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I enjoy Fantasy, Scifi, Romance, Magical, Modern and much more. I probably can't list them all! If there is something you want to try and it isn't listed here, just ask. I rarely say no!

Heather was a proud woman, her height of 5'10" being one of the reason why she held her head so high. She always worked for what she wanted in life, payed her way through community college before moving to New York City. Then spending years in a tiny apartment working as a waitress at two different restaurants to make ends meet before she was finally able to get a popular magazine to hire her as a writer for one of their columns. She never gave up, which why many people looked up to her and labeled her an the ideal woman. Working her favorite job and earning plenty of money to do it while living in a nice apartment with a handsome boyfriend of two years. Yep, there was nothing but smooth sailing for this woman in her years to come, nothing was going to get in her way!

...At least it seemed that way yesterday...

Things can change quickly from ideal to horrifying very quickly, something Heather learned the hard way that morning. She had noticed that something was wrong when she missed her period and assumed that it had only been stress holding her off since she had been working on an important article at the time. Her mind just could think that maybe it was possible that she was pregnant, they had been so careful after all! They used condoms since birth control would have messed with the budget far to much and required a prescription, something Heather was far to busy for to even think about. However, she could not deny that as days passed the lack of a period started to bother her more and more. Even if she was late is usually happened within a few days...at this point it had been a week an a half.

Unable to deny it much longer, she bought a test at the pharmacy down the road on her way home from work while her boyfriend was still at his own job. Taking the test and waiting those few minutes put her through more agony than any article could and when the answer came, she nearly fainted...

Heather Moore was pregnant.

The next few hours after that were a blur of disbelief and worry. How could she be pregnant? Had a condom been faulty? Had they forgotten in a whirl of after work passion? Were they drunk!? She couldn't remember over even think back to all of the times they had done it, mostly because they were so..."active" that it was hard to even count or figure out which time had done them in. That didn't seem to matter the most though, she was worried about what it would do their life. A baby was expensive, and neither of them had thought about it all that much, they barely even talked about getting married even after being together for so long! Would her man leave her to deal with this alone? Would she become a single mother and destroy the relationship that she loved so very much? She just didn't know anymore...She would just have to wait for her boyfriend to come home.
Ethan McCoy was in the prime of his life. Well...atleast he believed he was. He had lived in Colorado most of his life and had felt the need to just get away. To find a place with more action and oppertinuity. He found that in a place He had only heard of and seen in movies, good ole' New York City. The man was physically fit and had dark brown hair; his eyes a vivid green. Ethan at 6 feet tall was a seemingly normal fit into the the busy lives of the people who rushed about the streets barely giving him a glance. He found work as an amatuer photographer for different people all around the city. The man stayed busy as he was beginning to become noticed as a photographer, getting more jobs and was away from his cozy, nice appartment he shared with the love of his life. Heather Moore, tall, hardworking, and beautiful. The most beautiful woman he had ever met was now his girlfriend. Two years ago, a year after he had began living in the big apple he had met this woman shooting photo's for the magazine she wrote a coulm in.

When he first met her he had been taken off gaurd. For all the photoshoots he had been called to do there was never a woman more beautiful and appealing as she looked. Long red hair, strinking eyes...this woman, he had to meet her. Once he introduced himself, things took off from there. The both of them hit it off really well and before he knew it, they moved in togeather. It was a comfortable move and a stable one seeing as they had been togeather upwards of two years now. It seemed to the man to be a long time to be togeather and not be married but it was something the couple had discussed briefly here and there. Ethan straitned himself out, streaching as he walked over to his camera bag and the rest of his equiptment. He put it away seeing as his job was done for the day. The man wanted to hurry home seeing as his Girlfriend was probably waiting on him. He picked out his stuff and waved to the scene director before taking off towards his car. Once in his car the car ride back to the appartment was torture.

Ethan arrived home a short but seemingly long 35 min later then normal. He dropped his equpitment near the door and looked around with a smile. The photographer walked into one of the rooms to find her. He came up from behind her and wrapped his arms firmly but gently around her thin waist, placing a gentle, brief kiss on her neck.

"I missed you today..."

As he looked at her he could tell something was wrong...off. He let go and turned her around, looking her in the eyes. And with that closeness, only a long time couple could have, asked her without saying if everything was alright. Maybe it had been on off day at work, everyone had those but this seemed like something different. Ethan didn't know what it was but he was about to find out...

((P.S. I had a picture for him but I Can't find it, Sorry for the inconvience! >.<))
Heather had moved herself into the kitchen, mostly to make herself a cup of tea to help calm her rattled nerves. She knew Ethan would be home any minute, ready to hug and cuddle her before she could get the message off her chest. A part of her wanted to believe that something would go wrong, that he would either leave her or just run away without a word. She knew him better than that though, she wouldn't have invested two full years into their relationship if she thought that they weren't able to turn to each other at a moment like this. Still, the fear remained and clogged up her thoughts, making her worry and worry and-

"Gah! Oh god, Ethan you startled me!" She said as she leaned back into him, a hand going to her chest to steady the beat of her racing heart.

She knew he could tell that something was up, she felt it in the way his grip on her changed and he turned her around. Those eyes, the one's that had hypnotized her into going on their first dated, stared at her with both concern and questioning. She wanted to avoid this for as long as possible by Ethan always seemed to know, no matter how hard she tried to fight it. She found it hard to hold his gaze at that moment as she looked to the ground, trying her best to fight the urge to hold him and cry into his chest.

"We have a slight...problem on our hands." She said softly, knowing exactly what he wanted her to do just from his gaze, one of the things she learned in their long time together.

(It's alright, just send it to be if you ever find it~)
Ethan reached out and took her hand, rubbing it gently and soothingly as he looked into her clear blue eyes. He leaned forwards and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"What do you mean...? Is...everything okay...?"

Ethan stood there and looked down at her. He could tell it was something she didn't want to discuss but it sounded inportant. A look of worry crossed his expression. Had he done something wrong and didn't know it? If so...could he fix it? No matter what he definily didn't want to loose the most important person in his life, the love of his life.

"I didn't do anything wrong...did I?"

He would wait a long time to hear her sweet voice again, hoping that whatever the problem was...he could fix it for her. Make her happy and comfortable. That was why he worked and supported her working as well. They could both comfortably live in that apartment with just the right budget. Debt was a thing that Ethan didn't think would be an issue for a very long time. The man patiently waited on his loving girlfriend to tell him her problem...no matter what it was, he would find a soultion...for her.
Heather found herself calming down as he placed a kiss upon her forehead, something that always seemed to wash all her worries away. She felt bad that her actions made him think it was his fault, though technically it was considering she couldn't be pregnant without him making her that way. She shook her head quickly as she looked down at their hands, his holding hers gently and sweetly to comfort her.

"No...Now it's not your fault...Well, it kind of is but I'm at fault just as much, I mean...Well..." She paused for a moment, looking back up into his green eyes, squeezing his hand tightly as she forced that last few words out of her mouth. "I'm pregnant, Ethan."

After that she could only watch, honestly expecting the worst of the worst. For him to just turn and leave, maybe even yell if it made him mad enough. She hoped to god that he wouldn't though, at least not then and not now, now when she needed him so badly. Her heart beat quickly as she watched, listening for the first hint of anger or upsetness.
Ethan never expected those words to leave her lips, but they did. She was...pregnant...? His eyes widend a bit in suprise. How could this be possible? They had always been so careful, but maybe the condom broke...or he paled a bit as he thought, maybe they just forgot it. He swallowed the lump forming in his throat, looking at her. He could tell just from looking at her expression that she was looking for some sort of comfort, something that would not make her worry about him leaving her.

"Well...um..." he stammered out, not knowing what to say at a time like this. "If you are sure...then..."

He could tell by the solid look in her eyes that she was sure.

"Well...What should we do? It is your choice, your body...No matter what you choose to do weather you want to keep it or get rid of it, I will support you...that is how it is supposed to work, right?"

He pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around her gently again. Ethan could feel her rapidly beating heart and with a hand reached up, stroking her long, soft hair soothingly.

"It will be okay..We'll talk about this..."

After a little while, Ethan Gently took her hand as he pulled away and lead her into the living room, sitting down on the couch and pulling her next to him. He never let go of her hand as they sat there in silenece for a few long moments before either one of them spoke. A baby...he thought in that silence. This was a big desion to make...whatever they chose to do next would impact the couple...forever. Weather it be for good or for bad? Ethan McCoy had not a clue...
Heather was silent as he spoke, looking up at him with worried eyes. Though he had not yelled or walked away she was still nervous, still upset and scared that he might leave her later on. She was quick to lean into him as he held her, glad that at least was going to give her a choice in the matter and be there to support her. She closed her eyes, just for a moment, as he pet her hair. It always made her feel loved when he did that. After pulling back and leading her over to the couch she started to think about their options.

One was to abort right off the bat and pretend this mistake never happened. She did not want that since she was pro-life and didn't think the relationship would last through it. The other option was to adopt it away once it was born, give it a family that would love it. However, she couldn't help but feel that they could give it just as much love, even if she and her boyfriend were not engaged or even married. She glanced at Ethan out of the corner of her eye, trying to read his emotions to see how he felt. He looked...well confused for starters, and mostly shocked otherwise, he probably believed it less than she did. She held onto his hand tightly as she looked to him, her head turning slightly to speak.

"I don't want to get rid of it..." She said softly, glancing away again as if she was unsure of what he might think. "I want to keep it...I mean, even though it is an accident and we aren't married I don't think that should stop us from considering parenthood...I won't hold you back if you want to leave though." She added as an after thought. He had just as much of a right to say no as he did to say yes. "We'd have to change the budget quite a bit though...there is no way we could afford a baby otherwise."
He said what he had been hoping she would say. Abortion wasn't an option, clear now, that either of them would consider. But now that he knew that the child was apart of him and the woman he loved more than anything else in the universe, adoption also seemed wrong to him. It would be likea missing piece. Though they were considerably young for parenthood he shook his head when she said something about him leaving.

"No...I think parenthood is the only option here...because neither abortion or adoption feel or seem right."

He pulled a soft smile across his lips.

"Though you are right about the budget...right now the budget is quite snug...I mean we get by comfortably as a couple living here. But a baby is upwards of about twelve thousand a year...and that is until they get older...We can afford to take a little out of every budget but not nearly enough to raise a baby. The cost would put us out of our apartment...we would probably need some assistance..."

He bit back a sigh. He knew this would involve calling his parents and telling them the news. It was the last thing he wanted to do right now. But if he needed to do it for Heather and his sake then, there was not room for prefrances.

"But...Who would we go to? My family is far away...back in Colorado..."
Heather turned and looked up at him, smiling a bit herself as she felt herself start to calm down and think logically. She would definitely have been lost without him at that moment, probably crying in a corner all alone if she had been dating any other man. She frowned a little at the mention of how much a baby would cost, they'd never be able to pull that much out of the budget and still pay for everything else that she would need before the baby was even born! If only it wasn't so expensive to live in New York City then they wouldn't be having this problem. If only it was like Colorado...

Then, Heather got an idea.

"Why don't we move to Colorado?" She asked lightly looking up at her boyfriend. "It certainly wouldn't be nearly as expensive to live there and we'd probably be able to take a mortgage out and buy a nice little house. That way we'd be close to family and be able to get help a lot more easily than if we stayed here...New York isn't probably the safest place to raise a child anyway...at least in the city."

That was definitely true, considering that it took her a long time before she could afford to live in a nearly crime free area...emphasis on nearly. This apartment and city were no place for a baby to be raised! They also did not have the safest furniture now that she looked around, sharp corners and edges were all over the place...That's what she got for liking contemporary styles.

"I know the company could help me move to a different job if we moved since I've been there so long, heck they might keep me and just have me working at home from a long distance. You're job is pretty moveable job as well and you wouldn't have to take off a bunch of time because of me since I'd be able to call your parent's for help. It would be a complete budget rewrite but we'd certainly save a lot more than we currently do now...It's really is the perfect set up."

She turned to him a bit more and squeezed his hand gently, knowing that it would be a big change for her more than he, he was raised there after all. She was the natural born city girl who spent her whole life in the tiny state, moving from suburbia to the city once she was old enough to pay for things on her own. On top of that it wasn't as if she could turn to her parents, after they retired that went around to travel and explore the world...she believed that were currently in Germany. She would have to email them before she could call them since they were so hard to catch by phone, so moving to Colorado was the best choice at the moment. Of course, this was only if he wanted to go back.

"If you don't want to though I won't be mad...I know you left for a chance to see everything...But I don't think we'll survive much on our own..."
Then camThen came the words he expected but hoped not to hear. She suggested they move back to Colorado. He listened to her list all the benefits of moving back there. She was right...they didn't have much of a choice weather to or not. He looked at her.

“Your right…it would be a lot cheaper and close to family but…where are we going to get the money to afford a place out there…? After selling this place we got moving expenses and were going to have to find you a doctor to go to out there for pre-natal care…Where are we going to stay until we at least have the money to rent a place out? I could say home, my house but There is still at least five people in that small house…it wouldn’t be comfortable…I’m used to it but you…your moving from the city into a place that Is…much less then a city. A town…where everyone will eventully know your name. But it is much safer admit…for child raising than New York City…”

He sighed and felt her hand tighten around his. Ethan offered her a smile and leaned in, gently kissing her on the lips briefly.

“I’ll give up my chance to see everything to keep what matter more to me…This is more important….now…let’s get things in motion shall we? Contact our parents then we can go get something to eat. How bout it?”
"We'll figure out a way to get money for a house, I have a pretty heavy savings thanks to years of waitressing and a mantra of always putting my extra tips away for a rainy day. I also have that bonus that I told you about last week coming up next month...That could be our starting point." Heather said as she held onto his hand tightly, feeling bad that he would have to return to what he originally left in place for the wonders of the world. "I'll make changes for this, I'll adjust and get used to living in a little town where everyone gets into your business. If it means that the baby will have a good life and that I get to keep you then I'll give up the city I love to do it."

She returned his smile and the kiss that followed, knowing that the next few months were going to be rather crazy. At the mention of getting in contact with her family she instantly stood and wandered over to her computer, ready to write a simple email so her parents would at least attempt to contact her.

"Alright, I'll email my mother...She usually check it before bed. I won't tell her right away though, just to tell her to call me so she can at least hear over a phone. As for food...I'm thinking Italian." She said with a small smile as she turned back to look at her boyfriend.
He loved that feeling of his heart fluttering in his chest. It was something that he would never get used to but loved all the same. Ethan was pleased she had returned the kiss and even the smile. She got up at the mention of contacting her parents and as she did so did he. Heather was going to e-mail her parents. However...his parents were rather...technoligally impared. He had to call them, and he knew for the most part how this would go. He walked off into the bedroom, shutting the door and dialing home. Ethan cringed as a happy voice picked up on the other end.


Oh wonderful...it was his...mother.

"H-Hey mom...how are you? Long time no talk, how are things going?"

"Wonderful!" she replied. "You siblings sure do miss you! When is my little boy coming home for a visit? And for heaven sakes son, when do we get to meet this beautiful girlfriend of yours?"

He chuckled nervously and swallowed a lump in his throat.

"You see...umm...auctually Heather and I are going to be moving out there. As soon as we can pack up and take care of matters concerning the apartment..."

He held the phone away from his ear as his mother sheiked in happiness.

"This is wonderful! But I thought You wanted to be in New York dear!"

"I-I do...but things happened and um...now we can't afford to live here. I-I can't tell you now but we will tell you once we come for a visit...after we find a place to stay down there."

She agreed and they talked for a little while before hanging up and walking out into the living room. He sighed and slipped his phone into his pocket and looked over at the love of his life. He quietly waited for her to finnish and then he would lead her off to her restruant of choice for dinner that night.
Heather was quick to turn on her laptop and start an email, her parents rather difficult to get a hold of any other way. Until Ethan's parents her's were technology savvy, they knew everything and anything up the latest so they could keep in touch with her. They had to been if they wanted to check in on their baby girl and still travel the globe. Her message was short and simple, not letting out any details about the pregnancy. She did however mention that she was planning to move to Colorado and it would be easier to call her cell phone if they wanted to chat voice to voice with her.

If anything the sudden change of environment would catch their attention and make them call as fast as they could afford to...She only hoped they kept the time difference in mind, she didn't need to have that talk at three in the morning. With the click of the send button her message was off and away, leaving her to shut down her computer. It was then she hear the sheik through the bedroom door, that much of been Ethan mother. She had yet to meet the woman, only being a witness of their good intentions when they send her Christmas cards just for her which the whole family would sign.

She smiled over at her boyfriend, chuckling as she stood up and grabbed her coat. She walked with him out of their apartment, locking it up before leaving, and down into the streets of New York.

"So, it sounded like you're mother was happy to hear from you...Did you tell her everything?" She asked, a sly smile on her lips as she wandered over to their car.
He was the first to get to he car and pull the passager side door open for her.

"If I had told her everything...I honestly don't think I could hear right now. She is a little excitable, always has been...so I think it would be better to tell her when we get down there. That and my dad...only heaven know what he will think. He has always been so traditional."

He sighs and would shut the door once she was in the car. Ethan walked around to the drivers side and climbed in. He pulled the keys from his pocket and put the Key in the ignition; starting the car. It purred beautifuly as it started and he backed out, pulling into the streets. As he waited for her awnser he looked out the window into the city. This lights were amazing and the people still rushing about at this hour still made him feel like he wasn't wasting anytime. The streets were lined with vendors and restraunts.

He waited to turn till they came across thier favorite italian restraunt. It was not too pricy but the food was always good. Ethan parked the car and got out, shutting the door. Quickly he went over to her side and opened it, taking her hand and helping her out of the car. He let go of her hand for a moment and locked the door, shutting it. Ethan then gently took her hand again, intertwining his fingers with hers.

Quietly they walked in hand and hand. They seated them and he looked across the small table at her.

"What about your parents...? What will they make of all this...?"
"Well, As least we know one of you're parents will be happy. As for you're father, We'll just have to play it by ear with him. A newborn's finances would put a heavy damper on putting a wedding together and I am not having a tiny wedding with a justice of the peace...My mother would die if I did that to her." She said with a sigh, looking out at the lights of the city.

As the car purred to life Heather's mind traveled to the thoughts of moving to Colorado. That would be a major scene change for her and she knew it. It almost pained her to think of moving from the city she spent working so hard to be able to stay in but it pained her more to think about raising a child in such a polluted and inappropriate environment where people were terribly obsessed with height and weight. That was not the world she wanted her baby to be raised in, not in a long shot. Her eyes wandered over the lights and the people, a small bit of jealousy filly her stomach. They were able to stay, unchanged from the usual routine. She did not think on it too much though for they arrived at the restaurant.

The mere sight of this place always made her smile...and hungry. Though it wasn't expensive or fancy the food was always comforting and made her wish that she could cook like that, the most she could muster was a pot of noodles and pour a jar of cheap sauce over that...She definitely needed to take some cooking classes before the baby came along. With Ethan's help she got out of the car, linking hands with him as soon as it was locked. She tugged off her coat as they were seated, letting it hang from the back of her chair as she took a seat. His next question was hard to answer, especially considering what her parents were like.

"Honestly? I don't have a clue. My parents are so...modern in their own right. They're really different from you're parents and I think they are older as well if I am correct...My parents had me late in life so maybe they'll see this as a blessing? My mother has often sent me emails asking about you, wondering if I had gotten engaged or if there was hints of a proposal on the horizon. My mother might be upset that a baby came before a wedding but I don't think she'll be mad...I think she'll stop her traveling retirement if it means being there for the baby. As for my Father...Well, I don't think he'll be mad. Surprised, yes, but mad? I don't think so. In fact I think he'll just be happy that he'll get to see and grandchild before he dies."
He smiled.

"Good...I want this to be a good thing for everyone. And my siblings..." Ethan shook his head. "I think that they will be excited as well for this so the only one we are unsure about is...my dad. He always encouraged marrige before children but...oh well things happen, even if he dosn't accept it at first, he eventully will."

As he finished speaking, the waiter came to their table. He ordered and would wait for her to. He would admit...the prospect of being a dad scared him. But he was excited now. To think that a small living being was going to form inside his girlfriend...? It was amazing...part of it would be him and part, her. He looked across the table at her.

"Back in my hometown, in Colorado, it wasn't that uncommon for a girl to end up pregnant. But...the thing was even if the guy left her...the town was like a family to her. It isn't that I didn't like where I came from...It is just that I wanted to see and experience more. I ended up with the most beautiful woman I could imagine and a baby on the way...It wasn't what I expected but I would never have it any other way. The town will make you feel welcome...It's been awhile since I've been there but I"m sure it hasn't changed that much..."

It wasn't long before thier orders arrived.
Heather smiled back at him, glad to know that there would be to much protest with their baby now on the way. She only really worried about Ethan's father, a man whom she had only heard about. She knew the typical story but she didn't want to be the first that would hear experience the worst of him right off the bat. Either way she was determined to stay with Ethan and keep the baby, even it it meant falling to the wishes of a traditionalist. At least the town would be backing her up a little bit if his father did not.

When the waiter arrived she ordered the usual before turning back to Ethan to continue their conversation. She had so much she wanted to talk about with him, so much in mind for both baby and her, one of them being they way that she chose to gave birth.

"I want to get this right out of the way and say I want a natural child birth, Ethan. You know how I feel about needles and I'm not going have a kid in a stuffy hospital room where I am basically forced to stay in once spot with a needle in my back and in the least helpful position on the planet for having kids...It'll also be one less expense and according to a friend of mine you and baby can usually leave hours after birth instead of days...I don't write for a woman's magazine for nothing." She said as she nodded her head more to herself than him.

Though she was a first time mother, Heather had a lot in mind for her child. She never thought about it a lot but when she did have it in mind she would research the subject very well, it was one of her habits as a writer. She had written more than one article on different types of birth or the "modern" way to deal with pregnancy, she had just never experienced it because she was unmarried and not planning for such a thing. Now she could finally understand the strange eating of her pregnant co works as well as the almost obsessive love for talking about their children.

"Oh, and another thing...I don't want anyone else there but you...I know that sounds selfish but I've had friends do this and they said that during labour one's...true colors come out. I wouldn't want to offend you're parents or siblings because I was in a hormonal rage during labor." She said, knowing that her temper wasn't the greatest it could be and feared the worst for when the delivery came.

Before she could say any more though the food arrived and she was distracted from her list of wants for the baby. It might have been for the best for Heather had quite the list in mind, then again, writing for a woman's magazine made it difficult to not want to plan for you're own children some day. She started to eat quietly, chewing her food and relaxing as she was distracted by her meal.
Ethan nodded and listened as she explained what she wanted for herself and for the baby. Natural birth was a tough choice...one women often changed thier minds about once the baby was auctually coming. But he was confident she couldn't. Heather was the type of woman who knew what she wanted and stuck to her guns, no matter how tough, until she got what she wanted. That was something he loved about her. He took a couple of bites of food as she started to eat. Before he said anything he took a couple swallows of his drink.

"That is just fine with me, If you want a natural birth then I won't stop you unless something goes wrong and your life is endangered. And I understand about me being the only one there besides the doctor cause I am certinaly not qualified to deliver a baby..."

he chuckled to himself. No...him and being a doctor? Certinly not a good thing.

"And I was curious...Cause I know this is a big issue for a lot of couples I know...the gender of the baby. Do you want to find it out when we can? or do you want to wait? I'm okay with either one...I just want the baby to be healthy and safe...Is there anything else we should talk about and get out of the way before things get too crazy...?"

He quietly ate his food and listened to what she had to say, if anything at all.
"I think we should find out when me can...It will make shopping a whole lot easier on us, especially since we already are going to have a very tight budget for the next few months. Also, we have to keep in mind the baby when we look for a new place to day...I'm thinking a one floor house with a basement if we are lucky. That way it won't be to hard for me to keep things together while you're away...I can't imagine doing stares and carrying laundry with a pregnant belly." She said as she paused in her eating for a moment.

Now that she was thinking about it they would also have to buy new furniture and other things as well, like gates for rooms they wanted to baby to stay out of and child locks for cabinets. This was really turning into once of the largest shopping trips of her life, the sad part was it wasn't for shoes...shoes for her anyway. She didn't think on that too much though, this was suppose to be a happy time in her life, even if it wasn't planned by the two of them, she had to keep a positive out look on the situation.

"Before we move...I think we should sell the furniture. A lot of it isn't child proof you know, sharp corners and edges all over the place. Even I have gotten myself cut just from scraping against the table sometimes. Other than that it would be a great start to the all the saving we're going to be doing and less stuff to worry about over the move. On top of that we won't have to rent out a big storage space to put all of our stuff." She said before she started to eat again, waiting for his replay.
He paused eating and swallowed his bite of food.

"I agree. I don't want to be paying hospital bills right and left if the baby injures itself on the frunature. The stuff we have now is more suited for life before...pregnancy and baby. As for the house, it's a good idea but we'll need to see what is practical and avalible when we get down there. Knowing my mom, she will probably want to help in anyway she can and it is no use saying no her. I mean you can try but she will help anyways...it's just the way she is...Any other concerns?"

He quietly at the rest of his meal while he waited for her to reply.