INTEREST CHECK Expedition into Madness

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  1. Dear, -------

    I have already sent this letter out to several others who may possibly assist me in the formation of a company of separate wanderers, all brought together due to the fact each of you possesses a specialty of some form in certain areas of expertise, though more so than others. I myself, even being skilled in several areas of practice, am nothing more than a Jack of All Trades, master of a mere few, namely in the area of Scientific practices.

    But, never mind that. The task at hand in which I desire this unique help will occur on the recently discovered island of Nancala. It is there I wish to lead a determined group of explorers to investigate and map out some of the lush jungle, this for the nearby Government of the small nation of Kytarnia, which happened to possess control of several islands that are now inhabited by its people and given modern living arrangements, the Kytarnian Government wishing to conduct archaeology and begin a small suburb here near the ancient, and historical sites to attract tourism.

    On a more personal note, Kytarnian Lore stretches back hundreds of years. Of the aging temples possessed by them includes the fabled temple of the deity known as 'Lord Giro.' as a fun little note on the lore, Giro was the god of the atmosphere, the olden mythology he originates from states that his control of the atmosphere was via several relics, the most important being a dial that allowed him to switch between such things as weather types, rain to sunny day, or perhaps one of the layers of the atmosphere itself, like the stratos, or troposphere.

    My intent is to investigate the existence of such a mystic machine, and if it is real, I would like to study it, or send it to some fellows who have that kind of time on their hands. Care to share the Glory with the Science Hero from Spectacle City? It'll be perilous, considering the dangers of the jungle, the temple, and of course, a Science Renegade by the name of Darien Clarence, a tad older gentlemen who would liken nothing better than to dominate a source of magic and make himself something of a god to mortal men.

    - Nathaniel Macleod


    Nash Macleod, the young man of twenty-four years who has just sent this letter, is a well known up and coming Superhero, or as he prefers it, 'Science Hero.' He was raised since youth in a high gravity chamber, making him physically adept from a young age, while studying intensely in several areas of science, dabbling in archaeology and crime-fighting, though traveling with others skilled in areas that he may not know as well as they do.

    The requirements to join his quest don't quite stop at having certain skills, but rather to have the commitment to push forward and follow the thrill of discovery, as well as helping others where they need it, and fighting for honest causes wherever they may be found.

    And now, you have a chance to join the expedition and prove yourself as much an adventurer as this Educated Strongman. Will you join the journey?
  2. You know, there's an old Earth saying for adventures like these.
    A phrase of great power, and wisdom.
    A consolation to the soul, in times of need.
    And what is it?


    In other words, I'm up for an adventure.
    I just hope we get someone called Alonso in.
  3. Mehopes they shall join too.