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  1. Hello, everyone! I'm VoidStar (from my other site, Warriors: Rise of the Mage) or, if you know me on Experimentals (which I highly doubt), William Jones! I created and currently own two RolePlay sites, but, at the moment, I will stick with telling you about one.

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    The Setting: The only city left in America, created by the survivors of the initial attack by all of the other continents. IN THE WORLD. This city is known as Eternity, and it is run by the evil dictator/evil scientist known as Locke.

    The Time Period:A 2024/2025. A not-so-Golden Age for America.

    The Back-Story:

    Some people may have thought that there would be laser guns and flying cars in the future. But they were wrong. In the year 2020, scientists from the United States secretly came together to form a classified section of the government that was known as Division 17. Division 17 devoted all of its time to genetic research for the military, and the scientists were sealed off from the rest of the world, locked away until they could come up with the perfect soldier in a place called The Hold, which was nearly 2 miles beneath Earth's surface, in an unknown area of the continent. The Hold was fully stocked with everything needed to survive for decades. It was also specifically designed for genetic experiments to take place.

    In one year, their work on creating the perfect soldier was almost complete. It was almost time to reveal their abominations to the world. A year later, in 2022, the other continents around the globe united as one and began an assault to prevent the U.S. from gaining these weapons. It would last for 2 years. They completely obliterated almost the entire U.S. population, reducing it to a third of the original amount. The members of Division 17 were safe and sound, however, and continued their research, fully aware of the havoc on the surface.

    A year after the war ended, the U.S. population had gathered in the middle of the nation and began to re-populate. They built a single huge city, more like an empire, in which every single citizen would live. They named this place Eternity. Eternity was riddled with crime. Rumors spread about Division 17. Some people began to suspect that Division 17 actually existed, others were skeptical.

    In 2024, Division 17 finally had their perfect soldiers. They'd made many different kinds, which they had all given specific names to. They were named Novo (capable of shapeshifting into anything they’ve seen before), Cyber (humans upgraded with robotic appendages or organs), Necro (humans brought back from death with an extremely rare serum (bite is toxic; can only be killed by decapitation), Splicer (humans capable of melding with anything they touch), Assassin (humans who have fortified features (strength, eyesight, hearing, etc.), Hunter (two animals mixed into one being), Drone (completely robotic beings with many varieties of weapons; almost always allied with the Division), Shocker (humans with the ability to conduct electricity, or even charge themselves with it and release it in various ways without harm), Volem (humans capable of teleportation), Twig (humans capable of stretching or shrinking their bodies to fit into any nook or cranny), Converter (humans capable of converting Solar energy and releasing it as intense energy beams), and Hybrid (humans mixed with one type of animal). When Division 17 returned to the surface, they set their eyes on Eternity. With their newly found power and the inhuman war beasts called Experimentals, they took control of it with ease, killing anyone who dared to defy them, and replacing the police, the secret service, and all branches of the military and government with members of Division 17. Now, in the year 2025, Eternity is controlled by a tyrant whose name is unknown and who is never seen or heard by anyone, and there are soldiers (altered soldiers) patrolling every nook and cranny of Eternity. Everyone in Eternity simply calls the mysterious dictator Locke, but one thing is for certain; the last experiments of Division 17 are VERY unhappy with the scientists and Division 17, and they are going to end the injustice of Division 17.