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    You have two choices
    Lay down and die
    Or get up and live.

    You wake up in a white room: white walls, white lights, etc. As your eyes adjust to the brightness, you see a white table sitting in the middle of the room. On this table are two weapons: a knife and a gun. Both will help you on this journey, and both are necessary items. However, you can only choose one.

    After choosing, a door opens on your left, leading into another white room similar to the one you were just in. It is, however, much larger. As you enter the room, so do several others who look just as confused as you. Before you can ask questions or say anything at all, a voice speaks through an unseen speaker.

    "Welcome to Experiment 52. You have all been chosen for this experiment because you display a certain set of skills. Your minds, bodies, and emotions will be tested to their limits. Should you fail, you will die. If you succeed, you will be released and compensated for your aid in this experiment. Good luck."

    The speaker crackles, and you are left alone. You don't see any hidden cameras no matter how hard you look. There is no escape, either. You must either succeed or die trying. Or you may just give up entirely. It's your choice.


    Basically this Roleplay will be centered around an environment that challenges your characters' physical, mental, and moral limitations. It will be an exploration of the true person of your character as well as a fight for survival. Every choice your character makes will have an effect. Whether that effect will be positive or negative will depend on the situation. I myself will not be creating any characters. I will only be controlling the situations and environments your characters end up in.

    A Few Notes:
    The enviroments your characters are in will change. They may end up in a forest--whether they believe it to be real or synthetic is up to you--or they may end up in a white room as described above. These are not the only situations they will be in, but these are two of the examples.
    The gun and the knife both have importance, but only one will allow your character to survive. Choose wisely, as this will not be the same for every character.
    People will die. If your LAST character dies, you will have the option of making ONE more character as a "last chance." If that character dies, you are out of the roleplay. This has nothing against you. From the start, you can have up to four characters to give you the best chance of one surviving.
    Each character will have a specific set of skills that can be chosen from a fairly long list that I will provide on the actual sign-up sheet should this show enough interest. Every skill will be needed at some point, so your characters will have to work as a group in some instances.

    Anyone interested?
  2. Definitely interested!
  3. I like it keep me posted
  4. Interested!
  5. Glad to see interest! Let's say if two more people show interest, I'll work on getting a sign-up/OOC posted. :)
  6. I'm interested as well. c:
  7. Ugh I'm impatient. I'll go ahead and make the OOC/sign-up. I already have a banner ready and everything. XD
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  8. Call me in! Let's have our moralities twisted, our minds warped, our goals questioned!
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  9. @Honey @Percival @I dunno @Silverdawn @Zelda

    Here's the OOC/SIGN-UP! There WILL be a limited number of spots, so be sure to reserve one as soon as you can! (If you showed interest previously but were unable to post until all the spots were filled, I will make an exception as a thank you for showing initial interest :D)
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