a passage further away from her. All exits were blocked off. Step one complete. Her body walked over to a guard that stood for patrol reasons. They all were in one room. Only a few were allowed to move freely. As an assistant, that didn't count her. "I need to go to the ladies room." straight forward and no time to play. He walked her down the hall and to the door he stopped.

    "Hurry up."

    She nodded and walked in going straight to the stall with a ventilation shaft above it. What the guard didnt realize is she stole his AK. Her hands were very sticky in these predicaments. The young woman unhooked the grate and hopped in. The fit was tight but it was still able to be moved through. Her body finally hit the end. She saw no one coming or there. Of course there wouldn't be anyone. It was only one more door to the end. She had only a couple more minutes until the door would lock on their own. She pushed the grate and fell out head first. Lucky she landed on her chest. Still hurt. "Ouch... Fuck..." Analynn reached her feet and rushed out.

    She was free. Soon they would notice she'd be gone too. Ana rushed away from HQ into the streets. Trashy. Filthy. Rubble. Even smelly. This was the new city after all. Her body stopped seeing one of the experiments. It wasn't like they'd remember that she helped or even talked to them when they still were locked up. The woman bloody. Feeding. She gave a smiled that would have been gorgeous without the blood. She was one of the experiments they wanted to keep looks even if her personality would have been ruined.

    Ana's eyes watched the woman rush off. What was she to do. She froze. The bloodied corpse laid partially eaten. At least it was a deer and not anything like... Well a human. Analynn kept strong and even followed the female making sure there was distance. She just hoped the woman remebered her as a friend not an enemy.

  4. Gabriel wandered round the streets- avoiding any experimented animals that would skulk around at the top of the road. Scavenging got harder as time went on, the rebels sent out groups every so often to hunt down food and the like. He sighed and fished through his battered bag, pulling out a bottle of lemonade he found left inside a snack machines. Turning the corner, Gabriel halted in his tracks. The bloody carcass of what he suspected a deer was laid across the road. "Hello? Anyone there?" He called out- curious as to who was there. As he approached the deer, and saw it looked animal teeth marks, than a human weapon. But he could smell human on it- something that contradicted everything he saw. "How exciting!" He grinned as he looked around for the person.
  5. Analynn looked around hearing a voice. She was there chasing one of the escapees while the rest could have surrounded her. The hairs of her body began to stand as her body began to tremble. Where could she go? The place she followed one escapee was a dead end. Her body circled facing the only real exit. Ana held the rifle close; her finger hovering over the trigger and her eyes staying appealed to the opening. Analynn was ready to protect herself in anyway possible. Even if it had led to death. She was the one who deserved death after all. If the rebels or scientists found out she helped the others escape, she was a dead woman anyways.
  6. General Kinicki was in his office when he was informed of the escapes. He was told of all the dead or wounded, and was shocked that there were so many dead. Being heavily armed, he walked down and found one of his subordinates lurking on the streets, and his suspicion was automatically triggered. He approached her loudly, making sure he could be heard as he approached.
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    Ren couldn't even remember how many he had killed. An insurmountable number, an uncomparable amount of lives wasted in minutes. Cities were in ruin, scorched and reduced to rubble. It could be seen hat other experiments were having their fills aswell. Even if they couldn't tell, they left their marks. Their smells were too noticeable for Ren to miss. His nose never lied.

    At the moment he was running low on energy, terribly low, but when has that ever stopped him. "Shit... No one left" He muttered as he walked through the barren streets, the smells of scorched flesh filled the air. He walked with a limp at the moment, that was his on fault. To enjoy the thrll more he tapped into the Pheonix's form a little to much. Now it was taking its toll. Even a limp couldn't stop him.

    Ren patted his bloodstained button up as he proceeded down the block. He stopped upon hearing a small whimper. He turned to the direction te sound came from, the nearest alley, and took that path. Ren had stumbled upon a small boy, frail looking and skinny. He had to be no older than 6 as he trembled. "W-W-Who are you?" He spoke softly and his voice was shaken. " I'm here to save you." Ren replied wth a devilish voice and grin to match. " Come here. " The boy hesitated for a moment. Terrified of being left alone again he crawled over to Ren, wrapping his arms around him. Seth patted the boy on the head. "You know... I was a lot like you are now, alone, trapped. For a long time. It was a really bad experience. Even so, I learned something."
    "What's that?" The boy replied as he looked up at Ren, hope radiating rom his eyes.
    Ren crouched down to the boy's level and whispered into the his ears. "The weak die out.. They don't survive.. There's no place for them."
    "W-What does that mean?" The boy gave a worried look as h began to catch on. He would've run but he was scared stiff.
    Ren gve a menacing laugh as he replied. "Do you think your strong?" Ren's bare hand began to coil around the boys slender neck.
    "I-I-I-" No response was given, Ren's grip was to tight for air to travel anymore.
    "Huh? I can't hear you. Answer me... Answer me!" The boy's neck couldn't withstand the pressure. Every bone in his spine cracked with a single tug. The small body fell to the floor with a sickening thud, then the body was scorched.
    Ren gave a boring sigh before he continued walking the streets, silent. Then his keen nose picked up a scent. One of the experiments were near, covered with deer blood and a familiar human scent wasn't too far behind..
  8. Strolling casually down the road, Gabriel thought about the deer he had left only meters before him. Yes he was hungry, but somehow the thought of eating a cute, fluffy deer didn't appeal to him very much. He adored the animals that roamed across the city- the pure, innocent ones that had escaped from a nearby zoo and had managed to survive on the scraps they had found. Of course sometimes he found an odd tiger, or rhino that would be intent on hurting people- but he managed to either befriend or counter the animal.
    All of a sudden, the scent of human blood caught his attention. I hope they are okay...I don't want another innocent to have lost their life because of something i caused... Whipping around- Gabriel spotted a young looking boy walking down the road, covered in blood looking somewhat hurt. Curious, and excited of the person's origins, He waved happily. "Hey! You okay? I see you have quite a bit of blood on you!" He shouted to the wind- hoping he would hear him. It wasn't often there was people around- mainly the last few survivors who were left to struggle on. Or the Rebels who would march down the streets tearing apart things that they came across.
    Sighing, He then sat on the floor waiting for the boy to approach. It was then he heard the noise of a human woman. Hmm? Who could that be?
  9. Walking with a limp, Spike held him self against the scorched walls of the former research facility now pretty much set a blaze from the prison brake of the, "freaks" they were experimenting on. The right side of his face was bloodied and his right arm was missing, but he didn't let that stop him, no. He limped on, still holding onto his silver, .45 mm Cutlass, but with loose fingers. From his lack of blood and the incapability to see out of his right eye, his vision blurred greatly, so much in fact that he couldn't tell where he was walking. His sunglasses he brought to every mission slowly slid off of his face and fell, cracking as they hit the floor behind him. Giving heavy pants of breath, letting the ash in the air get pumped into his lungs, he looks from right to left as he reached a corridor, just looking for salivation.

    Resting his left hand on a door, he looks at the symbol on it's metal texture, it was of a red cross, but it's lower rectangle was short, equaling the other segments of it's holy frame. It was the infirmary, his only hope for survival.

    Pulling him self onto the table in the middle of the room, he looked up at the mechanical machinery, all automated and highly advanced out of his recognition. Soon, the sleeping piece of metal would power on, and begin working on healing the wounded man sleeping on it's table. As the arms prod the flesh of this man open to get at the soft tissue of his body, he yelled in agony as it connected metal and wire into his shoulder, rebuilding it with parts of a cyborg. An arm moved and then hovered over his face, above where his right eye was, lowering slowly which made him worried. Spike tried to move away to no avail, it already had him. He yelled in a blood curdling tone as the machine removed the damaged tissue of his eye and replaced it with a robotic one, somewhat matching his original, but with a slight mechanic luster to the colour of it's eye. He was almost healed, almost ready to stand if he didn't pass out from the pain half way through the procedure.

    Finally, Chris was made hole again with some what human like body parts of that of metal instead of blood and bone. All he needed to do was wait for his body to recognize his new parts, his new arm, eye and new leg.
  10. {I'm sorry guys. But some post are so confusing and contradictory. I'm not being mean or anything, but the setting is kind of apocalyptic. The experiments have already ravaged earth. All have already escaped. Or at least that's what I'm told. Mayhem is the GM so I can't tell others what to do. I just don't want everything to be confusing}

    Lily walked out of the shower. It was refreshing to be filled with water. Invigorating, replenishing, filling her body with joy. She put on some clothes she found {same as in picture} and walked out to see her friend. "Analynn." She called to her, feeling the fear seeping out her body, so poisonous and delicious. Like honey dipped in acid. "What's wrong?" She asked, slightly caressing Analynn's arm. She was so tense. She could tell something was wrong. "Scared?" She asked, flashing her teeth, all now razor sharp, prepared to bite. But she didn't. She stopped herself. If she ate Analynn, she wouldn't have a friend. And Analynn was the best of friends. Reducing her teeth to that of a normal human, she nibbled on Analynn's shoulder.

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  11. (OOC I know d'evil! So if I am correct, The general is cornering Analynn, I think. But Analynn is hiding with Gabriel close by. Ren is close to the action and so and so. If you are all confused, ask! I really don't mind!)
  12. {Actually, I am the closest one to Analynn. (why have I been spelling it wrong? @Secluded Inkling, sorry) It was confusing to me as I didn't know who the general was cornering. You also confused me as you said "[gabriel] thought about the deer he left behind" so I assumed you had caught one, then realized it was the deer I had caught. And I honestly don't know where ren is}
  13. Biting her bottom lips lightly, she focused on not letting out a gentle moan from the nibble. With the sensation leaving her all tingly, the young woman's shoulder rolled back nudging the woman off of her. Analynn quickly turned around at the voice and actions of the young miss. Her eyes gazed over the experiment causing her body began to back away. Analynn was not sure what to make of anything these days. This even included humans. The being in front of her could had taken a chunk from her. Why didn't she? The young woman nodded it off standing in place. Friendly figure. At least, for now... Hopefully it stayed that way.

    Ana's head shook side to side finally giving an answer to Lily. "No... I thought I heard something." She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. Maybe she was just losing her mind. In the world they lived... Anything was possible. Maybe Lily could be a friend. She gave a smile remembering Lily was one she often spoke to. The scientists thought Analynn was crazy to speak to things that couldn't respond, where others thought Ana just spoke to herself because she was lonely. Sadly, that was a fact. A loner who gave up everything to be where she was. Now look at it was done for... A life on the run with beings that scientists denied the very existence of. How Pathetic...

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  14. Lily liked Ana's moan. It was soft, gentle, and warm. But the Ana shrugged her off. Lily could taste the other girls emotions flying around the place. Sometimes there were multiple emotions. But that couldn't come from one person, she thought to herself. The Analynn mentioned hearing someone else. Then it hit her. She tasted someone else's emotions. Ana's fluctuated so much, she couldn't smell the others scent. The emotion clouding her sense of smell.

    Lily ran to her "room" and grabbed her scythe. Running back, she jumped in front of Analynn, her teeth now sharp again. Her evil grin spoke of blood and brought fear. Though, she didn't know this, so it wasn't her intent to scare Ana.
  15. By the way he was walking now there was no way to tell he had an ailment, his right knee, itgave off a sharp pain with every step. At the moment Ren couldn't even feel it anymore. Do to his specific type of "testing" he was abitpain resistant or pain-adaptive if you will. Following the scent of deer blood oddly enough led him to the two other smells he picked up earlier. Both feminine, one experiment, one human.

    As he slowly cut the last corner, his pace steady, his hair draped over his eyes and his hands in his poeckets, he spotted the two. "Well, what are the odds, eh?" He said with an expressionless face. His eyes, which traced abnormalities quickly spotted the rifle Analynn was holding. "The hell? What good's that gonna do you? A-" He cut himself off and glanced back at Lily, remaining silent.
  16. She stepped forward pointing the rifle straight at the man before them. "You are not invincible after all... Why do you think the rebels are going after ya'll." The only one she could trust was lily after all. At least she hoped she could. Her eyes reverted back lily. Of course, she could. She was probably the only human that lily would befriend. Just as she was the only being she'd befriend. Analynn didn't lower the rifle in her hand in the slightest. She wouldn't until she knew the young man before he would be a friendly or even a neutral being.
  17. {It wasn't my intention to say "the Ana" but it adds to her strangeness}

    Lily saw a man she did not recognize. He seemed to be limping. She took in a deep breath, and smelled blood. She jumped up and down. It smelled so delicious and her senses were being thrown into overdrive. Her eyes slowly faded into black. Electricity began surging through her veins, some portions even popped out. She was ready to fight and protect. The Ana was her only friend and she couldn't jeopardize that. Lifting the heavy blade, she slammed it into the concrete floor, driving it in, creating giant tendrils that surged with electricity. "You smell delicious," she said to the stranger. "Lately, I've been eating dear. Flesh sounds good right now." Lifting the scythe back up, she rest it on her shoulders in a relaxed position. To others it seemed lazy, to her it was a stance that was ready for any attack.
  18. " Oh really. Then shoot if you have it in you. A-"
    Ren's attention shot back to the other female. Ren watched the abnormal sight keeping his composure and expressionless tone. "Ahh... I knew you smelled like lab." Ren's right eye began to morph. It seemed that his pupils would become embers. Suddenly a small vortex would appear to his right. It somewht resembled a flaming vortex. Ren carelessly stuck his hand through. For a moment he debated if he should summon both. One seemed fitting enough. As Ren slipped his hand away, he pulled out his weapon, a slim, red, intimidating chainsaw katana. He held it with a loose grip, the way an untrained smith would grip a hammer. "You'd better be worth the excersise ms."
    His ember's for pupils began to flare as he spoke again. "Your the one with the deer scent aswell."
    For a single moment he glanced back at the one with the rifle. She obviously wasn't an experiment so why were the two of them together. This experiment was obviously bloodthirsty enough to go for the kill. Who cared? It wouldn't matter when they were dead.
  19. Qeren could smell something on the wind; it was rubbing alcohol. That stuff was disgusting and reminded her of her imprisonment. With a growl, she let her wings rip out of her back and soared to the smell. There was a group of people, some human and some like her. With an eerie grin, Qeren landed in amongst them in a crouch. She adjusted her suit and tipped her fedora. "Well, well, well, looks like we have a little party going on here."
  20. Lily's grin grew wider. All 300 jagged teeth standing out. "More for me. Tonight, I feast. And for the Ana, I'll make some deer." Lily was filled with joy at all the people popping up. She hoped more would arrive so she could have left overs. "Did you know that everyone has electricity running through their body? If interrupted, you could lose all motor skills for a short period of time, or even paralysis. On rare cases, death." She chuckled at her last comment. It amused her.