Experimental Guardian

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    Remmi ran, the circiuts in her legs pushing them harder then any human's should have been able to. They were a blur and barley made a sound on the floor of the labratory. She was looking for the exit. SHe could already hear the dogs behind her, searching to the one successful experiment in the whol building. She had been the only one to survive the operation out of the ten children they brought here and she was sure they didn't want to lose her easily.

    She muttered a curse under her breath before she turned a corner. The exit sign blinked red in the unlit hallway, giving her an extra burst. She slammed through the door but not before and extremely shrill noice broke through the air. She winced and stumbled a bit, but it didn't take long for her to recover. She pushed off the ground with the ease of any wild cat and landed in one of the nearby trees, one that would hold her weight easily. As he feet hit the bark, dogs came snarling out of the building followed by a man in a large long white coat that all the doctors wore here.

    "Remmi, why don't you come back inside and we can talk about this little outburst, hmm?" he said in a sickenly sweet voice.

    Remmi almost snorted aloud, but she held it in and turned to run, this time she didn't stop until she reached the main city, and an alley where she could rest...
  2. "Hm?" A young man looks around, focusing his midnight blue eyes on multiple things. He knew something seemed off, but couldn't be sure what it was. Shrugging slighly, he walks slowly down a random alley way to his right. Everything seemed alright, well until he stoped walking and stood there like a cold turkey due to a flashback he didn't want to have.

    "Please be careful."

    "Damm it. Why now?" He muttered silently as he immedatily put his hand to his shirt and cluched at something underneath. With a sigh, he looked around again and then decided to leave. With the sounds of combat boots silently stepping in the other direction.
  3. Remmi leaned against the side of the building as she caught her breath. It had been awhile since she had run like that and it had been even longer since she felt the need to catch her breath. The sound of footsteps made her freeze and turn towards the mouth. She pressed herself back against the wall, moving her jet black hair so it fell in her face as she looked over. The man was clutching his chest and she heard him speak. Further into the alley she heard boots hitting the ground.

    Pain shot up her arm as she held it out, an almost silent whirling noise being the only clue to her skin ripping and rearranging. A low caliber gun morphed through the machanics in her arm. She gritted her teeth asthey settled. She could see the fist man walking out of the alley while another shadow moved closer to him. For a moment she had a fleeting thought of just walking away. Either of them could be working with the lab she had run from. The thought left as she stepped from the wall and held her arm out, her body still hidden in the shadows until he made a move.
  4. "Excuse me."

    "Hm?" He turned to the sound of the voice to see someone in a labcoat. Yup, typical scientist. "Need someting?" "Yes, we're looking for a top-secret project that got away from our labs." The first individual shook his head. "Then why are you telling an outsider like me this?" The scientist realized his stupid mistake and reached into his coat. At first, he woundered what he could reach for. However, even he was susprised when he started to reveal a.....gun?

    Acting on year's of trained instint, the young man got within the scientist's space and stomped on his foot and followed it up by grabbing his outstreched (and now empty) hand, he planted a knee into the gunman/scientist's midsection then flipped him over on his back. The now forgotten gun had already slid into the alley.
  5. Remmi watched and narrowed her eyes at the man in the labcoat. How had they gotten to her so quickly? She flexed something in her arm and watched as a silencer twisted onto the end of the barrel in her arm. She pointed the gun at the chest of the man with the labcoat and stepped closer to the pair, her foot kicking the gun across the ground so it clambered to the wall.

    "I really don't know who you are but please move." she said, not looking away from the man in the labcoat. Her eyes flickered as she felt her sight shift to a targeting computer that was hooked to her brain. It made them water for a moment but it passed quickly. She was close enough to where the shot would be fatal but she would have to figure out where to hide the body. The was the only issue she held at that moment.
  6. Allen nodded and quickly got out the new person's way. 'Wait, does she have a gun....built into her arm?' He thought. Thinking about it, someone probally stole the same type of technology from a old friend of his and somewhat expanded on it. As he watched the new woman walk up to the downed scientist, he realized something. "That guy could have a tracer on him..." He said with a mumble, without intending if she had heard him or not.

    That....could end up badily. If the guy had a tracer on him, it wouldn't be long until back-up arrived. His midnight blue eyes looked at the empty leather holster on his waist. Something told him that it was a good idea not to bring 'it' and now he was glad he listened.
  7. Remmi looked at the other man before stepping closer, the barrel pointed directly at the man in the labcoat."If he does then he will stay here. Noone can trace me, because I'm not supposed to exsist." she said evenly before a silenced bullet went into his chest. She reached down and pickied him up easily with her left hand and tossed him into the shadows of the alley. She relaxed her arm and watched as her skeleton morphed back. It sparked and made her wince, just as her eyes switched back. "I suggest we leave now." she said just as a siren came through the air. Her arm was still bleeding as the skin tried to fix itself.
  8. Allen nodded and looked around the area as the sirens blew. At first, he thought of heading back to his own home; which was half way across town. "Any suggestions on where to go? I have a safehouse but it's kinda far away and we might be seen by whatever's following you." At first, he wouldn't be giving anyone but his old Shadow Operatives friends directions but it's been some time since he's talked to them. Second, it wasn't an accutall safehouse: but more of a lone compound that's underground. Lastly, this could be someting that could easily get him into alot of trouble but he didn't really care.
  9. Remmi looked at him and cocked her head to the side. Part if her was startled that he wasn't screaming that she had not only just shot the man but that she had shot him with her arm. Another was grateful she wasn't dealing with a sniveling normal person would wouldn't have reacted well. She thought for a minute before grabbing his hand. There had been a rundown warehouse a couple blocks down she could go and heal. It took litte effort for her to jump the few feet up onto the fire escape and place him beside her. "Climb up. Theres a warehouse I passed. I can get you over the gaps if you can't jump them." she said before free running easily with one hand up the side of the escape.
  10. Allen was searching his thoughts for secondary options so he was completely caught off guard when she had grabbed his hand. "Wha-?" And now they were at a fire excape, and she was easily climbing upwards. "Well, this is intersting. What next, a pole vault contest followed by...." He remarked sarcastically in a whisper as he was climbing up the fire excape. This...this type of thing was nothing, after all the hellish things that he went through before.
  11. Remmi picked up on the sarcastic remark and she hopped up, smirking. She shook her head as she waited for him to come up where she was crouched. She wondered why she was taking him with her but at the same time it wasn't something she wanted to worry about. She was making sure he didnt' get caught with what she had been up to. She looked over as he reached the top and stood, her mucsles completely content. "Come. It's only a few buildings away this way." she said pointing to the building that was across the street.
  12. "Right." He said as he crouched a little. Allen looked in said direction and noticed the warehouse not too far away. It looked like it could easily hide them for a long time, even if it was run down a little. Smilling slightly, he looked down on the adjecent street and noticed some people running by. With a smirk, he took afew steps back and got ready to go rooftop hopping.
  13. Remmi looked down at the man and raised an eyebrow. She chuckled softly, and took and slow jog until she could jump easily onto the other one, as if she had meerly stepped over a ditch on the side of the road. She turnedand gave him a smirk. "I think it might be easier for me to just carry you over here." she chided, wincing again as her arm pulled, themuscles knitting back together now. It looked bad with dried blood and some fresh still dripping doown her fingertips.
  14. "Oh really?" He said with a slight confident smirk on his face. With a a slight jog, quickly turning into a slight sprint, he easily cleared the gap and landed next to Remmi. "I think I could manage." Though Allen had to use a bit extra energy so he landed safely and not get caught in or run into anything. Well, he wasn't going to use his own 'gifts' to help him clear the gaps.
  15. Remmi almost chuckled hut she head tires squeal and the sirens were closer. She looked like a rabbit startled and took off, ignoring the way her movements pulled at her arm. She cleared the jumps easy, but her haste made her a little clumsy. She tripped as she reached the building directing in front of the warehouse and had to catch herself on her bad arm. It feltike a spike had been shot into her shoulder. She cursed and rolled onto her side, breathing heavy as she tried to surpress the pain.
  16. Allen had picked the classic tires squeal and other noises so he increased his pace. He also wanted to see if this new individual was ok but their own saftey was a top priority. As they got to near the warehouse, he saw her trip so he stopped too. "You allright?" He knew that she was in pain, but he was tired as well so he ducked down and sat next to her. It was a good time for a rest stop anyways.