(Experienced) Roleplay partner(s) wanted!

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  1. Hey!

    As the title said I need people, but I'd like a person with a bit more experience.
    Don't get me wrong, you don't need to be a professional at all, but you need to know a bit about what you are writing.

    Now, I had a couple of ideas, most of them pretty cliché, but isn't most porn that way?
    I'll introduce myself shortly, just so you know what you'll be roleplaying with. If you don't care, just skip it.
    My name's Freyja, and most certainly not new to roleplay or smut roleplay. I started about 6 years ago with roleplaying on Otakuzone, with the username Freyja. I'm not that new to this site either, but i'm just shy. :shy:

    [Master x Slaves]
    Since I saw that most smut roleplayers are female, maybe a harem would be nice?
    As in one guy(or two) and multiple women who want to be his bride(s).
    Would you buy a cow before checking it's milk? No! Why wed a woman without checking her out?
    So, whatever the sick mind of our prince/king thinks of those women will have to endure.

    [Handicapped x Nurse]
    Nurse is also a male word so we can decide the gender roles as soon as people even show interest in this role.
    Somehow, I wanted this more romantic instead of plain porn, because most people with a handicap don't get much love from people, and since you build a bond with your nurse, since he/she is also the one that has to help you with sometimes embarrassing things why not flip that friendship in a friends-with-benefits relationship?

    [Vampire x Bloodsack]
    Cliché, overdone and completely dried up, but isn't that what makes it fun? Go and make your own variant on this cliché and make it your own! Fuck twilight or all those teen shows little bitches watch. Go and make them different. Not some sheepish girl like Bella who gets herself in trouble or a hipster vegetarian vampire. If you do not mind me playing the girl in this, this time she'll be a normal girl who knows how to help herself without acting like a total beef head.

    Thank you for viewing my little thread and hope to hear from you.
    If you don't like this, then tell me what would be better.

  2. I'll do the vampxblood giver one. Sadly I'll have to play a girl if you are fine with chick on chick. I'm not good at playing guys. And if you're fine with me playing the vamp can I please do that??
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  3. Hm... I'm not usually in the mature "libertine" section but If you're still looking I'd be willing to participate. Mainly because you seem like a fairly competent writer :P
  4. I'd rather not play chick on chick. I can play a guy, though?
  5. Ofcourse! If you do not like smut then I do not mind roleplaying a different scenario.
  6. Oh no, I do enjoy smut once in a while. If it's done correctly :)
  7. Ok I can do that
  8. Hey there, goddess! What say you and me get some roleplaying going on! I'm crazy! I have an idea in mind, and it's a cliche, but it's a roleplay nonetheless! I would love to discuss it in messages, if you don't mind the idea of a yaoi roleplay.
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