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  1. Okay so I have been having this idea gnaw at my brain for the past month and I have to ask if I should make it into a horror thread?

    Okay the whole thing is a group of kids, 10 or more, get lost on a road trip in Alaska. Their car breaks down and they have to walk towards the only town for hundreds of miles. This towns name is Longshore (not a real place... I think). The kids get there just before a storm hits Longshore and they have to stay the house they got to, Longshore Manor. It is the largest house in Longshore but it is empty.

    Once inside all the kids gather around in the parlor, starting a fire to stay warm. As the night gets darker and darker the kids start falling asleep and when they wake up, they are no longer in the same parlor, but all are chained up in a dungeon like room.

    A woman walks in, and she looks more like an alien then a human being, a very angular face, long white hair, and dark red eyes. She looks to them all and smiles, her teeth all razor sharp. "You have all been chosen to become my pets," she tells them pulling a out a box. Inside were these parasitic worm like things and each on is a different color. She goes to each kid and cuts their belly open and lets the worm go inside, the wound closing up after a few moments.

    The kids transform into beasts, all of them loosing themselves completely and the woman, Siomara, sends them to all parts of the world, killing religious and political leaders, bringing the heads of the leader to Siomara. And slowly she begins take over the earth.

    Decades pass and now all humans are slaves to Siomara and those ten kids are now able to hold a human form similar to how they used to look but looking more like Siomara. They check on all the slaves every night, trashing houses and killing some if they sense anything wrong. They each find themselves in slave form. A slave that looks so similar to them, only they are the opposite sex. some of these slaves are killed but one of them is hidden and every night the beast goes to them and just watches them, in their cage.

    This is what have so far but I'm not sure where to go with it....

    I also have a few ideas for a onexone roleplay.

    1. A girl moves into town, alone because her parents are hardly every home. She is always alone and she doesn't expect it to change. A lonely vampire who is bored of the quiet town he lives in, smells someone new and goes to investigate. She is sleeping at that point, having finished unpacking. And he watches her as she sleeps, enthralled by her scent, the scent of soft vanilla and cinnamon. Instead of killing her he leaves her and gets to know her as a human. They are both the same 'age', her being 17 and him '17' but he's been alive a lot longer.

    Thats what I have so far, I would like to play the girl in this one as well.

    2. Its back during the slave years, and a slave master is bored with the slaves he's gotten. He likes a challenge and he asks the slave vendor if he has a slave that he hasn't been able to sell. The slave vendor brings him to a large room at the docks, away from the other slaves and shows the master a cage with a black woman inside. "She's cursed sir, anyone who comes close to her, falls ill and dies a few days later," the vendor tells him. The master is intrigued. The woman is the daughter of a voodoo witch doctor and when her father died, she was betrayed by her village and sold to the white man. She was not good at controlling her powers and is driven by anger and curses anyone that comes near her, black or white. The master buys her and instead of going close he leaves and comes back with five little black children. And he has them go to the cage to get her out.

    She has a soft spot for children and stops the constant chant in her mind of the curse she has been putting on people. The children are unharmed as they transport the voodoo priestess back to the plantation the master owned. She stays with the children and no one else is allowed near her.

    Thats what I have so far. I would like to be the voodoo priestess though.
  2. Id do any of them with you.
  3. Would you like to do the Vampire one with me then?
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  5. She's doing alright, still in the hospital.