Experiments : Rp Ideas

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  1. Any ideas you want to try out go here.
  2. Okay so what Idea's do you have?
  3. I have an idea. Its just a typical bestfriends turn to lovers senerio but I want to start off when their younger.
  4. i have one, how about. Three kids in an abusive orphanage two are sibilings but one is an older friend, they learn never to trust authority.....see where im going?
  5. Umm... like them experimenting together
  6. Like a friendship story of the trio growing up, the thoughts in their head, no experimentation because its a damn orphanage ive yet to read a fanfic about one that didnt have sex abuse
  7. okay thats sounds like a good idea
  8. i personally feel any abused children like that would go down a rather dark path in other words. my cup of tea if you feel like posting it. I have a female char sutible for the older orphan in the trio. her name is violet named for her eyes.
  9. That sounds like a good idea I have twin characters, Rua and Yuri
  10. perfect, if youd like to post the intro to it?
  11. Okay I also have another Idea. Its where these two Experiments break out of the labratory and have to fend for themselves and learn how to survive. The group pic is one of my characters for that Idea, her name is 9.
  12. Okay I also have another idea. It's where two experiments break out of a gorvernment run labratory, where they were made and have to fend for themselves to survive. I already have a character in mind and its a female. I drew her and I made her into the groups image. Her lab number is 9, since 1-8 were failures.
  13. Hey guys :)

    How about we do a three way roleplay?
  14. Hey Morte whats your idea?
  15. I'm thinking of like three princes or princess or whatever, and one has to choose between the other two for a wife. The other two then fight to become the wife, doing whatever the third one wants.
  16. I like it! What do you think Assassin?
  17. I was also thinking that one who had to choose knew them from when they were younger and since he'd last saw them he had become cold and angry.
  18. I propose that their is a princess and two princes that not only needs to woo the beauty but also impress her father.
  19. That sounds good so who wants to be the princes and who wants to be the princess.