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    This is from the overview, just because I don't want it to be lost in the February 14th update.
    Loosely based of Series 2 of Young Justice. But not completely.

    2nd November, 2001 (15 years ago)
    A new experiment has been taking place. Subjects, ordinary people hoping to earn a little money or help the advancement of science, have offered to give their newborn children to the Andrew Michaels Biological Laboratory, to be given a luxurious life in exchange for experiments on their genes while they are young and can not understand. The lab is highly trusted around the world, having many successful experiments, such as clones and advancements in Artificial Intelligence.
    Each child was collected on 2nd November 2001 and were all under a month old. They were raised normally till the age of two years, when the experiments began. The child would be put under anaesthesia, before having blood tests, injections and more... scarring... procedures. Mostly the removement of DNA from various parts of the body (bones and muscles, for example). Why? Because they believed that DNA had more than what we thought. Scientists believed some children could have superpowers.
    Not like Superman. People are limited to one power, normally something with a weakness. Not everyone has the gene. Some children are only there to see if the gene can be planted inside them.
    But what happens if a teenager finds themselves with the desire to leave? Or if a parent wants to reclaim their child? Or if the children want to go to school? Then, we have a problem.

    Tour of the Lab
    Dining Hall - The dining hall is full of long white tables with rather uncomfortable chairs. The food is satisfactory, it's not like steak or anything everyday, but it isn't putrid. There are vegetarian and vegan options.
    Teen Dorms - There are six beds in each room, and the boys and girls are separate. The rooms are quite plain and aren't really used for much more than sleeping, as most hang out in the games room.
    Scientists' Dorms - These are really just box rooms with an en-suite (bathrooms are situated all over the facility), but they are more private than the teen rooms and have permission to decorate and personalise. Not all scientists have to live at the lab, but leaders and childcare are likely to.
    Games Room - The games room is the main hang out of the teens. It contains televisions, computers, easels, books... anything a kid would be interested in.
    Gym&Pool - I say gym, but it's really more like a leisure centre. An outdoor pitch is through the back door, but there is a barbed wire fence that blocks the way out. Inside is an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a collection of sports equipment. The gym is often monitored to see who is stronger or weaker and an optional gym class takes place each Friday.
    Experimentation Room - Not much explanation needed. Experiments take place in here. There's lots of fancy equipment. This gene is delicate.
    Head Office - The leader and deputy leader tend to hang out here. It's got a minibar, who wouldn't? It's normally flooded with paperwork too.
    Reception - This is where people would enter. The receptionist is an NPC (unless anyone wants to play them).
    Security Office - The security tends to hang out here. It's their job, after all. It's fairly large and there's a lot of cameras. It can get boring, however, so security guards end up hanging out with the kids.

    1. Have fun. This is literally what the point of the thread is.
    2. I'm GM, but you guys can completely add in awesome plot twists. I'm not very inventive and this is my first roleplay that I'm GM of, so I'm not going to be very great at it and it would be nice to have people who want to have lots of drama.
    3. Saying that, please keep drama to the IC. If you've got a problem with someone, bury it. Or PM me. Just because their character hates yours, doesn't mean that they hate you.
    4. If you're playing a teenager, please remember the scientists are superior.
    5. You can have one of each character (powered teen, normal teen, scientist). Anyone else you throw in is an NPC and do not require a CS.
    6. Please, please be active! If you need to leave, try to tell us. I know real life happens, but it can be frustrating.

    This is just a base. If you want to add more, add more. I likely will. This is however compulsory to complete. Adding more is optional.

    Name: - include nicknames. No surnames -
    Birthday: (2nd October-2nd November 2001 by the way)
    Parent's Names:
    Personality: - at least 3 traits. Please don't list -
    Appearance: - description or real life pics are fine. No anime please -
    Power: - only one or none at all -
    Biography: - why did their parents leave them - - what are they like -
    Relationships: - please give this for all other characters. describe why they are friends ect. -

    Name: -include surname -
    Birthday: -any time -
    Personality: - at least 3 traits. Please don't list -
    Appearance: - description or real life pics are fine. No anime please -
    Biography: - their entire life story. Why are they scientists? at least 2 paragraphs-
    Relationships: - please give this to all other characters. especially in depth about other scientists -
    Role: - leader, assistant, deputy ect. see cast list -

    Cast List
    Jamie - @OlympusBlood
    Seraphina - @koolkat4595
    Estelle - @OlympusBlood
    Leader: The leader is in charge. They know exactly what's happening at all times.
    Deputy: The deputy is likely to be very close friends to the leader. They tend to be less hands-on but hard-working nonetheless.
    Childcare Manager: This person makes sure the teens are happy.
    Childcare Assistant: This person helps the childcare manager
    Lab Assistant: This person helps with experiments.
    Doctor: This person is in charge of the experiments.
    Security: They make sure nobody tries to leave.

    My Characters


    Name: Jamie "Jay"
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: 31st October
    Parent's Names: Jasmine Lockwood and Martin Wilkins
    Personality: Jamie enjoys loneliness. Being alone is fine with him because when he's alone, he has time to think. He's very thoughtful, but not often very forgiving. If you hurt him, he's likely to ponder on it for a long time and wonder why, but not actually ask why out loud. He isn't quick to react to things, but when he does, people know about it because he is quite open about his feelings, which tend to be more negative than positive. Jamie is quite the pessimist, and it takes a lot of persuasion for him to do something he doesn't want to.
    Appearance: Jamie is a short person with an average weight for his height. He has dark chestnut brown hair that is cut quite choppily but hides his neck and ears. He has dull grey eyes that seem to be removed of life. If he shaved his hair, you'd see a scar from the back of his neck, that isn't very deep but goes quite far down his spine. Jamie shivers quite a lot, and has a glaring look that can be unnerving at time.
    Power: Necromancy (limited) - Jamie finds comfort around the dead. He can see ghosts and communicate with them, touch them, and be good friends with them. He can not ban or summon spirits or the undead (zombies, skeletons ect.) An obvious weakness is that he is not good around the living.

    Biography: Jamie was born to teenage parents who had been having a secret relationship with one another. He was born a few weeks prematurely and Jasmine was horrified at the idea of being a mother. In a fit of post-maternal depression, she sponged him off on Martin and vanished from Jamie's life. Broke and now with a responsibility, Martin tried to put Jamie up for adoption, but he also saw it as a chance to earn some extra money. When he heard about the Andrew Michaels Biological Laboratory, he signed quicker than the speed of light. And with that, Jamie was gone.Jamie is unaware of his heritage and only sees that his parents abandoned him. He does not care for their excuses. He doesn't ever want a relationship with them after they left him in the hands of science. It doesn't make sense to him.
    Jamie has grew up in a fairly good situation since. He was given to them at the age of two days old and he hasn't left since (though supervised leaves are certainly allowed, Jamie prefers to stay back at the lab). He enjoys to learn and certainly has a brain somewhere in there. He can be quite reluctant to try new things and generally he's quite disobedient, but he isn't a bad kid, he's just pretty confused.

    Estelle - Jamie really hates Estelle because she always tries to persuade him to try new things, something he doesn't like at all. He sees her as quite pressurising and boastful, two qualities he generally doesn't look for in people.-
    Seraphina - Jamie likes Serafina quite a bit because of their agreement about thoughts, with her being a fan of learning and he questioning quite a few things. If anyone was his friend, it would be Merina.

    Name: Estelle
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: 14th October
    Parent's Names: Dr Isaac Wright and his wife Octavia
    Personality: Estelle likes to be in charge. She's very proud of her family heritage (coming from a long line of doctors) and is also very overly confident. She is bossy and can be seen as annoying and attention seeking. She likes to be in the spotlight and be very social (not always in a good way either.) Estelle is one of those people who you'd probably love at first but slowly begin to hate.
    Appearance: Estelle is of average build and is fairly pretty. She has long, blonde hair that she has a habit of twirling. Her eyes are blue-green, blue in the centre that swirls out to a light green, and they twinkle with fascination and confidence.
    Power: None.
    Biography: Estelle wasn't exactly abandoned or "sold" the way other kids were. Her father, Dr Isaac Wright, is a scientist, although not one from the lab. She was "donated" to be a part of the experiment, which requires her to have no contact with her biological parents (which they tend to sneak around, which is why she knows so much about herself). She is very proud of this.

    Jamie - Estelle tries hard to get on Jamie's good side, and tends to find him quite stubborn, but she knows he doesn't like her at all, which disappoints her greatly.
    Seraphina - I'll have to see what Serafina thinks about her to make a good decision. Estelle tries to be/is friends with Serafina. She likes to talk about smart things, like chemistry and biology, even though she actually doesn't know very much.
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  2. Name: Seraphina “merina”
    Gender: female
    Birthday: October 9th
    Parent's Names: David henry and Soo-jin kim
    Hobbies: reading, swimming, researching, web surfing, painting, puzzle games

    Appearance: Seraphina has long and wavy red hair and deep grey eyes. She is of Asian descent on her mom’s side, but was born in the USA. Her red hair is from her father.

    Personality: Seraphina is a naturally quiet, and is more observant than most. She is studious, taking advantage of the game room resources to research online and through the available books about chemistry and biology. She is also a great artist. She loves to paint landscapes she finds on the computer, in books, and the scenes surrounding the lab outside. Sera is not a stiff. She does have a sense of humor, and can sometimes act silly when around people she knows. Seraphina loves learning, and had learned a lot from guards and scientist. They find her inquisitive nature refreshing, always wanting to learn. Sera tends to be antisocial after experiments. The pain and torture leaves her weak and wanting freedom. She will be curled up in her room for around an hour before returning to herself. She experiences night terrors on her bad days.

    • water Seraphina control liquid water very well. Since she is still young, controlling water particles in ice form is not possible for her right now. Sera can create air bubbles underwater, and even create water jets that help her swim faster, though this is still in its experimental stage for her. She can make water droplets from gas, such as the water in the air, but this skill is new to sera since she has just gotten her strength up to influence water in gas form. The success of her power is determined in strength, focus, humidity, and temperature. Because of Sera’s red hair and amazing swimming abilities she earned the nickname “merina”, the combination of mermaid and her own name.

    Biography: Seraphina was born out of an affair. Her father, a wealthy Astrophysicist, met her mother during a lecture he was giving on chemistry at Curtis Institute of Music. Soo-jin was a freshman international student from South Korea. David noticed her, and extended his stay at the college to track her down. Dropping in her recital class a few days later, he became infatuated with her after listening to her cello playing. He started coming to her public recitals and sometimes her rehearsals when his work permitted him to visit. After drawing up the courage to ask Soo-jin out, David took a job near her school as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. This allowed them to become inseparable. This affair, unknown to soo-jin, last until her senior year when she became pregnant. Since they were not married, and coming from a strict and even more wealthy household herself, this would mean scandal and disownment from her family. The day she told David about the baby, David’s wife came to town. Everything was revealed. Grieve stricken, Soo-jin cut all contact with David. David never knew what happened to his child, because as soon as the baby was born, Soo-jin gave it away. The couple who adopted the baby was none other than a pair of scientists from the Lab. The only thing left by her mother was her name, Seraphina, out of love. Her red hair was a testimony of her father, which drove Soo-jin to give her up. She could not bear to raise a child that reminded her so much of her tragic love. Seraphina grew up surrounded by technology, science, and pain. She never let it keep her down, finding an escape in learning and her powers. She secretly yearns to leave the Lab and meet her mother. Seraphina knows nothing of her parents, only her mother’s name, that she found from hacking her birth records. She wanted to reach out to the woman, but how could she burden the now world renowned cellist of her past? Seraphina frequently stalkers her mother’s Facebook and other social media accounts. Her mother never married, and has no other children. Seraphina once sketched her mother with herself in the picture, but she immediately erased it, ripped it up, and flushed it down the toilet in fear of that the staff running the Lab would find it.

    Relationships: TBA
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  3. @koolkat4595

    Thanks. (I love the idea of Seraphina hacking into the records and flushing paper down the loo, haha.)
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  4. thank you. I am rooting for this RP to pick up soon, but if not I am open to a one X one RP for this concept
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  5. If nobody else joins, I think we can make a 1x1, but I hope this will become a group role play.
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  6. My other RPs are slow as well, even the ones who have like 10 people with CS. hopefully during the weekend it will pick up. just let me know
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  7. Hm... I thiiink I my join this. It sounds like fun!
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  8. That's good. All you need to do is make a CS.
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