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  1. The massive trees made it difficult to travel by bus, but it would all be worth it in the end. At least, it would be for the scientists running Greenwater. The facilities were too large to have anywhere other than a forest, though how they'd managed to get clearance from the government to house Greenwater in the Fremont National Forest was anyone's guess.

    The twisting roads grew bumpy as the bus bounced along, threatening to throw its passengers to the next seat over. "Sorry, ladies," the bus driver called back to them. One girl threw him a look and fixed the headband covering her hair before settling back in her seat. "We're almost there, don't you worry."

    As the last word left his mouth, the tip of a marble-white building broke through the branches. Smaller edifices surrounded the tallest one, and it seemed to stretched farther than any building should. There were hardly any windows, but the ones that could be seen were reinforced with steel on the inside and outside. The walls were smooth and shined with the sunlight gleaming down through the clouds. The amount of space taken by all the buildings together was enough to swallow a quarter of the national forest.

    The bus pulled up on the unpaved road all the way to what could have been considered the front of the building. There were two people standing outside, patiently waiting for their new understudies to arrive. One was a very pointed woman with a tight, auburn bun and squared glasses. The other was a short man of Asian descent, his foot tapping on the dirt as they waited. Both wore stark-white lab coats reaching down to their calves. The entire scene was so professionally perfect, it almost seemed too much. But the bus still stopped and everyone shuffled off. The vehicle spurted a puff of dark smoke before it disappeared back into to the trees.

    The woman smiled at the four girls as they stood in front of her. "Welcome to Greenwater, ladies," she said with a cool voice, swinging her arms to encompass the building. "I am Dr. Naris, and this is my colleague, Dr. Thornsin." The man grunted in response, searching each girl carefully, looking for imperfections.

    "We'll be confirming your names, and then Dr. Thornsin will take you inside and show you around. We're very glad to have you here." Dr. Thornsin seemingly manifested a clipboard from thin air before he handed it to the woman. "Let's see... we have Kara Palina... Amy Haymare... Taylor Gailie... and Jamielle Carson." With the four girls identified, Dr. Thornsin led them inside, with Dr. Naris bringing up the rear.

    "One of our assistants will be here to relieve me, but you will be fine. Dr. Thornsin will tell you everything you need to know about Greenwater." Dr. Naris slipped off without another word, leaving room for the assistant to file in.

    The building hummed with the power of generators, but the inside was perfectly clean. There were rooms with no windows, but the entire place was very... white and empty. It had the same smells as a hospital, but it was too bright for normal eyes. Altogether, it was clear that Greenwater Genetics was a very odd place indeed.
  2. Jami couldn't have been more relieved to get off that bouncing bus...or so she'd thought. When she'd heard about Greenwater back at college, she'd been intrigued by the company, by their areas of expertise and their work. They sounded like a big-brand name, but in reality they seemed to be relatively new and that had made the blond more willing to give them the time of day when the survey had been offered to their college. Most genetic companies she knew about did horrible testing on animals and Jami would NEVER work for a place like that, but Greenwater...they seemed different, actually offering the chance to study animals, to help with them, find cures for their diseases as well as human ones.

    Jamielle had been caught hook, line and sinker at the thought of an internship, training to do exactly what she wanted in life.

    Still, the sight of this place...it made her nervous for reasons she couldn't exactly explain. It was like when you know you're being watched in the dark, but you can't see anyone around you. It still sets your stomach into a knot and your hair rising to the sky, but you try to convince yourself there is nothing to fear as you walk to safety, your heart pounding in your chest. It was like that feeling and the blond nearly jumped when Taylor grabbed her arm, excited.

    "Can you believe we're here!?" she whispered with bright blue eyes and Jami forced a smile back, trying to remember that same happiness that had surrounded her on the way over. She really didn't understand why it was so hard. It wasn't like they were in danger....even if this place did seem like a mental hospital or something. Why all the bars on the windows? Or better yet, the LACK of windows?

    Get a hold of yourself. You're just nervous and being paranoid. Breathe and let it pass, Jami.

    She took her own advice, taking a breath and nodding to Taylor, a girl she only knew vaguely as they shared a class, before turning her brown eyes back to Dr. Thornsin. An assistant, a tall woman with straight black hair and olive skin had appeared at his side. She was beautiful, but something cold sat in her eyes and they didn't change even when she smiled, the expression pleasant enough.

    "Hello, I am Miss Blackwell. If you will follow me and Dr. Thornsin..."

    She didn't wait for a confirmation, already heading toward a door that would take them further into the building and Jami, looking at the other three girls, was the first to follow.
  3. A sudden sound rocked the building, a deep, echoing roar that could have brought down the walls. "Excuse the noise, ladies. Our generators often get overcharged," Dr. Thornsin said over the din. However, the sound started to persist, and the Asian man grabbed a nearby understudy, writing something on his clipboard and shoving it into the young man's hands. The fearful man, with the lab coat that swamped his small frame, darted off with a speed only possessed by someone frightened.

    Dr. Thornsin ignored the man and the sound until it abruptly stopped. "Here, at Greenwater Genetics, we are dedicated to serving the common public cures for lifetime ailments such as cancer or other deteriorating conditions. We strive to do what is necessary and right. Here, we do our testing on animals. It ought to be safe for them, else we should not put it in our own bodies. The animals here are treated fairly and with gentleness."

    The speech sounded droll and memorized, like he'd done it too many times. They walked up and down stairs and all around while Dr. Thornsin spoke of the company's goals again. He talked about the processes, how the animals weren't harmed or killed, and if the products had negative affects, the animals were put out of their misery and the product was reformed immediately. He sounded not at all enthusiastic, but the tour went by quickly, and soon, he was directing them to a smaller building.

    "Miss Blackwell will take you to your rooms. We will provide dinner in one hour, so be presentable." Dr. Thornsin moved into a room and slammed the metal door shut, leaving the girls with the assistant. The smaller building was exactly the same make as the main laboratory, and the rooms where the girls were staying were equally white and plain. At least the beds were comfortable.
  4. The sound had made every girl but Jami jump. No, it had startled her, but she'd spent most of her free-time at wildlife reserves and the zoo, even going so far as to volunteer when she could. She KNEW and was familiar with the sound of a roaring animal...and she didn't, not for one minute, think that such a noise came from a generator as the other three girls did, accepting the explanation. The blond had watched, with sharp brown eyes as the small man took off, looking for all the world like he'd be harmed if he didn't do whatever Dr. Thornsin wanted right away....or perhaps he was scared of what he was running TO.

    That nagging, gut-tightening feeling that something was wrong came back to Jami strongly then and she had the most irrational fear to run and not stop until this place was far behind her, no more than a memory. She attempted to shake the desire away, forcing herself to pay attention to what she was told about Greenwater. She'd have to work here, she needed to know all she could and making up conspiracy theories was not going to amount to anything.

    That roar, though...the anger that had been in it....that lingered in her mind, persistent throughout the whole tour. Jami held her tongue, though. She'd ask...she'd find out what it had been...but not yet. Not on the first day, not when she'd just gotten here and they might kick her out. Though, she did want to get out. That's what bothered her so much. She'd done everything she could to get INTO this place and now...she just wanted to leave.

    Jami was glad for the end of the tour and for the end of Dr. Thornsin's droning voice, though, Miss Blackwell's cold dark eyes and her entire fake demeanor wasn't much better to deal with. The woman led each girl to their room, saying that if they needed anything, they only had to press the intercom on the door and someone would assist them. She warned them not to wander lest they be apprehended by security and reminded them again to be presentable for dinner before leaving.

    Each girl looked at each other from the doorway of their rooms and while Taylor, Amy and Kara smiled and seemed excited when they shut their doors to get ready, Jami only disappeared into her room more slowly, looking down the pristine white halls and seeming to listen carefully before she finally shut her door quietly and turned around. She almost promptly tripped over her own luggage and cursed as she steadied, glaring down at the suitcase.

    Ugh, she hated being clumsy. And she hated these white walls! Talk about a headache inducer! Jeez, some color would not go amiss in this place. All this white made her want to take a bucket of paint and just throw it at the walls.

    Hmmm...not a bad idea.

    The blond smirked to herself as she unpacked a few things and changed her clothes; jeans and a plain purple shirt, though, her hands had hesitated over the red one that read "rebel" on it. No, no....presentable, Jami! She sighed, closing her luggage and sat on the bed, bouncing just slightly before she folded her legs under her and looked around at the white room. Well...this was boring.
  5. The time ticked but no roar sounded again. It became quiet once they were away from the generators, and yet the air still had a sense of creepiness to it, like something was happening deep down that none of them were supposed to know about. There was nothing to stave anyone's mind from what had happened, however. Even work would have sufficed, but now, sitting in a room with nothing inside but themselves, it was overwhelming.

    The intercom buzzed and it was a welcome change from the stale air. "Your dinner awaits you in the large room down the hall to your left. Should you require anything else, someone will be in the room to help you. You will have a half-hour to eat, but you may take as much as you like. After that, it will be time to settle down and sleep. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow." Dr. Thornsin had actually sounded pleased by that last part, as if he knew something they didn't.

    Though Dr. Thornsin had asked for the girls to make themselves presentable, there was no one else around to judge their appearance but themselves. The faculty members had an odd way of introducing themselves, that was for sure. The room with their food was the same as all the others: white and blank. The only difference was a long, stainless steel table with trays and an assortment of meat, bread, and vegetables and bottled water. As a treat, not something often coming from Greenwater, was a tub of chocolate ice cream. It seemed almost like a normal meal, except there was no sound and only one window in the entire room. It was large, too big just for eating meals in.

    There was a reason, but one they didn't know. All they had to do was eat... even if the food was laced with drowsy sedatives. They were tasteless and melted with the meat and vegetables. If all the girls ate enough, they would be knocked out for a sufficient amount of time. Tiny cameras in every corner of the room surveyed their meal, scientists observing and making sure the girls were drugged properly. If everything went well, the next day would certainly be long.
  6. This place just got more and more strange in the most subtle of ways and Jami found herself watching the doors and her gaze returned often to the one window in the room, watching as the sky grew darker. She was curious about the small red dots of light in the corners of the room, but figured that a facility like this would have cameras; not a big deal. The fact that they were the only four here, though, was odd to Jami and the blond found that with her mind running like it was, she didn't eat a lot, picking at her food more than anything.

    The three girls around her chatted about what they were looking forward to, getting to know each other better, but Jami had always been more quiet than she was talkative and she kept to herself until she felt comfortable with things. Right now...she was the furthest thing from comfortable and she kept sipping at her water so she wouldn't have to talk, taking a dutiful bite of food here and there as the night wore on. It seemed that even though Dr. Thornsin had said a half-hour, no one was going to come and make them leave.

    If only Jami had known that was her fault as she was the one who was not eating like the rest...

    The other girls were starting to yawn enormously and Jami found that she was, too, tired all the sudden. Her water was gone and about half her plate, and the blond decided to forgo desert in favor of bed. Dr. Thornsin had said tomorrow would be a long day and the last thing she wanted was to be sleeping through half of it. Taking their cue from her, the other girls followed Jami back down the hall and they each said goodnight to each other at their doors.

    Though she still wasn't about to give up her suspicion of this place, Jami couldn't fight sleep when it came over her and she didn't even bother to get out of her clothes, merely drifting off into darkness on the surprisingly comfortable bed.

    She almost imagined she could hear that roar again, angry, warning as she slipped away, but even half-dreaming she knew she hadn't really heard anything.
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  7. The sleep would be their downfall, but it was what the scientists wanted. As the cameras surveyed the girls all succumbing to the drowsiness, understudies were forced to wheel stretchers into their rooms in silence. Three people to each room helped lift the girls onto the stretchers and strap them down. The sedatives had done their job; none of them woke with the gentle rocking of the wheels on the smoothed floor or even on the uneven road as they switched from the housing building to the laboratory.

    There was one black metal door leading down a steep ramp. It went deep into the underground, down and down until it finally leveled. Here was Greenwater's true purpose. The scientists were experimental DNA analysts and they kept every project down in the underside. Growls and snarls sounded from reinforced glass cages and eyes peered out, ranging in unnatural colors. There was a massive cell in the corner with no windows, only tough steel walls and a heavy door. Still, it wasn't enough to silence the intense noises, roars that sounded like a cross between an angry lion and a deep-voiced whale or snarls coming off as something akin to a massive wolf and a screeching bird. Scrabbles rang from behind the steel, but not a single thing broke through.

    The girls were wheeled to separate rooms, ones identical to the rooms above the ground. They were decorated white and hefty straps lined the chair in the center. Surgical tools dotted the stainless steel tables, along with syringes filled with both clean and murky liquids. The girls were tied to the chair by their hands, feet, chest, and neck to ensure they wouldn't struggle during the experiment.

    The clear syringe was inserted first and an IV bag was brought in. After all, their new experiments had to be perfect. Once they were sure their new proteges wouldn't budge from their spots, the syringes of murky liquid was pressed into their skin. They were pressed into their neck and each bend in the elbow and finally their chest over their heart.

    That was when the mutation began.

    Amy was twisted into something monstrous, claws spurting out of her shoulders and lines of teeth chomping her lips to nothing. She screamed terribly, even with the sedatives. She struggled but they held her down. Pain racked her body, but they kept pouring liquids into her. They cut the damaged parts and skin, and everything was regenerating too fast. Finally, they had to end the cycle, cutting out her broken and mutated heart and killing her soul. One failed, but they had three more.

    Kara was next, and the liquid they put into was a sickly green, but the transformation started off much smoother than Amy's. Kara's legs melded together and turned hard and scaly, and it stretched up along every inch of her body. The tail lengthened and coiled up off of the chair, and a scientist lifted her eyelid to reveal bright purple, reptilian eyes. She was still crying out in extreme pain, but she was breathing. It was a start. They kept pumping the green liquid into her, watching as the front of her changed to rougher, white scales so she could slither around. She was a strange creature, but she was alive. They pressed sedatives into her and left before moving onto Taylor.

    Taylor didn't even make it past the first injection. She screeched once and within a mere second, her body was frozen to the core and she was dead. She had reacted adversely and it had ended her life.

    Jami was last. They injected her with something that was thick and silvery, like mercury. However, Kara began to scream and they were forced to leave Jami alone for a few moments to take care of her. Only one assistant was left to witness her transformation.
  8. Jami's transformation almost seemed to fail altogether at first. They injected her, but her body remained still, her voice quiet and nothing seemed to happen for several minutes. She didn't wake, barely seemed to breathe and the assistant who had stayed to watch bit his lip, puzzled and he cautiously approached the blond female. Using a gloved hand, he carefully opened her eye, just to see if there was any reaction or if maybe her body had simply rejected the drugs like Taylor.

    What he saw, however, was both curious and reassuring as her brown eyes were very much alive, lightening to a hazel-hue and then green swirled around her pupil before it dilated to a pinprick and abruptly focused.

    She started to struggle then, heat radiating off her body in a soaring fever and Jami opened her mouth to scream, her veins, nerves, bones on fire, but all that exited her throat was an air-shattering howl like a wolf crying out to the moon. Fangs grew in her mouth, erupting from her gums in front of her human teeth and she cried out again with the agony of it, blood running in rivets down her chin. She started thrashing to get out of her bonds, her strength greater than it had been before, though, she couldn't break away.

    Her ears lengthened, pointing delicately at the top, her skin paled to a moon-kissed hue and her fingers curled, wicked claws growing from the place her fingernails had been. Her muscles rippled, seeming to become stronger, more defined and Jami snarled at the assistant in rage and savage instinct as he approached with a grin, injecting her with another sedative. Her glowing hazel-green eyes closed unwillingly, but she stopped screaming, stopped moving as her world faded to black again, the fear and anger all disappearing in a haze of darkness.

    The assistant looked toward the next doctor who entered the room, his voice pleased. "The first elven-werewolf combination is a success, sir." He checked the vitals again carefully before continuing. "Experiment 16 is stable."

    Jami didn't seem to have changed much physically, but the results would take more time with this experiment. After all, elves were very humanoid and werewolves, well, they'd lived among humans for years before being hunted down. They had their own means of disguise. No, just because Jami looked human....didn't mean she was anymore.
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  9. "14 lives as well. She's leveling out, but she will live, given a few days to rest. But we don't have that much time. Put them in with ... 2." The other scientists in the room gave a collective gasp, and one stepped forward to confront Dr. Thornsin.

    "But... Sir... 2 has been... agitated as of late. Are you sure that's safe?" he asked, taking a step back as Dr. Thornsin turned a glare on him. "We've successfully created the first lamia-siren and the elven wolf. 2 killed our chimera, but he had no way to control him. These two... 14 and 16... they have ways to control him."

    The outspoken scientist nodded with a meek motion and helped the others unstrap Kara and then Jami, wheeling their new creations to the massive steel cell they'd passed before. Before they put them inside, they took the time to clean them up, tearing off what remained of their clothes and fitting them with standard hospital gowns, as normal clothes wouldn't fit them now. Metal collars snapped around their necks, and they would provide shocks should the new experiments get out of hand.

    The screeching and scrabbling had stopped from inside the steel cell, being replaced with soft, snoring growls. However, as Kara and Jami were pushed inside and laid on the ground, it grew silent. A scientist outside hefted a lever up and turned the searing lights on. It showed a forest of fake trees with a trickling river splitting the middle. Rocky land covered with boulders marred one side of the room while another was sandy and another was pure grass. The habitat was everything and yet nothing.

    "What is this?" a voice snarled, sounding more wolf than human. The voice's owner didn't show himself, but even then, the scientists in charge of 14 and 16 were scared.

    "These are the newest ones... You're not to kill them," Dr. Thornsin said suddenly, appearing behind his lackeys.

    The owner of the voice dropped from the ceiling, and it was immediately clear why some of the scientists had been against keeping Kara and Jami with him. He was over seven feet tall, bearing lean, but hard muscles underneath stray patches of ebony scales all over his body. A pair of horns curled around and down, but one was longer than the other, though that fact was kept mostly hidden with his bushy and unkempt black hair.

    He stalked forward on scaled and clawed feet, though it wasn't enough to impede the smooth gait until he stood towering over Dr. Thornsin. He growled deep in his throat, his mouth opening to echo the sound and reveal a row of razor-sharp teeth. His hands curled into almost-fists because his fingers were clawed exactly like his feet. A set of torn, leathery wings unfolded against his back, flapping sandy air at everyone. A tail whipped in anger, lined with spikes that traveled all the way up his bare back to end at his neck, where his ears were black and pointed, which was hard to tell while they were flat against his skull with rage. His skin was a golden tan, even with the patched scales covering his body. It was enough to see the scars and the puncture marks on his arms, signs from too many fights and even more injections.

    Experiment 2 was the first, and only, successful dragon hybrid.

    "I will kill whomever I damn well please, doctor," he snarled, but a quick shock with the collar was enough to send him to his knees.

    "No, Kain, you will not. These girls are here to fix you, not for you to play with." Kain stood upright again before he loosed a thundering roar right in Dr. Thornsin's face. The man wasn't fazed in the slightest. "Quiet." The single word was followed by another shock to Kain's neck. The roar stopped and quieted to a growl.

    "If I find you've harmed them, there will be serious consequences. They are here to fix you, Maulkainthur." With that, Dr. Thornsin left with the other scientists, slamming the door shut and locking it from the outside. It left Kain with the two unconscious girls. The dragon hybrid circled around them before his torn wings flapped and he leaped into one of the fake trees. He crouched on the branch, watching them with his golden eyes with a hawk-like gaze, just waiting for one of them to stir.
  10. Jami stirred slowly, her body sore and every nerve feeling like it was raw. She tested her limbs, making sure they still worked and finally opened her luminescent hazel-green eyes. The blond let out a groan that sounded more like a growl as she pushed herself up slowly to her knees, her fingers coming up to cradle her pounding head. Her eyes snapped open at the strange, hard feeling that greeted her scalp and slowly she brought her hands down, eyes widening at the claws that became visible to her.

    Oh no....oh stars above...it hadn't been a dream! The blond felt her body freeze, shock spreading across her face, a deep whine developing in her chest as she started to breathe faster, fear - her own fear - coming into her nose strongly, overwhelming. What had they done!? What did they do to her?! What was going on!? Where was she?! Jami stood abruptly, frantically, but before she could bolt, it seemed as if something stronger, calmer came over her and she stilled.


    Or was she dreaming still? That HAD to be it. There was no way this was possible. It couldn't be. She was dreaming.

    Jami curbed the panic rising in her body, feeling it drain away as she started to breathe again and she looked around carefully, taking in her strange surroundings. It looked like a zoo exhibit and it smelled strange, like there was something else here... The blond turned slowly and that's when she saw Kara....or what had been Kara - she thought anyway - and instead of taking a step back, fleeing, Jami approached the odd creature the girl had become slowly. Her steps were graceful, completely silent - really, this had to be a dream as she was a complete klutz - and her small frame crouched beside the other female, reaching out to touch her face gently, fascinated by the scales. Her eyes followed the torso down to the tail and Jami shook her head.

    Good grief this was one weird dream.

    She stood again and this time when she looked around, her instincts seemed to finally hit her and her pupils dilated suddenly as she picked up the sound of breathing, the smell of something powerful, lethal....male. A snarl built in her throat as her body reacted without thought, growing tense, fangs baring as she searched for the threat. And it was a threat. He was a threat, angry....wow her nose worked well. Her sharp ears followed the sound of the breathing, concentrating on it, until she inclined her head up and her eyes found the owner of the powerful scent.

    The blond blinked, staring up into the intense gold eyes that watched her, every bit the hunter and once more it seemed humanity took control, fluctuating and it would continue to do that until Jamielle realized just what had happened and started accepting it. She straightened and tilted her head, her sharp gaze taking in every inch of the ethereal creature in the tree above her. Clear awe, but no fear came into her face and Jami barely breathed her words, still quit convinced she was dreaming.

    "Well, aren't you gorgeous."
  11. To be acknowledged seemed to rub Kain the wrong way, for he snarled and almost snapped the branch beneath him with a clawed grip. His wings unfolded again and aided him in landing as he jumped down in front of Jami and stalked forward. Even she was taller than Dr. Thornsin, but Kain was still a tower compared to her frame. He was silent as his golden eyes bored into her and the rest of her body, studying and observing. His eyes flicked to Kara once or twice, but he was more interested in Jami because she had spoken to him. Her word choice was odd. No one, even in sarcasm, had referred to him as such. It made him growl deep in his throat, but he smelled no fear from her. He quieted again and turned away.

    "...You are the...," he paused, his head flicking to the side as he inhaled. Something was distinctly... doggy. He didn't like it. It tasted strange and sour on his tongue. "...werewolf," he finished with a breathy snarl. There was something else about her that he couldn't place. It was something he'd never smelled before, something the scientists were never able to mash together in their twisted experiments.

    "She is Jami, our first elven werewolf. If you even so much as scratch her, or Kara, the lamia-siren, you will never again see the light of day," Dr. Thornsin's voice barked over an intercom. Kain shot up from his position, leaving gouging marks in the dirt below him. He gripped his claws into the steel walls, bending the metal to keep himself up there.

    "Kain, stop. We told you not to--" The voice was cut off as Kain tore the speaker and the tiny camera from the corner with sparking colors. He dropped the useless technology onto the ground and followed it, dusting his hands off in a mocking fashion. He knew there was more than one camera but only one speaker. They could see him; they could watch him tease them with his motions. He hadn't seen the light of day in years. It was only this harsh, artificial light, the one he hated.

    Kain brushed past Jami, not even deigning her with a glance. He halted as he heard stirring, but he didn't turn his head. Kara was waking up, though it was clear she was groggy. She still had arms, but she no longer possessed legs. She figured this out with a scream rivaling nails on a chalkboard. Kain's ears went flush against his head as he whipped around to face the two girls, tail snapping in the air.

    "Quiet!" he roared at her, shutting up the snake-woman who was trying not to cry. Her new personality hadn't kicked in. For now, she was still in the frightened stages. Kain rolled his eyes at the blubbering girl before he stalked off toward his group of trees, leaving the two females alone. He wasn't interested in new experiments, even if they were both something he'd never seen before.

    He killed new experiments. He didn't interact with them for the sake of his keepers.

    ((I changed Kara around a little bit, but she's still a snake lady, haha. I couldn't decide on what I wanted her to be, but then I did. :3))
  12. Oh.......god.

    Jami's head was spinning with the information seeping into her and her ears were ringing both from Kara's scream and from Kain's - that's what the voice had called him - roar. She stood frozen, paler than even her new skin tone dictated and her heart hammered like thunder in her chest. This was real. This was.....really real. The blond's limbs shook as she brought her clawed hand up to her face again and she stared at it for a moment before she brought her sharp talons, without hesitation, down onto her other arm. The cuts she left were shallow, but enough to sting and Jami gasped.


    This WAS real.

    She was a.... Hazel-green eyes snapped closed and Jami forced herself to breathe, to swallow hard the bile rising up in her throat. Fear, it clogged her nose again and she growled softly, not liking it. No...no she wasn't going to sit and cower and sob and scream. No, she was going to get royally pissed at whoever had done this to her. Anger was good. Fear...no. Instinct told her that and the wolf-hybrid opened her eyes again, sharp, focused as she steadied and turned her attention to Kara.

    She didn't know the girl, not personally, but they were in this together now and Jami moved toward her, coming to kneel by her side. She avoided staring a the strange tail and instead took Kara's hand. "Hey...hey, shhh... You're not alone. Breathe. Breathe, Kara. Shh..." Jami avoided saying it was okay or that the other girl would be fine. She didn't believe such things herself and as she worked to calm Kara, Jami looked around again, this time seeing the habitat in a new light.

    A cage. This was a glorified cage and....they were in here with....

    Hazel-green eyes found Kain again despite how he tried to stay out of view. It was like all her senses worked, for a glorious moment, to find him and when she did, she kept her eyes on him. She wasn't sure what to think of him now. Yes, she still thought him fascinating, strangely beautiful, but now there was caution, too. Not fear, though. Jami didn't understand that now. Why wasn't she afraid of him? He was lethal. Anger and power. That roar...she knew that roar. He was raw instinct and...wait.

    Jami's gaze narrowed, her mind working swiftly despite her circumstances. She had always been very good at adapting and right now, shock made her seek any distraction available. Instinct. Why did that ring a bell? Something about genders and instinct....

    The blond snarled softly, losing the train of thought as other things kept intruding; like the sound of breathing and the trickle of water, the soft sobs coming from Kara, the noise of movement outside this metal cage... And the smells! Jami didn't want to think about it - or the fact that what she actually wanted to do right now was rage and scream and perhaps even snap at Kain for being such an a** - and she forced herself to turn her attention back to Kara. She certainly wasn't going to go after Kain right now. Not until she felt more stable, less like...a jumbled, chaotic mess of smells and sounds, feelings and thoughts. Then again...she was a bloody f***ing WEREWOLF ELF THING now! How in the world was she supposed to DEAL with that?!


    Jami realized she'd been digging her claws into the ground and she released her grip, looking back at Kara, trying to gauge how the girl was, but unsure what to say to her at this stage.

    ((Nah, that's fine! :) ))
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  13. Kain still watched them from the trees. They were here to fix him, Dr. Thornsin had said. Kain didn't need fixing; he needed blood. He turned his head and shook it hard to clear his thoughts before he felt piercing eyes on him. He straightened and glared back at Jami as he found her staring at him. He growled and leaped up into a fake tree, crouching among the bright, multicolored, plastic leaves and studying them from the farthest distance he could muster. He could see Kara's tears finally stop as she found Jami helping her, but he sensed a change in her.

    Kara managed to sit up on where her knees might have been. "Wh-what happened to us?" she asked, her voice still shaking. She saw Kain's black outline in the trees and tried to back up, but she had no more legs. "What am I?" Her body had changed, subtly before but now it was apparent. Her figure had become more feminine with a smaller waist and larger chest, and her eyes were the stunning purple from before. The green scales had reached her forearms and there were two long fangs where her canines were. She, like Kain, had a long forked tongue, but there was a few specks of blood from her recent transformation.

    Her body wobbled as she held her arms out to steady herself before the tip of her tail curled up to meet her. Her serpentine half was much longer than any normal snake, stretching over twenty feet. It was a deep forest green with black, white, and brown spots and a light purple underbelly. She looked around before she managed to smile at Jami. Her eyes traveled back to Kain, and the changes in her mind and personality started. "I... I feel hungry... for him," she said, pointing a pale finger at Kain. There was a rumbling growl in response, but then Kara started to hum and then sing.

    It had no words, but the melody was soothing and it pulled him in, even if he didn't want it. He dug his claws into the tree, but his body still dropped to the ground. He screeched and covered his ears, and yet it was no use. He kept walking toward her, but Jami didn't seem to be affected. After all, the song was meant for him. Kara wanted to feast on his soul as her siren ancestors did.

    "Miss Palina," Dr. Naris said sharply from the door. Kara stopped singing and Kain dropped to his knees. He was quick to recover and dash back into his hiding place. Above any person in the facility, he hated Dr. Naris the most.

    "We would appreciate you not eating Maulkainthur. He is one of our first, and we want to keep him alive. I assure you, we will find suitable food for you. Speaking of that, Kain." A panel on the ceiling opened and a form dropped down. It was charred beyond recognizable, but it was still... human looking. "Eat, Kain. I know what you want."

    Kain jumped and flew, landing heavily next to his meal. Dr. Naris came and helped Kara slither out after handcuffing the girl and quieting her with a muzzle. It left Jami inside with Kain, who was feasting upon the body. It might have been gut-wrenching to others, but Kain didn't care. They'd been feeding him failed experiments for as long as they'd started failing. And he wasn't going to stop now.
  14. Everything had happened so fast, too fast for Jami to properly think of saying anything much less do anything to stop it. She didn't know HOW to stop any of this. She hardly knew what was going on and the wolf-hybrid watched, stunned as Kara was led away after trying to EAT Kain and Kain started devouring what could only be something human...ish. Maybe. The sight of such a thing was bad enough, but the smell it gave off and the sounds!

    Jami clamped her hands over her ears and backed away from the male. It wasn't fear that drove her - well, maybe a little - but pure confusion and it wasn't long before she was working her way quickly in the opposite direction from the dragon-hybrid. She didn't RUN or RETREAT. No, that was for prey, but she made distance and when she was far enough away to feel...well, not safer per say, but more secure, Jami sank to the ground, her back against a rock formation, every other angle visible to her in case of ambush or attack - something she did without thinking.

    Her body shook with adrenaline and she felt silent, slow tears drip from her face before she angrily wiped them away with her arm, smearing blood on her face. She noted then that her skin was healed of the self-inflicted scratches and Jami looked at her arm in new interest. She took a deep breath and felt calm come over her again, something she now noticed more vividly. The blond closed her eyes, realizing what she'd not before; there were two personalities...or perhaps mindsets...inside her now. One...was terrified, emotional, struggling, completely out of her depth with the situation...and the other was calm, curious, interested in what she could do and her surroundings, angry and completely willing to challenge everything and anything that set her off.

    It was up to Jami to choose which one she'd let have control at the moment.

    It didn't take long for the wolf-hybrid to decide. After all, her cell-mate was over there eating a charred corpse. It probably wouldn't be all that wise to be a weak, emotional, blubbering mess right now, would it?

    Her mind made up, Jami carefully slipped into the new personality, unsure what it would do to her, but when her eyes opened, she didn't feel less like herself. She just felt.....confident, fearless and that's what she needed right now. There might be time to fall apart later.

    The blond rose with all the grace of a jungle cat, sniffing the air. Jami promptly sneezed, the process overwhelming and she resolved to get that under control, to learn from it. And the noises, she stayed still to listen to them, to put words to sounds and found that once she knew what something was, she could push it back, tune it out a little as unimportant. It helped. Having gotten some control, Jami started back the way she'd come, not entirely sure what to expect - she highly doubted she was going to get any sort of explanation or greeting from Kain with what she'd seen of him - but also knowing she couldn't very well stay where she was.

    She couldn't hide forever.

    Coming back out into the open, Jami leaned against a fake tree and crossed her arms, watching Kain with a combination of pure fascination and calculation, learning what she could of him without even having to speak. Part of her instantly saw him as a challenge, an enemy, but more of her was wary. This was HIS territory and SHE was the one intruding even if it wasn't by choice. And at this point, much as she felt she had the potential and fire in her spirit to fight him, he was the more experienced, the stronger and she didn't feel like dying just yet.

    And still, she wasn't afraid of him. WHY was that? Kara....Kara had a surefire way to subdue Kain. She'd just showed that, but as far as Jami knew....elves and werewolves were not proper rivalry partners for dragons. Or was there something else at work here? Jami didn't know a great deal about mythological creatures - something she was now regretting - but she did know about normal ones, predators the most, and she knew that in most animal psychology....females were not often the brunt of attacks by males. It had everything to do with the need for reproduction and the desire to keep a potential mate safe.

    Now, elves were too close to humans, Jami would guess, for that mindset to count, but werewolves....were essentially wolves on steroids, right? So maybe their minds worked in the same way...which would mean in the future, she herself might start displaying canine behaviors. But the million-dollar question here was this: Did dragons follow the same kind of instinctual urges that most creatures in the animal kingdom did?
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  15. Kain thought Jami drew too close to his meal, but she hadn't been close at all. Still, he let out a warning growl, blackened blood dripping from his sharp teeth and claws. He devoured the entire body, using a finger bone to pick his teeth. He watched a small intern come in to sweep the remains up. Kain was bored, and a quick snap and snarl at the intern sent him scurrying away. A deep, growling laugh and a satisfied grin escaped Kain as the intern slammed the door shut.

    The dragon hybrid stuck his clawed hands in the water and let the blood swirl away from his fingers before he wiped the rest from his mouth. The scientists always wanted him to be clean, though they never bothered to give him a shirt. He figured it was the massive wings and lethal spikes lining his back that prevented any material from settling on his back.

    He noticed Jami still watching him. She had some sort of strange fascination with him, and he almost didn't like it... almost. It felt like the same stare the scientists looked at him with, but it was when they were stabbing him with needles and cutting out parts of his skin, hair, and scales. Jami only watched his movements; he couldn't smell or see any intent to harm.

    The lack of pain coming from her was enough for him to walk and step in front of her. His clawed and scaled feet were heavy on the ground, leaving deep marks in the grassy dirt. One step brought him over the trickling river and only a few more brought him within better view.

    "...They say you're here to fix me," he growled at her. His arms crossed over his bare chest and a single, golden eye glared at her. "Why." It wasn't even a question. "I don't like visitors. They say I'm not supposed to kill you... there will be consequences...." An open mouth snarl followed his words before he spoke again. "I'm willing to take those chances. You don't look like much."
  16. Jami stood her ground when he growled, instinct telling her he was being over-possessive of the meat she hadn't even made a move toward and she continued to watch him as he went about his tasks of scaring the human - something that actually made her want to smile a little, though, she refrained - and then cleaning himself before he focused on her again. As the massive dragon-hybrid drew closer, Jami's body grew more rigid, more alert, but she didn't run and she didn't cower when she had to look up at his towering form.

    When he began to speak, her eyes narrowed, the green growing stronger among the hazel, glowing sharply and when Kain snarled at her, Jami instantly bared her fangs back, bristling as much as she could without fur. She could recognize that he wasn't physically threatening her at this point, though, and she didn't react more than to growl back at him before she spoke, chin tilted defiantly and her eyes hard, without fear.

    Though, to be honest, there was STILL curiosity lingering in her gaze, something that was drawn to the male in a subtle way she didn't even realize at this point.

    "I don't much WANT to be here myself and newsflash; I don't like it here either. I have no clue WHY I'm here in this special brand of hell and I have absolutely no idea how they want me to 'fix you', so cool it." she snapped back and then moved past him, her graceful body practically stalking away as she made it blatantly obvious that his threat was not received with worry. Her growled voice, harsh with defensive anger lashed out over her shoulder.

    "You might want to reconsider those chances. I don't exactly know what I can do, but looks can be deceiving. You might want to figure me out a bit better before you decide I'm your next meal, Snarls."

    Jami crouched by the stream, her own footprints nearly nonexistent next to his clearly visible ones and she washed the blood from her arm and then the streaks on her face before frowning at her own rippling reflection. Pale skin, different eyes, pointed ears, fangs, claws... The blond tilted her head and then glanced at Kain before she stood and ignored how she looked entirely. At least she still resembled something human. No, she wouldn't be speaking of her physical changes at this point.

    Somehow that just seemed cruel.

    She crossed her arms again, glaring at him as fiercely as he did her. "So, in lieu of killing me, can I expect that if I keep to myself, you'll do that same?"
  17. She looked at him too much. She stared at him with a curiosity so intense that it hurt to think about. She passed him with hardly any distance, making him back up. His arms shook with the urge to wrap his claws around her neck and snap her bones, but he knew there would be serious consequences. He wanted to push his limits. Maybe, just maybe, they'd let him go.

    ...It wouldn't happen. No matter how much Kain wished for it, freedom would never come. He hated that... He hated everything. Jami was not an exception to that.

    ...Snarls? That wasn't his name. He didn't have a name. Kain was just some stupid moniker the scientists had given him so they wouldn't have to call him Experiment 2 anymore. Maulkainthur was his full... name, but they only called him that when they thought he was in trouble and needed to be punished. And that was all the time.

    Jami was looking at herself in the pool, but he didn't move, even when she asked him a question. He took a moment to answer, though he did meet her gaze. He gave her credit for one thing: she adapted quickly. The snake woman, Kara, had as well, but he already hated her for trying to draw him in.

    "...You want me to leave you alone? Fine. I will. I don't like you anyway," he growled, but the words had hardly left his mouth before a bright shock erupted from the metal collar around his throat. He wasn't immune to pain, and it became clear as he dropped to one knee, his claws scrabbling at the device. Choking roars escaped him as he fought to eliminate the pain, but he still heard the door open.

    "Maulkainthur." The words cut through like a hot knife on butter. "You will make civil with Miss Carson. That does not mean leave her alone. You are not here to harm her in any way. We've told you what will happen should she be hurt or killed by your hand." Dr. Naris stood with a remote in her hands, the most prominent feature being a dial. She turned it up and the shocking intensified.

    "...Fine," he managed to snarl at her, and the shock stopped.

    "I'm glad we could come to an agreement. Miss Carson, if you'll help to fix him as soon as you are able, we would all appreciate that. Maulkainthur needs to be taught a lesson. We find it's most effective when a female is in his presence, for whatever reason that may be. See to it that you can defend yourself from him as best you can." Dr. Naris shut the door, and after a second of panting, Kain stood back up to his full height, though his golden gaze was turned on the door, not at Jami for once.
  18. Jami had taken a step forward when Kain had dropped, but she'd frozen at Dr. Naris' voice, not willing to get near the woman even as she felt a lethal, seething fury ripple under her skin and she watched the door just as Kain did, that anger darkening her entire aura as she snarled curses under her breath. The blond threw her hands up in the air - not really noticing that her claws had grown with her rage - and she spoke seemingly to empty air.

    "Oh, yes, by all means, I'll just fix whatever problem you seem to have! It's not like you took me from my family or experimented on me or have completely ruined my entire f***ing life! Of course, I would LOVE to help you. Why ever would I refuse? You know, it might be a BIT helpful if I knew what the HELL you wanted me to DO. You're throwing me into deep water and assuming I can swim, you a**holes!"

    The blond snarled, wracking her hands back through her hair and a deep growl rumbling her chest, eyes glowing green before she closed them and forced herself to breathe. The last thing she wanted was to lose whatever control of this animal-like side that now resided within her that she currently had. And even though she was not afraid of pain, she didn't WANT to be shocked. Sure, if it came to doing something she was adamantly against, she'd risk it, but right now.... It wouldn't kill her to try and at least....well, talk to Kain.


    Jami opened her eyes then and they were calmer now, the hazel now present again and she took a slow step toward the dragon-hybrid and tilted her head, blond hair falling over her shoulder and down her arm. She wasn't going to touch him - she wasn't suicidal - but she couldn't help feeling concern for the pain she'd seen him endure. He'd probably been through a lot, but it was never too late for someone to care as far as Jami was concerned.

    "Are you...well, obviously not okay, but....are you still in pain?"

    Damn, that sounded lame.
  19. If anyone was supposed to feel sorry for Jami, the sentiment would never come. Kain had since forgotten what it felt like to be cared for or anything. He was on his own and had been that way for too long. And now Jami was going to be in the same situation. No one was going to care for her either.

    His ebony ears flicked at her words, but his head went down before his golden eyes looked at hers. For a second, there had been nothing in the glance, but it hardened to hate in no time at all. "I'm fine... can't kill me. What do you care anyway? You're not here because you want to be. They brought you in with the promise of something, and they took it away. Now you serve them." It was all they ever told him he would do. He would kill their failed experiments. They would extract his developed DNA and make it better for the next person to get sucked into their hellhole. And when they finally perfected the combination, he would die. Jami was no different. They weren't perfect, but now they would never be normal, thanks to Dr. Naris and her cohorts.

    He took one short step back from her. Close distances were too much. He looked past her and narrowed his eyes at the corner of the room. He inhaled, held the breath before he blew it out, the wind followed by a jet black stream of fire. The flames splayed across the metal wall, turning it a bright red with heat and melting the camera placed there. A loud popping spark confirmed the camera breaking, and it drew a small smile from him. He couldn't directly harm the scientists, since they were protected, but he could break their equipment.

    He looked down at Jami, but his gaze didn't hold for long. "They won't ever tell you anything," he said. There was a growl in his voice, but it wasn't because he was angry. It seemed like a rough tone was normal for him now. "They want you to figure it out. If you ever do."
  20. Why did she care? Well...

    Jami kept her head tilted, watching the male and when he blew his stream of fire, her expression lit up and she didn't care what reaction it garnered in Kain. That...was amazing. The wolf-hybrid smiled just a little, a faint expression. She made a hmming sound in approval of the melting camera before turning her newly piercing eyes back to the dragon-hybrid. He'd yet to leave, wasn't being overly hostile, though, Jami was pretty sure that was because of Dr. Naris' threat and NOT because he felt like being civil, but hey, she'd take it at this point.

    "Oh, I'll figure it out. Doesn't mean it will be for their benefit, though."

    The blond sighed and turned away then, not sure where she was going, but knowing she had to move. Maybe she could figure out how big of a cage she now lived in....or perhaps what she could do with her new body. Jami spoke over her shoulder, her tone neither harsh nor friendly, somewhere in neutral territory. "Snarls, just because I don't want to be here and just because we're being forced to socialize doesn't mean I have any reason to hate you. I care because you were in pain and you didn't deserve it. Simple as that."

    She leaped the stream and started for the rocks, picking up pace until she was running and as the stones grew closer, Jami gave into instinct and simply jumped. She gasped in surprise to find herself on the very top of the structure, crouched on balled feet, both hands on the stone and claws extended. She left one hand down to balance and brought her other one up with a curious gaze.

    "Well, that's interesting."
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