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  1. You have two choices
    Lay down and die
    Or get up and live.

    You wake up on a cold, white floor. The light is blinding, making it difficult for you to even see. When you finally can, you realize the entire room is white. You can't even tell where the light is coming from. There doesn't seem to be a door anywhere.

    You're trapped.

    Looking down, you realize you are not wearing the same clothes you remember wearing before. Instead, you're wearing a white dress if you appear to be female or a white short-sleeved shirt and white gym shorts if you appear to be male. No shoes, though. Either way, these definitely weren't the clothes you were wearing when you went to sleep last night.

    Suddenly, a table seems to rise out of the floor. On this table is a gun and a knife. Unsure what to do, you are forced to simply stare at the two weapons until a voice suddenly echoes in the room.

    "Choose one. Both are necessary, but you can only have one. If you refuse to choose, you will be terminated immediately. If you attempt to choose both, you will be terminated immediately. Choose wisely."

    The voice stops, and you are left alone to your thoughts once more. Perhaps you will look around for cameras or speakers or microphones. You will find none. It is time to choose.


    When you choose, a door will seem to almost magically appear to your left. You must exit through this door into another large, white room where you will meet others. Before you have a chance to talk among yourselves, however, the voice will return. It sounds neither feminine nor masculine. In fact, it sounds almost...inhuman.

    "Welcome to Experiment 52. You have all been chosen for this experiment because you have displayed a certain set of skills. Your minds, bodies, and emotions will be tested to their limits. Should you fail, you will die. Should you succeed, you will be compensated for your participation and released. Good luck."

    Good luck indeed.
  2. M
    ark woke slowly, attempting to quickly open his eyes and being blinded in the process. "Ugh..." he grunted. Steadily, he sat upright, letting his eyes adjust to the room. The blinding white walls made it difficult to keep his eyes open. Mark looked down to his white shirt and pants confused, "Where am I?" he though, "This isn't my room..." Silence overtook the sterile room, a deafening silence. What he wouldn't give for a noise aside from his own rapid breathing.

    He gathered his strength and stood, letting a wave of nausea pass him.

    "Hello?" he asked the room, "Hello?" with only the repeat of his own voice greeting him. Shortly after, however, a strange voice filled the room-- "Choose one." A table rose from the ground with a polished knife and a clean gun, "Both are necessary, but you can only have one. If you refuse to choose, you will be terminated immediately."

    Mark gasped in disbelief and instinctively reached for the gun.

    "If you attempt to choose both, you will be terminated immediately. Choose wisely."

    Choose wisely

    Mark clutched the gun tightly, "What the hell?" his heartbeat started to rise.

    To his left, a door appeared. And with no other course of action possible, he went through-- into the next room.[/solid]

    With a jolt of energy, Josh bolted upright, his eyes snapping open to the unpleasant, and very white, surroundings.

    He took a second to adjust to the room, walking in a huge circle that encompassed the room while he did so. His breathing was heavy, trying to stay calm.His back ached a bit from his deep sleep, but he pushed it to the back of his mind.

    Finally, after a good five minutes of adjusting to the new lightning, he could make out everything fairly clearly. He was surrounded by a white room that had no crevice or fault. No line or sign that a person made it-- but rather, as if he was outside and in a different space from where he came from.

    Shortly after, a table appeared in the center of the room with both a knife and a gun.

    Josh stared at the table questioningly, with a surprisingly blank mind at the moment that surprised even himself. He was fully aware of his body and completely conscious of his actions-- something that rarely happened for him.

    A message played over an intercom he couldn't exactly point out the location of, "Choose one. Both are necessary, but you can only have one. If you refuse to choose, you will be terminated immediately. If you attempt to choose both, you will be terminated immediately. Choose wisely."

    Calmly, he reached for the knife, and the table lowered itself into the floor once more.

    A door appeared to his right when he wasn't looking, and with no other possible action to take, he entered into the next room.
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  3. Fera awoke with a gasping breath, her skin slick with sweat as she panted like a dog, her eyes wide with fear. It was just a dream... Of course it was. She was an adult woman, there weren't any bullies out to get her. That would be silly.

    It was only when Fera tried to turn on her bedside light that she realized she wasn't in her room. Not to mention the room was already being lit up by some unknown source. It was that light that helped her see that she wasn't wearing her night gown, and she most definitely wasn't in any place she recognized. Warily getting up, Fera made sure to stick close to the walls just in case something leaped out at her.

    Nothing attacked her, but a small table rose up in the middle of the room. On it, a gun and a knife. A voice coming from nowhere yet everywhere told her to pick one, then quoted Morpheus and told her to choose wisely. Fera didn't even think before grabbing the knife and holding it tightly. She had more experience with a knife than a gun, and a knfie worked better with what she already knew about self defense and fighting. The table immediately retracted again and a door made itself visible.

    Since there weren't any other instructions, Fera decided she had to go through the door. Taking a deep breath, she clutched the knife tightly in her fist before opening the door and stepping through.

  4. When Raileigh opened her eyes, she could not see anything but the bright white. It even hurt her eyes for a while as she tried to adjust to it. Groaning a little as she felt that she was not lying on her bed but on the floor. A frown formed upon her face as she looked around completely disorientated, feeling as if she was put in an institution where all the crazy people were send to. But that was probably not the case… she hoped.

    She pushed herself up while supporting herself on her arms before she stood up straight. At least she did not lose the ability to move around or think. However when a table seemed to rise from the ground, she stopped in her tracks as she was scanning the room for a certain exit. A knife and a gun were displayed in front of her. Tilting her head a little to the side as she would look at the two objects lying on the small table. Surprised though as a voice echoed throughout the room out of the blue.

    Only one? She thought to herself, wondering what on earth she would be doing with these to begin with. She had gone to play paintball with her friends before which was one thing and she was not too bad in it. But this did not seem like it would be used to play with at all. The knife she had used too but only for cooking. Nothing serious. After a while, she eventually reached out for the gun and held it loosely so she would not shoot something by accident and pointed it towards the ground.

    Once she had chosen a door opened, but only to reveal another white room like this one. She bit her lip as she started to move in the assigned direction as she could not possibly stay in the one she was standing now. She would eventually lose her mind if she would stay there for days. Noticing some other people already in the distance but decided to keep quiet for the time being as she was put in a total new environment which did not seem as pleasant. Also, why on earth was she here. More importantly… how did she even get here?
  5. Archie A. Rytt


    Archie was flat on the ground, body sprawled out and consciousness lost. His heart was beating still though and blood rushed normally as if nothing had happened, as if he was sleeping without knowing where he was and what he was doing. Lets not forget his breathing. Yes, his breathing was normal as well, in and out as smoothly as can be. Everything about his body was perfectly fine despite the old bruises he had on him, which he always hid with bracelets or some type of wrist scarf. He wasn't dreaming at all, all he saw was blackness in his mind. . . was something wrong? He couldn't think either and he had no memory of what anything was anymore, not even when the sun goes up and when the moon comes down. At this point, if he could think, he would believe that he was dead and just couldn't remember how he died. Oh what a tragedy that would be, only would because who can really know if they haven't even woken up to look at their new surrounds yet. By now it's been more than just a few minutes, was he beginning to be brain dead? Maybe he was in a hospital of some sort waiting for someone to pull the plug, waiting for someone else to decide when his breathing would finally stop. He couldn't feel anything either, which made the theory even more correct. So brain dead it was then? Everything that needed to be checked before claiming that he was, was correct. . . wasn't it? That was until, after a long wait, he awakened.

    The male gasped for air as if he'd been under water for hours, which made his lungs hurt like hell. His eyes stung from the white light, worst than when someone clicks on the light after being in the dark for the longest time. Finally after adjusting to the heavily coated white. . . walls? Archie looked around and started to notice that this place wasn't familiar to him at all. His body snapped awake and Archie sat up straight looking around faster this time, he wondered if this was just cruel, sick game someone played on him. He held onto the wall and pulled himself up, only stumbling a bit before getting his grip on walking again. Did someone steal his things? No, it wouldn't have been wise of a thief to not take Archie's golden Mocking Jay necklace that a certain someone had giving him, certainly it would have been worth well over two thousand dollars. The next guess was him being kidnapped, that one made much more since. He didn't know why, but he started to walk while keeping his hand firmly on the wall so he wouldn't lose his place. After awhile of roaming, Archie sighed and placed his back against the wall before sliding down it, maybe he was just here and someone was waiting for him to die? He didn't understand any of this and nothing around here was giving him any hints.

    He sat there, head in arms and legs pulled up to his chest like he was hiding away in a small place of some sort or just trying to get away from someone. Just then a unfamiliar voice came on some time of intercom or mic perhaps making Archie jump a little. He listened carefully at what the man, woman, or strangely neither was talking about then stood up, What the hell is it talking about..?, he thought to himself. He finally started to roam further until he got to the middle of the room where a table was, which had a neatly placed knife and gun on the top of it. He had to chose one of them, but why? Was this some kind of killing game or survival game and they just wanted him to play for a good laugh? After a few minutes have gone pass, Archie slowly picked up the knife and held it close to him. Just as he did, a door appear to the left of him like magic. He hesitated a bit and processed all the options of what could happen if he walked through that door, certainly not something good of course. He figured he had no other choice though, which made him even more afraid of going through that door or even staying here for that matter. In the end, Archie did proceed through the door. As soon as he did, the strange voice came on again and gave him more information as to what was going on. While he listened, he looked around at the other people who where in the room with him. They were just as shocked and confused as him he could sense, so he didn't suspect that they took him or anything like that. He looked in their hands as well, they had to chose what to pick up as well so it proved what he thought true. He swallowed hard and looked around him more taking his eyes off of the other people who were in the room. Nothing, that was it. Nothing was here, it was just like the other room only bigger than before. He sighed and sat down on the floor placing the knife beside him and putting his face into his hands trying to process everything that just happened in the last thirty minutes or so. He tried to think of what happened before he got here, but he couldn't remember anything unusual or out of the ordinary. He just hoped that whatever was going he could get through it without dying, at least that's what the voice told him.

  6. K
    ya's eyes pried themselves open, forcing the sleep away. She was groggy, likely from some sort of drug used to put her to sleep. Light bore itself into her eyes and she immediately brought her arm up to shield them. There was no way she was at home in her own bedroom. She didn't have an overhead light and her lamp didn't provide nearly enough to blind her. With a small groan she turned over onto her side. The light in the room bounced off of the white walls only magnifying the brightness. With a squint she gave the room a quick once over. There was nothing. Absolutely nothing, except a table. The walls were white, the floors were white, and obviously the lights were fierce. She coughed a little to rid herself of the frog in her throat. "What the hell...?" She muttered to herself on the confusion of it all. She rose off the ground, a little too fast albeit, causing a wave of nausea and dizziness to hit. Steadying herself she put attention on the table just a few feet away. Lying on top of it was a gun and a knife. She cautiously approached the two items, unsure of what was really going on.

    An intercom crackled and a voice spoke, "Welcome to Experiment 52. You have all been chosen for this experiment because you display a certain set of skills. Your minds, bodies, and emotions will be tested to their limits. Should you fail, you will die. If you succeed, you will be released and compensated for your aid in this experiment. Pick your instrument of choice. Good luck." Good luck? Really? She racked her brain questioning herself about the situation. What exactly are they expecting us to do? Participate or die, yet they gave tools that could easily be used to take a life. Do they want me to kill someone? Setting her worries aside, she decided to get on with making a choice. She wasn't quite ready to give up her life, so she had no choice but to participate. Picking up the knife, knowing it to be exceptionally quiet compared to the loud ringing of the gun and quick, she backed away from the table securing her fate. Kya's head snapped to the side as a door opened to another room. Not wasting another second, she rushed to and out the door to see what awaited her on the other side.

    icah woke with a jolt. He sat upright ignoring the sudden rush to his head. His eyes darted all over the room to take in his surroundings. He was quick to get on his feet with his nerves on high alert. You could hear his rapid breathing and his pumping heart in the dead silence that engulfed him. "Hello?" His voice was a tad shaky, yet still held a certain firmness to it. He wasn't talking to anything in particular, seeing as the room was completely empty. Nevertheless, he bellowed louder this time. "Hello? What's going on?" No one answered of course, but that was to be expected. His thoughts were frenzied as he tried to figure out if he knew anything, rememebered anything that would give him any clue about where he was or why he was even there in the first place.

    He paced the room back and forth, from wall to wall. The room was incredibly depressing considering the amount of light bundled into one space. Fed up with the absence of noise and the lack of people, he curled his hands into fists and banged them against the wall in frustration. "Let me the hell out! Hello?" The panic was increasing. A man who was normally calm and in tact was freaking out in all sense of the word. It wasn't long after his hands connected with the hard surface that he realized this. His pulse was beginning to pick up and his chest was tightening. He stepped away and took a breath.

    A few more.

    He took a final, lasting breath before the sound of an intercom barreled into the room. "Welcome to Experiment 52..."

    Micah spoke over the intruding voice, "Who is this? Let me out!"

    "You have all been chosen for this experiment because you display a certain set of skills. Your minds, bodies, and emotions will be tested to their limits. Should you fail, you will die. If you succeed..."

    "Succeed? Succeed at what? What kind of experiment is this?" Micah was beginning to feel the rage bubbling to the surface. He didn't care if they couldn't hear him or respond to his questions. The bottom line was he wanted answers.

    "...you will be released and compensated for your aid in this experiment. Pick your instrument of choice. Good luck." The small speech came to a close. Static began before the noise cut off completely. Instrument? What are they talking about? He turned around and faced the single table standing in the room. Noticing the gun and the knife resting on top, he rushed to it. "Jesus..." Doing as the voice asked, he picked one. The knife. A gun was useless once it ran out of bullets. At least, that was the only real reasoning he provided himself to make his choice. This is when the door opened. A burden was lifted off of his shoulders and ran to the door.
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  7. The first thing that Raileigh noticed that she was not the first one to enter the other room as she already spotted two other beings standing around. She moved towards the wall and leaned her back against it as she did not know if they were good or were out to kill her seeing by the weapons in their hands, though they could think the same about her as she was not an exception on that. Her gun pointing toward the ground as she let out a frustrated sigh as she did not know what was going on at all and this confused her just even more as the voice just disappeared from where it came from. If it was even a human who was speaking to her in the first place, it was all so odd.

    Though when others started flowing into the room, one by one. She started to tense up even more as she let her eyes focus upon them. For one reason glad that she was not the only female in the group as if it was a relief for her as she was not standing alone. She tapped her fingertips against the wall behind her with her free hand as she looked at the others. Some looked more dangerous than others, though that was her point of view. Maybe the nerves were finally starting to strike her which made her shift on her feet as the situation became more and more real. She did not even want to try out if the gun actually worked to see if it was fake or not. Since they seemed like they were not make believes.

    She bit her lip a little but did not bite too hard so it would start bleeding, but just chewing on it as if it was a piece of gum. Eventually, she slid down the wall and sat down on the ground as she looked around the place to see if there were any holes or possible escape routes but she could not find a soft spot in the first glance. The gun clanged against the ground once she laid it down though keeping her hand upon it as she did not know if it would be best to let go or not. But with all these people it was best to have some kind of defence. Even if it meant shooting someone in the leg, arm or wherever she could hit. It was not with pleasure but more because she needed to. Preparing herself mentally for when something was about to happen to all of them.
  8. Everything was so... Sterile. The white on white on white made it difficult to really focus on anything for Mark. He looked around the room and watched others step out of doors like the one he had taken. The white doors slid back into the wall smoothly, leaving no sign or trace that there was an opening there. Being the only things that weren't completely white, Mark was quick to notice all of the other test subjects stand equally apart from each other, some did the same as he did, looking for someone to give them an answer.

    Mark's head was spinning, slowly his breathing became quicker and quicker-- his heartbeat rising. This must be a dream. This has to be a dream. He stood as still as he was able, trying to even out his breaths.

    Josh was still eerily void of thought. It almost bothered him, but he could do little else aside from waiting for instruction. It was obvious that he was getting nowhere without doing as the computer asked of him. Other test subjects seemed to fill the giant room as well, some were more "excited" than others.

    He sighed, and looked around the room, it would make sense that someone else in the room might know something. So his eyes wandered a bit, searching for answers.

  9. K
    ya kept her back pressed up against the wall. She didn't want to be close to anyone. She didn't know anyone and she definitely didn't care to. Each and every one of them had either a knife or a gun in their hands. Each and every one of them had the ability to kill, whether they knew it in their hearts or not. Kya believed that anyone, if approached with the correct means and opportunity, was capable of killing another. It wasn't a sense of negativity she had by thinking this, just realistically, she knew everyone had it in them. Some more prominent than others. However, standing in that room full of people with weapons, she hoped that they would prove her theory wrong. She didn't want to have to do anything that would taint the innocence she had maintained up until that point, but she was definitely determined to be the last man -- woman -- standing. She lowered her head, avoiding any eye contact. She couldn't look any of them in the face. She knew exactly what they were doing here without actually being told. It was obvious. She just hoped the others could see it too.

    Her head snapped to the side when she heard someone speak up. "Well? Anyone?" She first opened her mouth to respond. To say that, like him, she didn't know much. She didn't see or hear anything apart from what the rest probably have already been exposed to. She didn't bother though. She clamped her mouth shut. She turned her eyes away from him and didn't dare speak. She thought it best to keep her thoughts and concerns to herself so not to alarm anyone else of what she knew was about to take place. To raise flags was to cause a war. A war she wasn't quite ready for yet.

    icah couldn't help his nerves. His eyes darted from person to person that had stepped inside of the room, coming from their own door. It was likely they had gone through the exact same process he had been administered to as they were all carrying weapons just as he was. Some had chosen the gun, unlike him. He had to admit the gun wasn't a terrible choice, but a gun wasn't always ideal. It had it's flaws. Albeit the knife had its ups and downs as well, they were problems he was willing to work with. He took in deep, steady breaths as he studied the other women and men in the room. It was best not to allow them to see just how jittery he was. He knew all too well how people can be wolves in sheep's clothing. He's dealt with them before. In the form of past girlfriends, best friends, business partners. He knew what it felt like to have your every vulnerability preyed upon little by little. Regrettably, he'd done it once before himself.

    His fist clutched the hilt of his blade tightly. He wanted to be prepared for anything. He couldn't be sure as to who would be the first to pull the first move. Regardless though, he wanted some answers. "Do any of you know just what we're doing here?" He looked around again at everyone, this time not with a predators prowess, but with pleading eyes. He didn't suspect that anyone knew much more than he did himself, but he was still slightly hopeful that someone could provide him with something, however little the information may be. Maybe someone noticed something that he didn't, or maybe if they were drugged someone woke up while being transported into their room and saw something. Most people in the room kept silent at his question, probably avoiding any type of interaction with someone else out of fear. He understood, but he still pressed on. "Well? Anyone?"
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