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What do you prefer?

  1. Goofy/Cartoonish

  2. Serious/Action

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  1. I'm curious to see what you guys like better in a RP, Goofy or Serious? Don't understand too much of what i am talking about? Lets show a example~

    A serious roleplay would be a medieval RP or modern or sci fi or any genre with drama and action. Nothing too outrageous, swords or guns may fly or go off and your character may be done for. Or within a school drama begins about you and you attempt to fix it with being sociably acceptable.

    A goofy roleplay would be your character are lizard men or nekos(cat men/women) with giant flaming swords going off to candy land to destroy the ruthless dragon cookie monster hybrid. Sometimes its not that crazy but you get what i mean.

    Whats your thoughts on this? What side are you on? Want to pick both? NOPE! Pick the one you like the most! >:)

    Post your thoughts as always and have fun, respect others!
  2. According to your description I prefer serious/action.

    However I should note when it comes to something like forum RP's I don't really care for the "Make one tiny mistake and die! MUA HA HA HA!".
    RP's are partially a fantasy/escape from reality, so the fights in my mind should also somewhat reflect that.
    Still be realistic for the most part, but absent of people going "But that's Extra Kailber Armour! A 5.2 Heat Rate Laser wouldn't pierce that!" and crap like that.
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  3. All of the Above?
  4. I voted serious because cookie-hybrid suggests LOLRANDOM. Which I consider poison. EDIT: Let me explain why. The reason why I dislike that is because it counteracts attachment to a world or RP if it has no basic consistent rules. If everything is possible, nothing about a world is 'unique' anymore because it will lack identity. This identity is crucial, even if this identity is yet another LotR rip-off. Even if it's a multiverse. The longer a story goes on, established parts of a world will be held dear. If you can fuck that over at any moment cause lolrandom everything is possible lulz, you're effectively fucking yourself over because you're dismissing your work's progression and the efforts of all those involved.

    That said if you are going for a short term RP, knock yourself out. [/edit]

    That said, good stories, and RP's for that matters, have a balance of weight of themes and scenes. If everything is serious and action, nothing will feel serious or exciting (action) because you just fucked with your pacing. Balance is key. I'm sure someone will explain this in greater detail, so yeah.
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  5. I generally prefer serious overall tones, but moments of levity are good too. I often make characters for serious roleplays that are ripe with opportunities for comedy. Having options is nice.
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  6. Sorry, I tried picking one. I can't. I did not vote. I prefer both to a certain degree. I personally need both, I mean roleplays, for me can't be serious all the time hence why the occasional humor is necessary and they can't be funny every time bringing up the serious side.
  7. First of all, that's not goofy XD (Well the last part is, but a bunch of fox anthro's is just that, a bunch of aliens walkin about doing whatever the RP basically wants to happen. No difference between them interacting, and a human interacting unless the subject of species is brought up)

    To your description, I prefer goofy/cartoonish.

    As for my personal interest. Basically all of the above. But mostly preferred is mostly serious plot, but still have goofy humor and what nots. I have over 100 characters made so I can join just about any RP and have them fit.
    A super serious RP with no super powers? Use Jameson Foxtrotiane. (Field name James Fox) Or even Kate if I need someone a bit more angry XD
    An RP where you have powers but not too much, but also lots o humor is/can be involved? Probably a super nerfed Ashela Roselina.
    RP where characters have crazyish powers? Agent Aki (Or if Aki's the villain, then Aki+Agent Pyro, with hero character being along the lines of Ashela/Syther.)
    Need OP villains? J6/Archlord.
    Need SUPER OP villains? Domenic Terenso (Known more as Demon'Tero) or king Rudius.
    Or an RP all about god level characters and stuff, then Dracogain Xarian (Villain, and perhaps the rest of his higher ups like Axel and Fade) And Rosella Roselina as apart of the heroes (With probably King Kyanos to balance things out a bit between good vs good)

    So I can fit into just about any type of RP quite nicely, but my most prefered one is action orientated and although there doesn't HAVE to be humor, I prefer it.
  8. I'd rather be in a serious roleplay than one where it's all just a joke.
  9. I pretty much only ever play in serious, grounded roleplays that follow a consistent set of rules and lore. Over-the-top action and "anime physics" don't interest me.

    Although, like others have said, lighter moments are definitely a must. Even the most serious plot can benefit from the occasional bit of humour or heart-warming character interactions.
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  10. Shakespeare used this to very good effect.
  11. You've all answered how I expected you to answer.
  12. I voted serious, because I take my roleplays seriously, even if the premise is a little silly and the roleplay is a comedy. There's still rules of realism for the setting, remaining within the boundaries of what makes sense, etc... Even if my roleplay happens to be about Muscle Men as waiters in a Japanese coffee cafe. o__o

    I HATE HATE HATE "LOLSORANDOM" roleplays. c_____c I don't like crazy nonsensical stuff.
  13. Yes, mainly because emotional oversaturation is a thing.

    I, too, voted action/series, but keep one thing in mind: Variety is the spice of life. If your character is constantly sad, or always serious, they will quickly get bland and boring. Always punctuate sorrow with the occasional moment of joy, or seriousness with the occasional moment of humour. Otherwise, your story just turns into "and I slapped the bad guy" copy pasted fifty trillion times... And there is only so many ways you can write such a thing. :ferret:
  14. I like both, though I prefer serious RP myself (mainly because I just can't write humorous to save my life). I've done plenty of serious RPs though where someone else has introduced a goofy character and it has just created some hilarious situations that have actually helped the RP move along without detracting from the main storyline. Its actually added to it. But then, I've also been in RPs where said goofy character has completely derailed the entire thing and refocused the RP on their own shenanigans, which isn't quite so good.

    That said I like both, separately and together. My own RPs and the characters I create are almost always serious, but I love it when someone is able to introduce a less-serious character into an RP and make it fit. As long as it isn't overboard (as in a crazy, out-of-place, does-not-fit-the-setting kind of overboard) it adds something new to things and a humorous character can create all kinds of crazy situations and personality clashes for other characters to deal with, which I always find fun.
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