Expectations for Mentors

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    1. Check the core Help Request threads regularly. It is highly recommended that you subscribe to the threads in order to keep up with new posts.

    2. Read questions or help requests carefully. You should not try to help someone who has weak points that you cannot assist with, or if they're requesting advice outside of your area of expertise.

    3. Keep focused on your specialties. If you are a Character Advice Mentor only, you don't need to worry about the Writing Help thread! If you are signed up for multiple subjects but find that you're having difficulty answering questions in one area in particular, reconsider where you should be helping out.

    4. If you want to offer one-on-one Mentoring, contact and arrange it yourself. It is awesome if you want to do this, but it is on YOU to keep up with it!

    5. Use the resources at your disposal. We have a whole forum full of Workshops, Exercises, and other teaching aids. Be familiar with what is available and be able to direct students toward helpful threads!

    6. That goes doubly for the Professor's Lounge. We have a chat thread for speaking with your fellow Mentors and Professors. If you're stumped on a particular help request or question, turn to the chat thread for a consultation! What's the point of having a private forum if we don't use it, right?

    7. Be sure you have the time to be an active Mentor. If you have difficulty keeping up with answering Help Requests, or if you feel that you need to reduce or switch around your subjects, notify me immediately. Mentors who aren't actively answering Help Requests will be removed from the listing and will no longer be able to access the Professor's Lounge.

    8. Encourage other members to participate in the Institute. We need participation from Mentors and from students!
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