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  1. When you list down the writing levels you prefer, does that mean it's the writing level you prefer or what you actually are from your standpoint? I ask because I have come to terms in being unable to identify myself in just one writing level and posting expectation. I am more so a mix rather than just one writing level so would it be more common sense to list down what you prefer or rather, the writing level you identify yourself as? Or maybe both? Though the latter might confuse people so yeah, I'm just curious how it's perceived and how it's being used.
  2. I think it's intended as preference in general. "I prefer my roleplays to be written this way on both sides."
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  3. It'd probably be unfair (and hypocritical of me) to say I prefer prestige but I'm more at an advanced level with the grammar, spelling, and punctuation section, if not intermediate.
  4. Do you know where to find the definitions of each level? Advanced is probably a great fit for you :)
  5. I know where to find them, thank you. Perhaps my curiosity is leading me to overthink the generalization of this system and why it's a guide, not something that's really meant to state which level you're at. I'd still be able to carry out full scenes and expand upon world lore even if I was at an advanced level. I just need to add those expectations to my list of rules when searching for partners and everything will be all cool~
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  6. On marking roleplay threads, you're marking the level that you want all players to try and write at! Not necessarily your own writing level. Because many people do legit want to surround themselves with better (or worse) skills for educational purposes!
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