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  1. The year is 2033 and the Earth has transformed into something quite different. But it has hardly become the futuristic dreamland our ancestors had hoped for. There are no hover cars or jet packs. The world is far from the luxurious play place it once was for the wealthy, oh no! It is a waste land where everybody works. Nobody can be left alone or they will be mutilated on site by the "creatures" as we call them. They seek revenge on humans for the awful tests done on them and their elders. Humans have been forced to live in the wilderness which isn't hard; forests grow where cities once were, pollution is no longer a global menace and even if it were, that's the LEAST of the many problems that are present.
    Everybody in each civilization, no matter how large or small, is assigned a job. here are your choices of work:

    Warrior: You are very important! You guard your people and make sure they are safe 24/7! You ward off the creatures, thieves, anything trying to harm your people. You must be strong both physically and mentally or this occupation.

    Hunter: Your job is very dangerous. with a choice of arrows or close combat weapons, you hunt for normal creatures that are not mutated, such as deer or rabbit. You are constantly being preyed on by the creatures. You need to be strong mentally and physically for this occupation.

    Gatherer: Your job may be somewhat dangerous. You gather wild berries, nuts and roots that farmers are unable to grow. You may be attacked by wild animals that see you as competition. Creatures may also attack you. You must be strong mentally for this occupation.

    Farmer: Your job is very important and tiring but not very dangerous! You grow seasonal crops as well as raise poultry/livestock to eat and also cultivate products from (eggs, milk, wool, etc.). You must be strong physically for this occupation.

    Healer: You are of utmost importance! You cure the wounded and sick. without you, society would crumble. You need to be strong mentally and emotionally for this occupation.

    Character Skeleton:
    Appearance: (description required, picture optional)

    (I will submit a character soon as well so if you're interested, create a character and I'll tell you if it's accepted!:bsmile: )
  2. (So, for anybody who may be interested in this, here's my character lay out to give an example of what the atmosphere in this roleplay should be like)

    Name: Francesca Seda

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Francesca's fair skin is sun-kissed due to her outdoor labor. She has thick strawberry-blonde curls that flow down to her waist and eyes the color of lapis lazuli with silver strewn gently through out. She is of an average height, near 5"7, with a short torso and long legs. Although she is of an average weight/size, her broad hips are further exaggerated due to her small waist. Francesca normally wears khaki cargo shorts a size too big held up by a forest green belt which matches her cropped over coat in color. Beneath her coat she wears a white tank top that always has some sort of grass, oil or dirt stain from constant work. Her feet are adorned in worn leather work boots. Her hair is almost always messily pulled back into a pony tail to keep from over heating during work.

    Francesca was born to be a hunter. Both her mother and father were head of the rally of hunters in her village and she planned to one day join them. When she was young, along with all the other children, she was not allowed to set foot outside of the village. It was too dangerous, they said, too many creatures. She followed the rules diligently, helping out neighboring farmers, running errands for the healers. She didn't have a doubt in her mind that she would one day become a hunter until the day her father came home, his chest torn open leaving an empty cavity where his heart once was. His torso and face were mutilated, unrecognizable. Francesca may have been 16 at the time, but to see an image so horrific at any age it would scar you. From that day forth, she knew that her job was to end the madness and help the humans to take control over their land once and for all.

    Though slightly bitter when left all alone, Francesca is a happy, smiley person around people. She is and always has been an emotional rock, so she stays strong for those around her, especially her grief stricken mother. Francesca can be somewhat quiet and shy but if she knows you, she isn't afraid to speak. She loves animals and has a soft spot for them so being a hunter is sort of difficult when you have a "trigger-happy" colleague who is more on a killing spree than a mission for food. If you push her over the edge, expect some fury because it takes A LOT to really get her going.

    Occupation: Hunter, of course!

    She once found a young "creature" that had been abandoned so she took it in and raised it to help guard the city. His name is Cedric and he is the size of 2 full grown bulls stacked on top of each other. His coarse layers of fur are black and sting to pet if you go against the grain. His 2 eyes are wide and yellow and his structure is almost like that of a cougar mixed with a lizard. He is still not fully mature and is still growing.
  3. Name: Cailyn Torque

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Cailyn loves to be in charge. She is a very hot-tempered person when her buttons are pushed or things don't go her way. She is calm and collected otherwise, and doesn't show much emotion unless when it is appropriate to do so. She is considered a drinker, so whenever she gets drunk she shows her true colors; emotionally disturbed happy. Other than at the bar, you will never see her smile and will be formal with you as if she was talking to her commanding officer.

    Cailyn is very pale in comparison to her fellow laborers. She has very long straight black hair that reaches down to her back and is tied into two braided pigtails. Her eyes are a deadly deep royal blue which change to a deep green whenever light passes through them. She reaches the height of 5'5, small arms and small legs where she just looks like an overgrown child. She will always be seen with her favorite tan leather jacket no matter what the temperature is and green army pants laced up with her black military boots.

    When Cailyn was a child, her mother and father were considered to be highly regarded in the village due to the fact they were the best warriors. They believed that the Torques children would be the next best asset. Cailyn had an older brother, Hendrik, who was five years older than her. He lived up to their expectations, becoming one the strongest and most skilled warrior. When Cailyn was born though, it was the opposite. They couldn't see this sweet child becoming one of them, but instead a healer or a farmer at least. Her bone structure was much too weak and her pale skin made her look sickly that they thought she could die from any disease. While growing up, Cailyn was pressured into being a farmer though in her heart she wanted to be a warrior. Her brother, on the other hand, was the only one who believed in her. Every day after Cailyn's farmer duties, he would take her aside and teach her everything that he learned. She was a quick learner and despite how she looked, she was strong, really strong. One day, their village was under attack at the worst time possible. Most of the warriors had fallen ill from sickness and were unable to fight. In the farm field, Cailyn watched in shock as everyone was attacked. She saw her brother, the only warrior around protecting everyone. Gathering up her courage, she took a weapon from one of the dead warriors near her and headed straight to her brother. To his surprise seeing his small frail sister carrying a large weapon with such confidence, he smiled and welcomed her alongside into the heat of the battle. Together they fought off the rest of the creatures, until back up finally came and the village was safe once again. From then on, they pushed aside her farming duty (being as she didn't even do that well) and agreed to allow her to be a warrior. When she reached the age of twenty, her brother was thrown out of the village and was named a traitor. Apparently, he had been keeping some of the creatures inside the village with him and was preparing to train and use them to his own advantage. Shocked beyond belief, Cailyn sought after her brother to find out why he did such a thing but was held back by all the other villagers. She has never seen him since. Without Hendrik leading the warriors, the village was in a disarray. They begged Cailyn to take his place. Cailyn accepted but with despair, she was hoping when this day came, she would be beside her brother, not alone.
    Occupation: Warrior

    (Let me know if there's something you want me to add or change! :D)
  4. I can't think of anything to change, it sounds great! Man, i really hope some more people become interested, this could turn out pretty well!
  5. I hope so too! :D
  6. Name: Kolyat Kovalov

    Age: Between 30 and 35

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Of strong features, Kolyat could be pictured as the regular northern European kind of man, strong, with few expressions to actually show his feelings and a almost unnatural resistance against any kind of weather, specially the cold. His 5'8 almost 5'9 feet tall stature fits his body neatly, making him agile, yet stronger than the middle man nowadays. Kolyat gray eyes always look with cynicism, which fits with his unshaven face and short and poorly cared hair.

    He is always using the same kind of clothing; dark gray jeans, not too tight to be uncomfortable neither too loose to be annoying. A sweater, a few shades lighter of gray, covers his chest, and on top of it, a damaged army vest, fixed countless times before, with a scratched insignia, too battered to know where does it comes from. By the looks of anyone experienced enough, it could be easily said Kolyat belonged to some kind of private army or hired from a military company.

    History: Few is known about him, since he was found by some hunters not so long ago, laying on the floor beaten, shot and badly injured. It wouldn't be too audacious to guess he had been fighting against other heavy armed personnel, and by the looks of him, not too long ago neither. Hell, it wouldn't be too mistaken saying he even fought some of those creatures with his bare fists. Apart from that, every time he is asked about what happened, he just chuckles and refuses to explain any thing.

    Personality: He had spoken really few since his body was saved from the claws of the death, and his name is known thanks to the dog-tags he was wearing when he was found, and by the name on them, it wasn't surprising that his first words were in foreign language. Besides that, the scarce words he had shared show he is a really cynical man, sarcastic and bitter derisive.

    Occupation: Undetermined due to his wounds and the lack of trust towards him.

    Extra: In his pockets, among other things, were found a PB silenced pistol and a envelope with a incomprehensible code sealed with the 'КГБ' letters on one side of it.
  7. oooh, that's going to make for some interesting plot twists. Accepted, for sure!
  8. Wooohooo!!!! Let the intrigue start! ; )
  9. Name: Robin Henderson
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: tumblr_inline_mk1m7wKlPR1qz4rgp.jpg
    Robin is 6 foot, and a bit lanky. Though he's become more lean as he's been trying to build muscle. His hair is usually unkempt and unruly. No matter how much time he spends out in the sun, he doesn't seem to tan, and to his distaste sunburns often. His bright blue eyes often have a subtle look of suppressed wildness. He likes to wear earthy colors, and well fitting things so he doesn't seem any skinnier than he is.
    History: Robin's mother was a well respected healer, and met his father through her work. Unfortunately, their love was short lasted, since his father's diseases were far beyond his mother's skills, and soon after he was born, his father died. Always being one of the smaller, more skinny and lanky kids, not much was ever expected of him. He never seemed particular good at anything, and other kids teased and bullied him, pushing him around and beating him up. In general, his life had been very simple. He hardly ever left the village, or tried anything out of his daily routine and even grew accustomed to watching the small children. Though in more recent years, he's grown unhappy with his lifestyle, longing to be more important and useful.
    Personality: Robin is a very driven guy. When he sets his mind to something, he will try to do it, no matter how ridiculous. Though he tries to act mature he tends to go into things head first, before thinking them through. Very stubborn, he's also one to argue and question. What usually gets him in trouble is his tendency to say things he shouldn't and being to honest. He never intentionally tries to hurt someone, and usually feels bad about upsetting people and will apologize over and over, long after he's been forgiven. Robin is not one to keep secrets either, and hates not knowing things.
    Occupation: Helps his mother as a healer, but longs to be a warrior like his father was.
    Extra: Robin trains himself as much as he can, trying to build muscle and stamina and skills to become a warrior , though most people find it ridiculous. He also has a tendency to wander or get himself into sticky situations.

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  10. Okay, it sounds pretty good but I have just a few questions.

    In Occupation he says longs to be a warrior but in extra it says hunter. I'd like to know for later if he really tries to get into it. Also, and this may be her, but would you mind possibly bumping his age up a year or so? It seems like there's a large age gap and I'd like to keep it in somewhat of a similar range.

    All in all, your character sounds very interesting and I can't wait to see him in action :happy:
  11. Op sorry! I meant to write Warrior again but my I guess I put hunter instead! I'll fix it, his age too.
  12. No worries! Thanks so much for joining, by the way! :happy:
  13. Hey guys! Once we get at least maybe one more person to join, we can start this thing up! Or, if nobody else decides to join, if someone would like to create a second character just to keep the story from becoming bland you will be able to. So, now we play the waiting game :tongue:
  14. I haven't RPed in a few months, so please tell me if I make any careless mistakes in the form. ^^

    Character Skeleton:

    Name: Galen Hightower
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Galen looks vaguely Asian, with mildly canted dark eyes and short black hair that is slightly swept back. He is medium height and slender, but wiry, and is stronger than he looks. His skin is slightly bronzed, and he has sharp and angular facial features. His most distinguishing features are a long and thin healing scar across his right eye, permanently closing it and stretching from the middle of his forehead to his jaw, and his tendency to wear unusually neat and clean black clothing, often slacks and a polo shirt, regardless of how many people tell him it is impractical.
    History: As a child, Galen always looked up to his father, one of the more skilled Gatherers. That was his first choice of career, and he practiced every day to identify edible foods and honed his observation and survival skills. However, several years after he had begun training to become a Gatherer, and despite his status as the most promising candidate, his father took him aside and forbade him from becoming a Gatherer, saying that it was becoming too dangerous. Upset after a shouting match, Galen ran off into the forest, determined to find enough rare food sources to make his father change his mind. Focusing only on the plants at his feet, he failed to notice an approaching creature, and was attacked, escaping only after losing his eye. This injury prevented him from becoming a Gatherer as he had wanted, and while recuperating, he decided to become a Healer instead, taking advantage of his base of knowledge regarding herbs.
    He still doesn't speak to his father much, holding him responsible for his injury.
    Personality: Galen is usually in a fairly good mood, but despite this, tends to be withdrawn. He doesn't seem to be the kind of person to hold a grudge, but can get pretty angry in his own way, usually fighting with passive-aggressive comments and actions. In general, though, he is polite and kind to people he isn't very familiar with, which is almost everyone these days, though he knows almost everyone. He prefers to be owed favors, but can't stand owing a debt to anyone else.
    Occupation: Healer
    Extra: While he mostly stays within the village these days, compiling his knowledge and experimenting, he always keeps a small knife on his belt and another in his boot, just in case. He also occasionally wanders outside of the village to collect herbs.
  15. Sounds good to me! You didn't leave out anything it looks like so you are accepted! :happy:
  16. No problem! One or two more people join and w can fire this thing up! Woo-hoo! :bsmile:
  17. Occupation: worrier

    Got me wondering how could someone work worrying about things....
  18. Lol just as Tritsteel said, you have a few misspelled words, maybe your spell check changed it or something but it sounds great! Glad to have you :happy:

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