Expectations for Professors

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    1. Make sure you're familiar with the Institute Content Guidelines. Even if you've posted to the Institute before, read them over! They've changed!

    2. Use the resources at your disposal. We have a chat thread for speaking with your fellow Professors, and a Lesson Plan Suggestion thread for getting ideas for your next topic. What's the point of having a private forum if we don't use it, right?

    3. Answer help requests and post in Discussions when you can. It would be appreciated if you were to subscribe to all four of the main Help Request threads (or at least to the ones within your expertise). If you want to keep an eye out for other requests and to participate in discussion threads, that would be awesome.

    4. Be sure you have the time to be a Professor. If you have difficulty coming up with new material for your lesson plans or just can't fit the Institute into your schedule anymore, notify me immediately.

    5. Encourage other members to post replies to your topics, or to post their own Workshops and Exercises. The Institute will only thrive as long as we have both contributions and feedback.
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