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  1. Hey Jazz im being a worrywart about Alexa again. I worry about her
  2. From the last time I talked to her shes stable, so the cancer isn't spreading but shes been feeling really sick. And your entitled to worry about her, I am and I'm kinda anxious too...
  3. I thought the doctors said they got it all....usless idiots.
  4. Yeah thats what she had said when they found more.
  5. i think Soren needs to make an appearence at that hospital....perhaps a healthy dose of fear will make sure those idiots do their job
  6. -cracks knuckles- Sounds like fun
  7. So i saw my doctor today. He told me i need surgery on both knees. However i only need a scope so far as they know they dont have to cut me knee right open. Thank god i was so worried about that it wasent even fit.
  8. Thats good news atleast. I hope everything works out for you. I'll let Alexa know.
  9. make sure she doesent worry. Knee surgery isnt nearly as serious as what shes dealing with and i hope shes doing ok.
  10. OKay I'll make sure and she's not doing so well but she just got out of surgery again so she should be getting better.
  11. im glad, give alexa my best Jazz.
  12. I always do :)
  13. And your efforts are very much apreciated.
  14. :) I'm glad
  15. ATTENTION!!!!

    .... I need some hardcore Yoai.... i'm in that sort of mood and I need just straight up sex no story. I want to be the bottom and he is a slut for hire, Interested?
  16. interested...you even need to ask?
  17. :) lol I know I'll post it then and then let you know.
  18. kk what way you want it? ill subscribe to the thread so any time this comes about just post in it.
  19. You want me to post it here in the group or the mature threads