Experimenting with Zoey and Alexander

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Zoey was laying down, taking a nap in a large patch of grass. She wasn't in deer form, her she had pointed ears still. Her ears make he slightest of movement as she began to awake, hearing the shuffling of other animals and the sound of the wind blowing her hair. She yawns and then opens her eyes to look around. She sat up and then went to find something to eat. She grabbed a few berries, which weren't poisonous at all. She had educated herself on what to eat, and what not to eat whilst being in the place she called home. She had a family of course, but she preferred to sit around and take naps and be by herself. Her family lived in a regular house not too far away. Her red eyes darted around her surroundings and she stood up.
A rabbit with long ears hopped around, it wasn't odd for rabbits to be here but this rabbit was completely alone.
Alexander looked around, not seeing anyone around he changed to his human form, his ears long and finally floppig down. He walked around a bit, enjoying the sunshine on his face as he softly hummed a random tune.
Zoey's ears flickered again and she looked up and saw a rabbit in the distance. She curiously goes over towards it and noticed it in it's human form. She blushes a little and then looks down. "Hi" She says quietly, then looks back up at him.
Quickly the rabbit man turns and faces the voice, its ears shooting straight up. "Oh... Hello. ." he looked at the other, "uhm.. Who may I ask are you my dear?"
Zoey quickly looks down at the floor, her ears flickering as she heard his voice. She didn't know why she was blushing, why was she blushing? She hoped he didn't notice the flush of red on her cheeks. "I'm Zoey" She says but then looks up at him. "How about you?" She asks. She shifts close to him and then looks at him. Her ears made a little bit of movement once again. Who was he? She wondered... And why had she never seen him before?
The man slightly shifted back and gave a small and short bow, "I'm Alexander. Please, call me Alex." He smiled. Alex turned around and started picking some berries, "tell me, why is your face red Miss. Zoey?" He asked calmly as if it were nothing.
Zoey quickly shook her head, blushing a little nice again. "So, you're from around here?" She asks, after not recognising him. She ate a few of her own berries that she'd picked. She placed her hand on one of his ears and then petted his ear a little.
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