GROUP RP PLOTTING Experimentation Roleplay

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  1. I've had this Idea for quite a while, about a girl who had been kept in this facility for human experimentation. She is tortured and tested for a while, not to mention abused for misbehavior. The experiments had given her powers, so most of the time she is kept asleep through the tests and experiments to keep her from harming the scientists, unless she is with the doctor, whom is the only person she had ever befriended, aside from the young boy she often sees in her enthusia-enduced dreams. One day, after some dramatic happenings at the place, she kills the scientists who were with her, and escapes. The doctor is forced to help them find her, as he would know how she works better than anyone else.
    Things happen, and she awakens by a road, stumbling along the sidewalk, only to be found by a couple who spotted her while driving. They take her home with them. Soon strange people begin to show up, with these odd abilities. They were others who had been experimented upon, promised my the man who ran the facility that if she was found, they would gain their freedom.

    I'm thinking of keeping this two to three members, max. But if there are enough good roles for other people, I may allow it. I would like a one on one, though.
  2. Well I find the idea interesting!
  3. Really?^^ Would you like to take part, then?
  4. Great, where should I post it? xD I have people, I just am not sure where to put it. Sci-fi?