Experiments : Princess and Prince's?

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    Maxwell watched as they rode over the hills towards a large and beautiful castle. He was going to ask for the hand of the Princess of this land. He had heard he would not be the only one to be there but he didn't think too much about the other prince. He thought about how he would win the fair madiens hand in marriage. He didn't have a choice but he was glad she was pretty at least. He knew he would be the first there, since he had left two days before he was expected to be there. He was smiling as he got closer to the castle.
  2. The princess of the land is currently a bit unhappy, her father rejected the last twelve suitors so she hopes desperatly that these ones will not only meet his expectations, but hers as well. She waits in her large chambers within the white castle.
  3. Lucas sighed as he arrived, noticing the other prince had just arrived. He remembered him from an academy school he had gone to. "I really hope he fails," he muttered to himself. He got out of his carriage and stood there watching the other prince. He was forced to wear his uncomfortable uniform with his country's colors, blue and black. He walked up the steps a servant behind him holding a chest. It was carrying one thing which was a beautiful necklace that belonged to his mother.
  4. Maxwell hid his disgust. He had really hated this prince and remembered him from the acedemy. He sighed walking into the castle with the other prince, his own servant carrying a box as well, only it was filled with gold and money. He didn't think to bring something for the princess. He waited to be announced and then was led into a seperate room to wait for the kings servant to call him.
  5. The two princes are led before the king of their lands. He sits regally in his throne and has an imposing air about him. Before you two go in you are reccomended to bow. The king does not take kindly to being slighted in that manner.