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    In a world where the streets are teeming with fierce, out of control beings, what only know the pure agony of the test labs- Experiments have destroyed everything the world used to be. Scientists tried to create the perfect weapon, the perfect soldier with a relentless urge to kill. People on the outside were oblivious to these 'scientific' endeavors and had no idea that the end of the new world was at it's end. When the Scientists bit off more than they could chew with their most developed human hybrid, 410B, the experiment went on a rampage- letting free all of the monsters in the facility.
    This was the start of the Rebels​

    Hello everyone! Okay, the basic idea of the Role play is above and I would love if anyone would care to help me along with the plot in general. I have a basic idea on how this will go, but would love if someone would brainstorm ideas! I will post the character sheets when I have a couple of people joining. Character wise, I will be playing 410B ( AKA Gabriel) - and Scientist, Dr Jared Rafield! (It will become apparent who he is in the role-play!) there is spaces free for other experiments- but you can play rebel as well. The experiments are based off several creature DNA. Such as Gabriel's a human dragon hybrid. Here are the spaces you can play as, I came up with these with my great friend ResHusky!

    -Dragon...Gabriel (Myself)


    Please join! ^_^


    Name: (Experiment name if you want, or i can do it!)
    Age: (You know the drill)
    Gender: (Male female, whatever!)
    Race: (Species...so Human Dragon Hybrid in my case)
    Abilities: (Keep to a max of 2 or 3! I'll decide limits when you post)
    Appearance: (Pictures welcome, but you can include some more details if you want)
    Personality: (Keep in mind these experiments have been tested on and the like, so think about that! ^.^)
    Weaponry: (Max of 3, but one main weapon. for example, a sword- then knives, and a pistol or something)
    History: (None of the experiments know each other when a the facility. They were kept locked up, keep that in mind)
    Additional: (Any thing else you may want to add. so, habits, or talents and he like.)

    Name: (Can put your title before if you want, So Dr Jared So and so, or Sergeant Fred or the like!)
    Age: (No explaining needed i hope...)
    Gender: (You know what to do)
    Race: (I would say you can only be humans, sorry guys!)
    Rank: (Look above for the list of positions, only one space for Captain, General, and lieutenant!)
    Appearance: (Pictures can be used, but you can add any additional details afterwards!)
    Personality: (Anything from the bad ass gunslinger, to the cowardly captain! XD)
    Weaponry: (Max of 3, 1 main weapon!)
    History: (Ask any questions you have about the time periods!)
    Additional: (Any other things you think are important or you just want to add!)

    Add as much detail as you can! --^
  2. I'd love to play the pheonix experiment!!
  3. I'd be interested in this ^^
  4. Since steph called phoenix, I'd like to reserve the kraken.
  5. Woah! so many people! o.o

    Okay i'll post up the character sheets soon! Kraken and Pheonix places taken! Please include as much detail as you can in your character profiles! as my friend always says, "Too much detail never hurt anyone!"

    See you soon.
  6. Okay, sheets are in the first post! ^.^ feel free to ask any questions you may have!
  7. Name: Lilith "Kraken" Krivolous
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human/shark hybrid (I know a kraken isn't a shark, but it seems cooler)
    Abilities: Electrokinesis (doesn't make sense at first, but the whole reason a shark is the greatest predator is its sensory with electric impulses, so the experiments heightened that ability), greater sense of smell, and a sense of fear (light sense, person would have to be very scared of her)
    Appearance: 2i6j32q.png
    Personality: self loathing, sarcastic, belittling.
    Weaponry: scythe Possessed_Scythe_in_Photoshop_by_Windstorm1.jpg (I love scythes), throwing knives.
    History: Throughout her experiments, she absorbed and stored in all that hatred for humans. All other emotions were drowned out and destroyed. Once the uprising happened, she killed every scientists that tested on her quickly. But one scientist raped her in silence, so she killed him slowly, savoring the taste if his blood and the sound of his cries. After all the death was over with the scientist, she wreaked havoc on all humans, the hatred not satisfied. Like a predator, she hunted and savored the fear, feeding off it. Once her hatred was satisfied, she just did what she felt like.
    Additional: has blood lust and a hunger to feed off of blood.
  8. Okay D'evil! I accept your character! She might...scare me a tad though! XD, wouldn't want to walk into her any time soon! ^.^, Did i mention above that you can transform into your Shark side, in this case! So, you can become half shark or the like- but the longer she uses the power, she could die.
    Same goes for all the other experiments!
    Ask if you have any questions!
  9. Can she transform her teeth for as long as she wants? But major transformations are harder to do and deadly?
  10. Sure! I have no problem with that! Accepted!
  11. Loving D's character!I'll Start onmine in a few
  12. Thanks Steph. :)
  13. I'd like to reserve Gryphon...making a sheet now :)
  14. Name: Qeren "Gryphon" Edelweiss

    Experiment Number: G28

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human/Gryphon Hybrid

    Abilities: Qeren has the ability to fly, to break the sound barrier with a yell and enhanced speed

    Appearance: http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p144/lonelyanimegodess/anime_girl.jpg

    Personality: Qeren is sadistic and rude as well as wise and gentle with children and companions. She's distant and cold when she's around strangers and is passionate about everything. She's known to use others.

    Weaponry: Qeren has a recurve bow with steel arrows. She also has several daggers.

    History: Qeren was born and developed in a test tube. She learned based off of her instincts and acted accordingly. The scientists made her a very intelligent being. After learning all they could offer, Qeren slaughtered them.

    Additional: Qeren has a sugar addiction and a severe phobia of heights and spiders.
  15. Experiment
    Name: Ren Okami(A.k.A "The Pheonix")
    Age: 18
    Race: Human/Pheonix
    Abilities: Pyrokenesis.(whatelse?)
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Reckless and cold blooded. Impatient, short tempered and utterly relentless. Oddly carefree aswell
    Weaponry: [​IMG] Absolutely in love with chainsaw katana!)
    History: For as long as he could remember Ren was being burned. He was trapped in his insolated fire proof cell as the temperature was repeatedly turned up, reaching temperatures that would scorch the sun itself. The scientist continued to burn him until hecouldnt feel anymore, until he could use it aswell. Then when he would call out in hunger, they'd place huge animals in his cell, live animals. Gorillas, Bears, once even an elephant! They forced him to survive and in time, he did better than that. He conquered. On they day of his untimely releasehedid something he never thought possible. He smiled.. He smiled the entire day as he bashed the skulls on his cagers and scorched their corpses in an incredibleflare of blind fury. He couldn't stop himself,even going as far as killing the escaped experiments unlucky experiments that crossedhis path.Then he moved to a biggerprize, the cities.With a sickening grin he decimated ccountries, scorching the lands, with fireballs of unimaginable size and watching the inhabitants burn. justas thescientists oncewatchedhim.
    Additional: Ren is also exceptionally gifted in closecombat. The farthest he's gone in his transformations so far is summoning the wings of a pheonix, anything more is incredilypainful/ life threatening. He prefers to call himself "Blaze" thinking it soudnds cooler and is always eager to fight.
  16. Your character looks cool Steph. Though, it seems every one likes a dark character.
  17. Guess that means if I join I'll be the first rebel. So are the rebel's the enemies of the experiments then? If so... Poop. But, Rebel all the way I guess. :3

    BRING IT ONNNNNNNN~!!!! xD Muh ha ha. But I still love Steph and D'evil... so I may find difficulties there. ^^
  18. Awww. Thanks. D'evil loves her victims too. :)