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Whenever I see anime pictures on any character in non-anime RP's I run, that's an instant red flag. It usually means the person writing doesn't understand the setting very well. There are exceptions (like one of my longest lasting friends is with a guy who near OCD-posts anime pictures in everything) but for the majority? I watch them bail within 2-4 posts, or try to start wacky zany shit where it isn't appropriate. My players in Legend of Renalta get flashbacks whenever I simply mention the words "diamond katana"... :ferret:


Quick disclaimer: I don't stop players from using anime pictures (go right ahead!), and I don't automatically think of players as "lesser than" for using them. I do, however, have plenty of experience in watching players who use anime pictures then going off and bailing without warning, or doing stupid derailing nonsense that nobody wanted. So it's a rule of averages, not a hard law of anything.

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Everyone seems to have their own version of what an anime role play is.
Some think it's just a roleplay that takes place in an anime,

some think that it's all about anime physics (Which BTW, someone mentioned that in an anime, a bullet might bounce off of stuff and then hit it's target. That happens in live action movies, and even video games too. In fact, I've seen it MORE in movies/video games than anime. So not quite sure why that sticks out as "Anime" )

And some think that a character using an anime generator equals anime physics (Which hardly makes sense. There's plenty of anime that are quite realistic. Like so much so that live action movies look over the top in comparison XD This one old school anime maker actually hates newer age anime where people are leaping buildings and stuff saying that anime has lost it's original meaning.

Even so, I think people who use anime generators for looks may be because they can't find what their character looks like from a realistic picture. Even soul caliber 5's character creator only let me make AT MOST 10% of my characters, and even then it's wrong. The characters I make on anime generators are just general ideas, not necessarily what they truly look like. That's because there's no options for the more unique parts about them (That I've found anyway)

Lets take my character for example, Ashela Roselina. I found nobody on the internet that matches her (Big shocker XD) So I used an anime creator but even then, it's not perfect. But it's the closest I was able to get it (For the time anyway)

And then I found soul calibur 5
Almost looks like 2 different people doesn't it?
She's not really an anime character. But it just so happens that with an anime creator maker, I'm able to give my characters the facial expressions that would match them. Ashela is a very goofy person, so the single tooth thing is to show her goofiness, not necessarily that she has 1 tooth :P While the soul calibur creator is more serious and although more realistic, doesn't quite give the exact features or face i'm looking for, just simply the general idea of what she would look like if she was more realistic. (Personally, I'm not a fan of you people using legit people/characters for your characters. When you use say Luke. I can't see "John Miller who wields a beam sword" I can only see "Hey look, it's Luke skywalker with HIS LIGHTSABER!" XD

Although as I go on, I have the feeling that we are talking about 2 different kinds of people who use anime creators for their characters XP But just in case we're not, I figure that I would give the other side of the spectrum :D
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