Experiment: Steampunk Revolution

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  1. As time passes society grows, it evolves and learns more. Technology advances, science expands and way of life changes. People become dependent on technology as it grows though and they come to expect it to be around, they take advantage of its reliability. They depend on it to help through their everyday lives and they come to a point where they couldn’t survive without it. So what would happen if suddenly it was all gone; what if suddenly television, cell phones, the internet, it was all gone? Would governments fall apart and there be anarchy and chaos? Sometimes, the government decides that something isn’t good society anymore so what happens when the government of the world decides that the advanced technology of today is making the people too powerful. What if they realize that they’re too dependent on it and decide to be rid of it?

    There are people that dream of a day when they will be able to live in their fantasy world; many would call this way of life that they dream of Steampunk. Those people would have no idea that soon; their dreams would come true. The government began extracting people from society, taking people that they saw traits in that could possibly survive in a world where things weren’t done for them by technology. They chose people that were hard working, fantasized a lot, were well known for their thoughts and opinions of thinking that the world needed to change, inventive, and many other things. They also chose people that they thought wouldn’t be able to make it; they wanted to see how these people reacted to this situation, of being tossed into a world without their precious computers and cellphones. These people would be offered a job for the government. Each person would then be sent a facility type area where their memories of life before are erased or ‘blocked’. They are all put into a compound where they must live. They are provided with the necessary tools to make living possible but they aren’t told what to do or anything of the sorts.

    What is it that makes people tick? Could it be the way the world is ran, the way they feel like the government is trying to tell them how to live? Is it morally right for a part of the government to take a group of people from society, wash away their memories of their life before; of their family, loved ones, friends, job and put them in a compound to live a certain way? Is the government corrupt or is it trying to hide something from everyone? Is there a reason these people were chosen for this experiment, are they smarter, faster, more inclined to adapt to situations than others? What is it about this group of people that makes them, different from the others? The government officials in charge of the Steampunk Revolution project had asked themselves the same questions many times; they didn’t even know why the list of people had been given to them. They only knew that a few of them had similar interests, one in particular being a fascination with Steampunk. But, they still didn’t know what was so special about these people in particular. There were plenty of others out there interested in that way of life, but the scientists didn’t understand why these people were special. They knew there was another group of scientists working on the project but they weren’t allowed to process these people’s minds or anything of the sorts. Some of them had become so frustrated with the lack of information given to them that they had quit. Finally though, the day had come that everyone would be gathered in the facility to have their memories Swiped.

    They would all be swiped by a little device implanted into the frontal lobe to block out old memories for a certain period of time. The doctors would clean them all up, making sure they were all in good health and dressed within plain outfits of jeans and grey t-shirts. The first group of people would be placed into the elevator, left to wake from their medication induced sleep one the elevator had traveled to the top of the shaft. When they would all begin to awaken it would be completely dark within the elevator but, how would they react to waking up in a small dark space? Would they panic? The doctors didn’t know but they knew that after a certain period of time once they all woke up the top would slide back and let them out into their new lives. The doctors were anxious, hoping the subjects would all pass the test.

  2. A woman, her black hair pulled into a ponytail, was leaning over something, her face furrowed in concentration. A cigarette dangled from her mouth, but it seemed almost forgotten due to the intense focus she had on the thing in her hand. A clock, the back open with wires and other parts dangling out. With surprisingly nimble hands, the woman fiddled with things, taking it apart and modifiying some pieces. She put it back together, and tapped the glass. The needles started spinning, with the classic little tic-tic-tic every second. She smiled in satisfaction-


    The woman frowned. That wasn’t right.</SPAN></SPAN>

    She had thought she had fixed the clock. What in the world was this?</SPAN></SPAN>


    The woman mentioned before awoke, the ground was moving and wherever she was it was pitch dark. She gave a silent gasp, sitting up and feeling around. Her hands pressed against cool metal. Another clanking noise, and the metal room came to a shuddering stop.</SPAN></SPAN>

    She started to feel the edges of panic, but tried to keep on a cool head. She hadn’t explored everything yet. Standing up, she followed along the metal wall until she hit a corner, then another. She nearly tripped over something, but couldn’t tell what it was due to the lack of light. She continued along the wall, but soon concluded it was a closed room. She could not tell if there was a door.</SPAN></SPAN>

    The panic increased, and she was ready to start hyperventilating. Her eyes tried to pierce through the darkness to no avail, and her voice called out shakily. “Anyone there?” </SPAN></SPAN>