Experiment Thirty-six Z Forty-Seven.

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  1. (( NOT A JUMP IN RP))

    "So, Tell Me.. What does this Do?" He asked as Looked at the woman in the Capsule. She was chained inside of the capsule, and she looked as if she were sleeping "Isnt it illegal to keep her here?"

    "Well, Technically Yes..." The scientist said "She's My New Experiment, Thirty-six Z Forty-seven."

    "Have you actually named her?"

    "Erm, Well... No, But iif you'd buy her you could Name her."

    "Functions?" He said as he circled around the capsule, Looking at every detail of her.

    "She's Bound to do anything that you say... She cant Disobey you."
    "Anything else I need to know?"

    "Erm- " He coughed before answering the Question "She Has her own Attitude, and She isnt Sometimes The vial has malfunctions..."

    "Ill Take her." He said "300,000?"


    "350,000. Take it or Leave it."

    "Alright 350,000 it is." The scientist said beofre pushing the button to open the Capsule, Waking up the lady in it. The Man smiled to himself, Knowing that He'll have fun With his new toy.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.