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What side are you on?

  1. I am a Anime Fan!

  2. Not a Anime Fan, however i would join it regardless

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  3. Not a Anime Fan, It depends on the subject at hand

  4. Not a Anime Fan at all!

  5. What is Anime?

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  6. I play for both Teams!

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  1. This experiment is to show interests of others like always, however this time around it is about a subject that divides Iwaku's community. Are you a Anime fan? Would you roleplay in a anime based environment if you aren't a fan? What would be the key points in the roleplay to make you feel interested enough to join it? Regardless if your a anime fan or not.

    This was a hard type to decide from, was it a poll or a debate.. and i concluded that it was a poll in the end. A debate i feel is to freely argue and share opinions amongst others, however on the other hand a poll is a vote and it is also a thing where others share opinion. To be fair i didn't want others to argue on genres, rather to just vote on it peacefully without trying to contradict others or saying they are wrong.

    Respect others opinion as always, especially this one and have fun! :)
    Express your opinion and tell us why you voted for what ever you voted for!
  2. I enjoy my anime.

    I don't hold anime RP's any different from other ones.
    If it's engaging and interesting enough for me I'll join. :)
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  3. I indulge in my fair share of Chinese cartoons so I don't see why I wouldn't join one. One main thing I look for in role-plays based on these animu are limitations simply because anime, typically shonen which most anime role-plays are derived from, has such huge power-scaling that doesn't translate over well in role-plays. And its the types that don't have any restrictions that die quicker because everyone blows their load early. The role-play gives the characters nothing to strive for if everyone can start off summoning meteorites, and that's the downfall of most anime [Fandom in general] role-plays I've seen.

    Second thing, premise. If you try to hook me with something equivalent to, "It's a Naruto role-play! You like Naruto, right?!" then I'm not gonna give two shits or a single fuck. There needs to be something that makes me interested in both playing and reading the setting. Now try, "The role-play is focused around youth in war, how they deal with that within a world of grey morality." Then you have my attention.
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  4. I'm an anime fan, but I don't enjoy anime RPs. So... I'm in the grey zone.
  5. I use anime images for the characters, but most of my plots are original. I rarely do fandoms unless I really love the series and have inspiration for a decent original plot. :)
  6. I enjoy anime. 8D

    I don't watch it much any more though. I got burned out on all the fan service and stuff.

    I enjoy anime styled roleplays!

    I don't do them often though... I think I burned myself out on those in my early RP days when ALL of my RPs were Japanese even when it was stupid and made no sense at all to be Japanese. o_______o But sometimes I still love doing the settings and tropes of anime style.
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  7. I watch anime from time to time, but have little interest in anime role plays. I don't stop others from wielding anime pictures for their characters and the like in my role plays, though I tend to block invoking most anime tropes. Because anime tropes used in settings other than anime typically results in deranged, universe-breaking wackiness that cannot be reasonably balanced.
  8. I enjoy watching anime but I don't think I will ever be interested in role playing anime.
  9. There are some anime I enjoy and there are some that I do not. I do follow several series on a weekly basis, but I'm not an active part of any anime-centric community. Whether I'm a fan kind of depends on your definition ;p

    If I enjoy the setting, I have no issue with this at all.

    ... Basically the same for any other RP. Anime is a medium, not a genre. So I'm not sure what you're expecting here.
  10. I consider anime a genre in the roleplay world but that is just my mindset.
  11. From time to time I watch anime. Not sure if we can count certain shows as Family Guy, American Dad and South Park to it. Am not really sure if we can, but I have watched some anime in the past. Can't say that I dislike the majority of the plot as some others likely have said : it depends all on the plot. If it is all about action, then sorry, I will just watch some Dragon Ball Z. Abridged (TFS) of course. Though I more often am intrigued by watching a nice movie than watching anime-films, certainly when done with nice princesses. (If I only get Letsgaze to work. :( )

    As for RP's that's a different story. I consider myself quite flexible, willing to do both anime as other genres that aren't having any anime-tropes. The only requirement that I request - as demanding sound so impolite D: - that there is an interesting plot going on. It is a bit vague in my opinion to state what would interest me, but it is largely on how the RP is being build up. I don't mind if it is taking a lot from canon and morph it into a way that it is being easier for the GM('s) to manage and restrict or cast out stuff that can be OP and break the Roleplay. Which can be hard, but fun to do if I may add my personal experience.

    But in all honest, if I need to choose between an anime roleplay and a roleplay that is based on an interesting historical setting? Then I feel more intrigued for the latter one. Even though my most successful RP is oddly enough an anime-based RP. ( o__________o )
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  12. Can you explain how you define anime as a genre? What traits does a roleplay need to be considered anime?
  13. Anime itself isn't a genre its a type of animation persay, however in roleplay it is a genre in my opinion. Similar to where fandom can be horror or modern can be fantasy and or vise versa, Anime is not only a set of animated preference but a way of roleplaying and behavior. I didn't know this till someone mentioned it to me a year back but people that do anime roleplays act differently inside them to that of a person doing a non visual roleplay with either all text or perhaps doing something more realistic like not only using real pictures but using real physics.

    Believe it or not every single anime has some sort of unrealistic aspects to it, rather it be strict modern romance or not. It all scales between the genre it is matched with, however since realistic roleplay like i assume you do to time to time actually has the aspect to be realistic in choice.

    Think of it like this, realistic non animated roleplay has a gun and it shoots a singular bullet to a round target, obviously its going to hit if you aim it correctly right? Well now on the other hand anime now has the gun and it shoots towards the target, you think since its the same gun that it would work the same as when you used it right? no, it might curve and hit the glass behind the target or bounce off from the target to hit you.

    Anime has a tag which can be matched with other genres but sometimes it cannot be matched with certain ones. Similar to how horror or fantasy is, it can be matched with other genres but sometimes it cannot be matched with certain ones. When putting anime in a genre aspect of things the only thing you can look forward to besides the very small piece of it which is CS's appearance is the unexpected scenes and wild conclusions, where you think you won but really another villain was behind it all or out of no where your best friend shoots you and explains how he was the enemy the whole time. Of course this can be imply to realistic aspects but whenever you put ''anime'' in anything it automatically makes your roleplay unexpected and some what wild no matter if its romance or soap opera drama.

    We also do things like closing our eyes when we smile that makes others think that we are weird.
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  14. I can agree with most of that. I feel like people who use anime for thier CS pictures tend to have their characters less grounded in reality. We used to have 'Anime Physics' and 'No Anime' tags as well, because saying you want your RP to resemble an anime changes the boundaries of what is possible and what isn't within a RP.
  15. I think that's more unconcious.
    When someone uses an anime photo for their CS that means when they make posts their going to be envisioning an Anime Appearing Character.
    And since Anime usually does break the rules of reality like @Edward mentioned they could end up taking off of those as inspiration and accidently perform an action more unrealistically than they would have if they weren't using it as motivation.
  16. Mind if I step in to clarify? I've written multiple guides all about genres and plots and what not, so, I already understand where anime fits into the picture.

    Anime in role plays is a setting choice, typically partnered with another setting as it has difficulties remaining coherent alone. This is because anime can vary wildly across multiple genres: Romance, fantasy, slice of life, mecha, kaiju, et cetera. So calling it a genre is a bit of a misnomer, because it doesn't really affect the genre, it affects the setting the genre is situated in. A setting is just the physical world that that the plot is using. It's what makes Star Trek different to Warhammer 40K, which is in turn different to Babylon 5, in spite of all of them being science fiction. It's what separates Gundam or Macross from Battlestar Galactica. Hell, you can even see the distinction within Battletech, which had a cartoon very early on in its life cycle before switching off to a more gritty, "realistic" feeling in its various MechWarrior franchise games that followed thereafter. They're both in the same genre (science fiction), but in a different/modified setting (cartoony vs realistic.)

    In anime on TV, the reason it has genres is because there's enough of it to warrant genres, like the shonen genre. It happens to any medium that grows large enough. French cartoons are, after all, quite distinct in comparison to American cartoons. Note, though, that the genres formed within the anime. No wiki page out there lists an anime's genre as "anime", they list it as one of the genres that exists within the settings that anime often creates, like shonen. :ferret:

    Since you can't actually use the medium of anime in role playing practically where it concerns writing, you instead embody its wacky zaniness as part of the setting. "Why can he jump twenty feet and swing his sword the size of a bus in a single motion without breaking his arms? It's anime!" That scene could be in science fiction, or in fantasy, or in a slice of life, or in a shonen, or in a comedy, or so on, but the setting is what enables him to do it.
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  17. @Edward
    So if I interpret this right, basically you associate anime as a roleplay genre with normalising absurdities in physics, 'anime-style' pictures for appearances and dramatic plot twists.

    In that case I can answer the final question; I would like some form of explanation as towards why physics behave the way they do. I am neutral towards using 'anime-style' images for characters. Dramatic plot twists like that only work when they don't feel like complete bullshit, so a little foreshadowing is usually key.

    Or Dragon Age 2, amirite?
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  18. The CS pictures was by far the smallest part of my whole post, answer this: Why do people care so much what picture you use when there is always a option to describe what you look like? Why is it so important in the roleplay? Well i shouldn't ask that.. people will interpret it wrong.

    usually us mature anime fans use appropriate pictures in accordance to the genre of the roleplay. I will admit though some use wild pictures that doesn't even associate with the genre, like using a demon in a modern romance. Others, however know what picture to us and some of us type descriptions too. So what is the difference between using a picture for lets say a modern genre rp where a anime guy is wearing a blue shirt with black pants and another picture has a realistic guy with a blue shirt and black pants? Whats the difference besides one is animated?
  19. Aesthetic and personal preference.

    Also people use pictures instead of descriptions because they more accurately communicate an appaerance. You trade agency for clarity.
  20. I must say that I can't considered myself not a fan of anime. I haven't seen that much anime or old school that I keep hearing about, such as dragon ball Z, but I freaking loved FMAB (Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood). Even to the point that I shed a few tears at some scenes and I like to think that I'm a tough person to get emotional. My first RP that I joined is an anime, though I'm even trying a genre that is on my dislike list - my reason is that I want to pressure myself and challenge to write in settings that don't appeal to me. I can't thus say with straight face that I'm not a fan of anime, cause facts are pointing that I'm a fan.

    What my key points are general spread over :
    • How is the RP managed?
      OP fest is being restricted and managed away? The GM('s) seem to know what they are doing?
    • How active is the group and what is the writing requirement?
      No, not because I'm an elitist f*** nugget that wants to prove herself to be better, but because it is more the other way around. I suck and I don't want to jump into a RP where everybody can write how grass grow in the most fascinating manner and all I can pull off is : "It is green and I'm indifferent about it. The sky is is blue. Nice."
    • What is the plot?
      I'm interested and trying to be flexible (No, Deuce, no. No.) making characters fit into story. Not to take away the spotlight - I like to focus on my own character and don't mind try to drag others in some personal development, friends... yaaaay! - of course!

    Might just be me, but aren't you're not contradicting yourself with this? You're starting with the argument that Anime is a versatile tag, able to tag with some - as horror and fantasy- which I can agree with. But then you in the same sentence that it can't be combined with another 'genre'. From what I've read so far is it that it is all personal viewpoint and that I can respect, but that is kind of a circle or I legit need to stop boxing before my brain gets more mashed up.

    As for the whole talk regarding if anime is a genre or not, I must say that I think that Brovo hit the nail with the hammer as that Anime is more of a setting than a genre. (wauw, I bet he has never ever ever heard somebody say that... *not even going to cross her fingers for that :C * )

    Now please don't think that I try to be the annoying little bitch that moved her head round the corner and started to throw with feces ( I often get the idea that I do that. .__. *hides the evidence* ), but I'll just react on two last things that kind of 'bothers' me. Not in a negative manner, but something that I want to give my opinion about. Not that it is anything worth, mind you.

    Sorry, but I disagree heavily with this. Why would the setting of anime mean more romance/drama of any kind? Any kind of setting/genre can have similar drama or let's call the critter by a more correct term : character development. While Anime has the tendency to surprise people, I've been more often surprised in other settings. History, slice of life and all the other terms can have such twists. Even in our history we can see such expected or unexpected twists.

    For example, Hitler backstabbing Stalin. What your quote made me wonder (and don't get it wrong, I don't think you're dumb!) but is if you realize how devious people have been over the times. Backstabbing, twists, drama and more are all happening in an equal manner in other settings. They often just follow some other 'guidelines' and that is okay. Everybody has their taste of what they find more interesting, but I think it is a bit wrong to state that when you put the 'tag' on the 'setting/genre' Anime that it will have more drama than any other RP. It is after all more scale/subjective. You might not find it dramatic that the turtle of Yara died, but to her and her sibling it might just equal the end of what they know and were used to. It is all (I think! .__. ) based on perspective and not much on the whole setting on if its dramatic nor. I'm sure that other people that I look up to can probably explain this better, but hope that you get what I'm trying to say.

    And this. I don't want to come over across mean or trying to disprove everything you're stating. Really, not at all. But you're in the same 'anime RP' as me, correct? Perhaps an idea to look around and see how some characters have appearances that aren't really anime-esque. I'm guilty of that and thus I can't agree with that statement. People are people. In two different settings, you can always point out the big differences but the subtle similarities will be there. Cause people are writing them and if you want I can even point out an example of that.

    I'm in both in a RP of Gerontis alternative Naruto RP, where I have a character Harumi Uchiha (Deuce, no. Hands out of pants!), and in a sci-fi RP that is lead by Brovo, where I have a character Valerie Valkrich. You can already state that the settings are hugely apart from each other, so what the fuck am I rambling about? Simple.

    Harumi and Leonie have the common thing with parents. Harumi tried to search for her parents as they were missing for some time. It ended up with that she found them dead and managed to find the culprit with her sibling. Now, that had some impact on her on several levels. What 'connects' her or might help you to understand that I don't believe that the setting/genre of Anime has a bigger impact is because Leonie is in the same 'ship (ha, funny cause... yeah.. sci-fi. Spaceships and... >__> ) with that she has lost her mother already and now is unsure if her dad is alive. Both have different personalities, but it is clear that they have similarities with something as that. The development might be different as results, but does that make Harumi's story more dramatic? Or is Leonie's story more dramatic, cause of the setting? No and yes. It is all subjective and that is also the same for the appearances.

    Some GM's might request that people don't use anime-esque images, but it is all what one person might prefer or not. Oh wait, damnit!
    I... didn't see this. .___.

    Sorry for the long (boring, incoherent and ranting) post.
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