Experiment 903

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  1. A black cat limped to a sidewalk. It was cold, snow drifted softly to the ground. The cat had wondered if he would ever see winter again a long time ago, but now he couldn't even remember what winter was and it was only lowering his chance of survival. His skin hugged his shaking bones, ice clung to his fur, his tail drooped and dragged along. Finally, upon reaching said sidewalk, the cat collapsed from starvation and exertion. At least he wouldn't die in that horrible place. At least he would die free.
  2. Arietta walked along the sidewalk, head down so no one could see her face. It had been another day of people bullying her because of her two different colored eyes. She didn't get it. Wasn't the differences that made everyone special. Her depression only became greater at the thoughts and she sighed heavily. People that passed had concerned looks but Arietta wondered what they would do if she showed them her two different eyes. I already know that answer. She thought to herself and another sigh escaped her lips. Arietta noticed something black laying on the sidewalk and stopped. She stared out it and with fear realized it wasn't moving. She quickly ran over to it and removed her bag from her shoulders. She opened it up and pulled out the scarf she had removed from her neck when she got to school that morning. She laid it out in the snow and gently lifted the cat up. She realized how cold it was and prayed to God that it wasn't dead. In a desperate attempt to save the poor thing she set it on her scarf then used the rest of the scarf to wrap it around the cat. She closed her bag then put it back on and picked up the cat. Standing up she held it close to her chest and kept walking, glad that home was just a few more blocks ahead.
  3. Sudden movement interrupted the cat's drift to eternal slumber. Hands, gentle hands wrapped around him. The feline felt as he was placed on a soft cloth and lifted up. He was pressed up against the warm torso of a girl who, as he weakly opened his eyes, he noticed had ones that were two colors. They were the most beautiful thing he had seen in years, and he stared at them in awe. Overjoyed by the warmth and comfort he had been put in the cat purred softly, rubbing his boney head against his saviour's chest.
  4. Arietta stopped and looked down as something rubbed it's head against her to see the cat was doing it. Her expression changed from surprised to relieved in a manner of seconds as it began to purr. It's... Alive. She thought and years brimmed her eyes. With sudden realization that she was about to cry Arietta used a hand to wipe her eyes. Smiling down at the cat, she kept running. "Let's go home." She said in a soft yet comforting voice. She wanted the cat to feel wanted and have a reason to live. Many people these days were committing suicide and there were people out their who abused their pets. Arietta wouldn't be surprised if she saw an abused dog walk off a roof with hopes of a better life in the next world. Just the image made her want to cry and hit the owners at the same time.
  5. The cat's eyes were pale blue and full of wonder. The girl had spoken, her words gentle and kind, and as far as he could tell, like her. The cat searched for a time when he had heard such kindness in a voice, but could not find one. Then he thought about what she said: "let's go home." Home... Home... The cat didn't know where home was anymore, he didn't remember. Was he born in that prison of stone with its white coated men and strange 'tests?' He didn't know, and it scared him. The cat burrowed a little deeper into the cloth he was rapped in, and waited for 'home.'
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  6. Arietta soon reached the short two story high apartment building and panted, having pushed herself hard to get here. She climbed up the staircase that wounded around the outside of the building until it reached the second floor landing. She walked down the landing until she reached a door with bold black letters across the top that said 'B6'. B standing for the second floor and 6 standing for her door number. With a soft sigh she retrieved the plain grey colored key from her pocket and slidnit into the lock on the doorknob. She turned it to the left and with a small click unlocked it. She walked in, locking the door behind her, and switched on the light beside the door. She took her shoes off then slipped into the house slippers and rushed to her room. Arietta set the cat down on her bed, keeping the scarf wrapped around it and stared down it, unsure of what to do next. She had never had a let before and didn't even know the first place to start.

    Her Apartment
  7. The cat had briefly fallen asleep as he was carried inside the apartment and its room. When he was placed onto the bed he awoke, wondering for a moment where he was. Then he realized, this was home. His eyes wandered about. It was warm here, he felt safe. As he looked around the room he eventually stopped at the girl. She was pretty, especially after seeing nothing but men with white coats and glass eyes for so long. He didn't move much, just sat there looking at her. Suddenly he heard something, his stomach growling like a beast.
  8. Arietta smiled at the cat, staring into it's blue eyes. Suddenly, she heard something growl and with a chuckle of laughter, realized it was the cats stomach. She stood up and walked out of her room into the kitchen. She bent down and opened up two drawers which were like her pantry. She pulled out two cans of Tuna then opened them with the can opener she had left laying on the counter last night. She walked back into her room and set the tuna in front of the cat with an unsure smile. "Sorry. I don't have any cat food so this'll have to do for now. Hope it's OK." She said with worry.
  9. The cat meowed in a way that somehow said 'don't worry about it.' As soon as he tasted the strange mush he was elated by the flavor and wolfed it down. Being starved to death and having to eat the rats in your cell to survive made anything taste fantastic. Soon he started on the other can, but about midway he stopped. A sudden vision popped into his mind. It went like this:

    The sizzle of things being cooked. A woman, strong and stout with a determined look, moved the pan periodically. In it was a dead fish with no head. A tall man and a child had caught it. He was that child, watching the his first catch be heated into deliciousness.

    The cat stopped eating, sat up, and would never finish that last half of tuna. He looked back at the girl, waiting for her to do something.
  10. Arietta's eye's grew slightly wide. It was like she understood what he had just said. She watched him wolf down the one can, all while telling herself to get a reality check. Arietta smiled happily as he worked his way on the next one but it fell when he suddenly stopped. Just a few seconds ago he looked like he could eat for days.

    Arietta looked down at the cat with curiousity before she suddenly thought if something. He needs a name! With a smile Arietta bent down and pressed her elbows into the carpet of her room. Resting her chin in her heads she smiled again. "What should I name you?" She asked him though it was directed more toward herself. "Shade, Shadow, Whisp, Lu-" Arietta continued with the names, saying them aloud while staring at the cat until she thought one fit. She even tried girl names.
  11. The cat have the half eaten tuna a final glance. Well that was weird. Suddenly the girl spoke, she was going to name him? He already had a name, it was... damn what was it? He remembered the scratches on his cell's wall.

    Memory slipping
    Remember your name
    His name was Nexx, but how to tell her? He was a cat right now and needed to wait before he could change back. A idea popped into his head, and the cat began to scratch the empty tuna can with one of his claws, which were just a little longer then normal. Finishing he turned the can to face the girl. It had one word on it in scratchy letters:

  12. Arietta noticed that the cat was acting strange and stopped talking. What was he doing? He suddenly started to scratch into the half eaten can of tuna and watched in silence. After a few minutes the cat turned the can towards her and her eyes widened in shock. The can of tuna said Nexx. Arietta stared at the can then drifted her gaze to the cat. "You can... Understand English...." She breathed out, still surprised. Normal cats weren't like this. She had been around enough to know this. So why was he special?

    Arietta suddenly smiled, giving up on trying to find a explanation for the unexplained. She accepted Nexx just the way he was. She was lucky to have a special car. Or any animal at all. Content, Arietta nodded once. "OK then. Nexx it is." She said in her usual kind and gentle tone.
  13. The girl was looking at the cat strangely. Did he spell his name wrong? She told him he could understand English and he gave her a look like what she had just said was stranger then what he had just done. Of course he understood English, it was one of the few things he could still understand in the first place. He was slightly upset by this but then noticed the girl was back to her calming tone. She accepted his name, which was good, and the displeasure left him. Now for her. The cat pawed his name on the tuna can and pointed at her with his paw.
  14. At first Arieta didn't understand Nexx's motive. He had pawd the can of tuna then pointed toward her. After a few seconds of thinking she understood and felt kinda stupid for not being able to in the beginning. Chuckling slightly she rubbed the back of her head with her hand in embarrassment. "I'm Arietta. 16 and living on my own!" She announced proudly though sadness flickered through her eyes.
  15. Arietta, Arietta. Nexx ran her name through his head, he would not forget it. It was a nice name, everyone at the grey prison had only a few names to choose from.. Doctor, Professor, Experiment, Subject, or Failure. They could never remember his name. They would call him Experiment 903. He didn't like that name, too long. He was lost in thought for a moment and only just caught Arietta's words. She lived by herself? Funny, Nexx had never spent a day in his memory which he didn't feel watched. Yeah, funny...
  16. Arietta stood up with the cans in hand. Turning, she left the room and walked into the kitchen. After dumping the cans into the trash, she walked into her living room and plopped down on the couch with the remote. She turned on the T.V. and Disney Channel came on. Arietta tended to like the network but knew not to tell anyone cause they'd pick on her for that as well. With a soft sigh, she changed the channel to one that played country music. Setting the remote down on her table, she pulled her bag toward her and started pulling out numerous books for homework.
  17. Nexx followed the Arietta throughout her day, he would stare confused at her homework assignments and enjoyed whatever music she put on. The cat seemed puzzled by most commodities. The television, oven, and mirror being the most popular. He had glowing boxes at the prison but never so colorful, only being a white line that would rise and fall. The heat of the oven was fantastic, and more then once he attempted to jump into the little room. Finally the mirror, Nexx would stare at his reflection for hours, moving around contently. He had no idea what that cat's deal was, but he wanted it to stop copying him. Soon the day drew to a close...
  18. All day Arietta worked away, finishing homework after homework. She got up every once in a while to take a break and eat or drink something. Eventually she just brought a box of Graham Crackers and a bottle of water to the table and stayed there. She would often glance at Nexx, smile, then go back to work. As the day came to a close, Arietta was just finishing her Essay on William Shakespeare and closed her book. Opening her binder, she set all her homework inside and closed it. She stuffed her binder and books into her backpack and rose from her seat on the chair. Arietta quickly rushed into her room and undressed from the school uniform she had been wearing. After a few minutes she came out in a new outfit. Her pajamas. Arietta tiredly opened another can of tuna and set in the kitchen on the ground near the counter. She then poured some milk into a bowl and set it beside the tuna. With a smile, Arietta stood up. "When you get full you can climb into bed with me." She told him then turned and left the kitchen. Disappearing into her bedroom, Arietta left the door open and climbed into bed. Pulling the covers over herself, Arietta slowly drifted into sleep.

    Her Bedroom
  19. Nexx nodded and proseeded to have his meal as Arietta went to sleep. He joined her on the bed after eating and curled up on it's edge. Nightmares haunted his mind and at midnight he turned back into his original form. He was tall and skinny with long jet black hair. His eyes kept their icy blue and his fingers as well as his toes were like claws. When he changed back the shape shifter lost balance and fell off the bed with a thud. "Ow..."
  20. Arietta was having nightmares herself. About her father and the bullies at school. It haunted her every time she slept and would wake her up eventually. Arietta was becoming lost in the Nightmare when there was a sudden thud. Arietta's eyes snapped open and she darted up. Looking around, she saw nothing but knew something has fallen in her room. Cautiously, Arietta swung her legs over the side of the bed and jumped down. But she didn't meet the ground. Arietta felt something like legs and fell forward. Putting her arms out, she saved herself from a face plant. Quickly, she stood up and ran to her light which was in the wall beside the door. Once turning it on she turned to look at the floor beside her bed and saw a boy with black hair and eyes like Nexx. A scream escaped Arietta and she pressed up against the door. Pointing a finger at the boy, she trembled. "W-W-Who the hell are you?! How did you get into my room?!"