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  1. Kieara was new in town. She'd only just moved here. Literally just moved here. As in moved here tonight. She didn't even have a house yet. She didn't own the car. It was her ex's. She could only pray that no one would notice it. She'd came from the next city over where the crime was worse and her worst nightmare lived. She needed away. A change of scenery. Only problem was she couldn't afford to live anywhere else.

    She was a pretty woman however. She was petite, and one could tell she was all baby weight. Her arms and legs were skinny, but her stomach was round and very prominent. She was around 5 months along. She had shiny auburn hair, and bright sky blue, aquamarine eyes. Her skin was porcelin smooth but while it was smooth, it was riddled in scars and bruises. Tell tale signs she'd been beaten. Her face had a bruised eye though, and she had a small line of freckles over the bridge of her nose and her cheeks that would crinkle when she laughed. She stood at only 5'3, and seemed to glow like most pregnant women did despite her condition.

    She hadn't yet been to the doctor for her baby. She had no insurance, nor the money to pay for the visit. She was in a bit of a mess right now needing to get lined out first. Having to pay rent and buy new furniture. Then having to unpack and prepare a nursery and get everything ready for when the baby was to come, it was a lot to handle at the time. She stayed lost though in her own little world until she saw red lights behind her.

    She cursed quietly and pulled over. She was shaking and extremely nervous. This was wonderful. She was going to go to jail! They'd found her! A stolen car and no where to go, no one to call? Just peachy. It was the last thing she wanted. To be pulled over at nearly midnight in a stolen car during her grand escape from that hell hole she used to live in.

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  2. Sam squinted, trying to see what the hell the flashing lights were ahead of him. A police car? He didn't even know there were cops around here. Who was the unlucky bastard who got caught? He looked in the front seat, expecting to see someone like himself, but instead found a very pretty young woman. He stopped the car beside hers, not bothering to pull over. The road wasn't busy and there wasn't another car for miles. He got out of the car and messed with his short brown hair. "Well hello there. Seems like you got into a bit of trouble." he said, ignoring the cop altogether. The cop seemed to want to say something, but Sam shushed him. "Now, now, officer. Look at this woman. She's a little too pretty for a man like you, eh?" He leaned on her open window with crossed arms, a black tribal tattoo shown pridefully on his shoulder.

    The police looked at the both of them, eyes lingering a little longer on the woman. "Fine. Whatever. She wasn't really doing anything wrong. It's just that people usually don't drive around here and the people who do are trouble." The cop went back into his car and drove off. Sam waited until the car was out of view before saying anything. He looked at the woman. His green eyes stared into her own blue ones and he gave her a toothy grin, despite the horrible condition she was in. His eyes traveled over the obvious signs of abuse, but he said nothing. "Now then, what's a pretty little thing like you doing out here? He was right, you know. The people who drive around here are nothing but trouble. Wouldn't want someone like you getting caught up in it. Although...Looks like you've already been through it, haven't you?"
  3. Kieara tensed as another man come over. Wait, he wasn't a cop. If he wasn't a cop, what was he doing? She frowned and gripped the steering wheel nervously. She heard him talk to the cop and just remained silent. She half expected the man to produce a billy club and beat the hell out of him, but he didn't. With a soft sigh of relief she looked back up to the man who was trying to flirt apparently. "You could say that....I was just passing through." She spoke to him her voice quiet and a bit nervous.
  4. "Passing through? I hear that a lot." Sam said with a chuckle. She looked extremely nervous, which was a bit odd, considering he'd just gotten rid of the cop. He wasn't a bad guy. Sure, he was a little rough around the edges, but he didn't look too bad, right? He thought about it for a moment. He did have a few bruises on him, but it wasn't a big deal. She had much worse on herself. "Now what are you really doing?"
  5. Well he wasn't buying that. She swallowed. "I'm looking for a place to stay. I had to move in a hurry." She explained to him. After all that had happened men tended to make her a bit nervous. It wasn't him, it was her. Of course, she couldn't help it. She knew she shouldn't hold him accountable, but as he had said before, they were in a bad stretch of town, and she couldn't make herself trust him just yet.
  6. "A hurry, huh? Well, I guess I shouldn't keep you waiting here, should I?" he took a scrap piece of paper from his pocket and a pen, although where they'd come from he had no idea, and wrote down his number. He handed her the piece of paper, half expecting her to rip it up in his face. Women around here were difficult like that; part of the reason he hadn't settled down with one yet. "Listen, I know it's none of my business, but if you need anyone or anything, call me, alright?" Sam put his hand on her shoulder, but not roughly. No. He was a man of pride and would never hurt a woman; accidentally or otherwise. "It isn't right for a woman like you to be alone in this area."
  7. At feeling his touch and seeing he genuinely wanted to help she loosened a little. "Do....do you know anywhere around here that I can go for the night?....and perhaps a good junkyard to visit tomarrow to get rid of this car?" She asked him.
  8. Sam looked at the woman with surprise. Around here? She wanted to stay at a place around here? Was she stupid? The closest inn had recently been on the news for several murders and the other inns weren't so much better. "There are plenty of junkyards around here. The town itself is one." he said, pointing at the town in the distance. "But if you want to get rid of this car, it's best for you to just leave it out here, maybe trash it up a little to make it look like a hit and run. I can bring you into town. Problem is...None of the inns are exactly safe. You could stay with me, but that isn't exactly proper, is it...?" It was the only option she had, but he wouldn't force it upon her. If she wanted to stay in the inns, perhaps she would be lucky. Perhaps there wouldn't be a murderer in her inn.
  9. She listened to him. She'd heard this place was rough, but she had no other choices. "Then would you care to let me stay with you for a bit? I will do whatever you ask to pay you back. Cook clean whatever." She spoke feeling wrong about staying with someone without some sort of compensation,
  10. Sam waved a hand at her. "Don't worry about it. I live alone, so my place is fairly clean. And I usually eat out, so there's no need for you to cook. Besides," his gaze wandered down to her stomach. "You shouldn't be doing anything. You should be resting. Too much moving around is bad for the baby."
  11. "I don't feel right staying without compensating you." She told him as she got up and got out of the car. She had to do it slowly because of her belly. Once she was up and out of the car, one could see how tiny she really was. She stood a good head or two shorter than him. She closed the door on the car behind her.
  12. "Tell you what." he said with a grin. "When the baby is born, wherever you are, send me a picture. Just so I know things went well and this all wasn't for nothing." he opened the passenger door for her, helping her into the car carefully. He got into the driver's seat and started his car, heading into town. "It's not a pleasant place." he said grimly, trying to ignore the graffiti and police sirens coming from a different part of the town. He pulled up to a decent sized house. "Well, we're here."
  13. Kieara smiled at that. She spoke. "Thank you, you're very kind." She said as she let him help her into the car. She fixated her seat belt so that it went around her belly and didn't press on it. She was starting to feel comfortable with him. She rested her hands on top of her stomach as he drove. "I can tell, but it's better than where I just come from believe it or not." She told him. She smiled seeing his home. "Thanks again for your help." she unbuckled and opened her door preparing to get out.
  14. "It's no problem at all." Sam opened the front door for her and closed it behind them. It was a very plain house. The walls had a few pictures on them and the furniture was all red or white. Other than that, the place looked relatively new. It wasn't. He'd had the place for quite a few years, but he wasn't big on decorating. There was no need. He didn't live with anyone else; didn't have a family. So what did he need decorations for? Really, as long as he had a refrigerator, a bed, and a bathroom, he was all set. "Make yourself at home. Want something to drink?"
  15. Kieara smiled as she looked around. This place looked like it could use a woman's touch, but she didn't say anything. She spoke. "Water would be nice." she said as she leaned on the wall to remove her shoes.
  16. Sam nodded and walked into the kitchen, filling two glasses with water. He brought them back and handed one to her, taking a sip from the other. "So, do you have any plans for the time being? I'm just wondering." he said hesitantly. It was probably a touchy subject, and she probably wasn't keen on sharing...
  17. "What do you mean by plans?" she asked him sipping on the water. "Thank you." she answered a bit late. Looking at him he was very handsome. She couldn't help but blush.
  18. "Like, what are you going to do now that you've moved? Er- In the process of moving, I suppose. Do you have any friends or family you could go to?" He held up his hands. "I-I'm not rushing you or kicking you out." he said, running his hand through his short brown hair. His mouth just didn't know its limits. He truly didn't mind her presence. "I just want to make sure that you didn't leave without a plan."
  19. Kieara listened to his stammering. She managed to make sense of it and answered. "It's ok. I understand what you meant." She sat her glass down on his table and sighed looking at the floor. "Honestly I did leave without a plan. It was a matter of if I didn't leave when I did it would've been my life." She said quietly.
  20. Sam stared down into his water. "Well then I'm glad you left, with or without a plan. Well, you've got time to figure something out. You're welcome to stay as long as you need to." He stood. The woman must be tired. After all, pregnancy was tiring enough without the added stress of running away. She would probably want to sleep. "I'll show you to your room." her room was right across from his, in case she needed anything. It was a plain room, as was the rest of his home. There was a bed with a nightstand next to it and a simple closet in the corner, but the window was covered by a piece of wood, as were most of the windows.
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