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  1. Kieara was new in town. She'd only just moved here. The mover's van had left her home a few moments prior. She lived on the third story of an apartment building in the slummy end of town and had to walk wherever she went. She didn't own a car. She'd came from the next city over where the crime was worse and her worst nightmare lived. She needed away. A change of scenery. Only problem was she couldn't afford to live anywhere else.

    She was in the grocery store over by the produce looking around. She needed some food to put in her new home. But she could only get a few things. Only what she could carry home because of her lack of a vehicle. She had in her basket some apples, a package of pacifiers. Neutral colored for she didn't know what she was having yet, and a loaf of bread and some cheese. A few more things and she'd have to call it good and come back tomarrow.

    She was a pretty woman. She was petite, and one could tell she was all baby weight. Her arms and legs were skinny, but her stomach was round and very prominent. She was around 5 months along. She had shiny auburn hair, and bright sky blue, aquamarine eyes. Her skin was porcelin smooth, and she had a small line of freckles over the bridge of her nose and her cheeks that would crinkle when she laughed. She stood at only 5'3, and seemed to glow like most pregnant women did.

    She hadn't yet been to the doctor for her baby. She had no insurance, nor the money to pay for the visit. She was in a bit of a mess right now needing to get lined out first. Having to pay rent and her movers. Then having to unpack and prepare a nursery and get everything ready for when the baby was to come, it was a lot to handle at the time. She stayed lost though in her own little world over in the produce wondering what else she wanted to get today.
  2. Avery had lived in the town since he was a kid. Raised by a single father that had passed away due to cancer two years ago, he knew a lot of people. The butcher, the bartender, the owner of the local shop, and of course anyone that came into his little Italian restaurant, that really wasn't Italian at all. It all tied into him knowing just about everyone and his not being able to walk down the sidewalk without someone commenting on what the house dressing needed more of or how they had put a wreath out on his dad's grave. As of late, Avery had been driving a lot. Sometimes he needed a break. While he owned a business up town, he didn't live far from the part of town that teenagers wouldn't even walk through alone.

    He parked in the sparsely populated lot and pocketed his keys. He walked through the front door and was immediately greeted by the lone cashier, a man about his age that he had played lacrosse with in high school. An overplayed country song played softly from the speakers, and he grabbed a hand basket, just needing to pick up a few things. He picked up an onion (half price!) on his way to the produce section. He passed on bananas, opting for a few oranges. A bunch of green grapes was put in a bag and set in his cart, and then he wandered toward the cucumbers, glancing at someone he didn't recognize and doing a double take. He didn't often see new people outside of the restaurant.

    He passed up the cucumber for a head of lettuce and a tomato, then walked toward her. She was clearly pregnant, he observed. "Hello" He said cheerfully enough, deciding to greet her, figuring that he'd take a blow-off with a grain of salt, should she choose to do so.
  3. Kieara looked up hearing someone speaking. The place was dang near empty. He had to be talking to her right? Looking up and then around noticing she was the only person in sight, then laying eyes on the man, she smiled in a cheery manner back. "Hello there." she said to the seemingly friendly guy. She was a little on edge and a tad bit stressed. After everything that had been going on it was hard to let ones guard down. Especially when they were alone.
  4. She seemed friendly enough after she figured that, yes, he was addressing her in that manor. He hoped he didn't come off as a creep to her, he really wasn't. He had his moments where he was an absolute jerk, but he had never played the role of stalker. "If I'm not mistaken, you're new around here." He commented easily, and then directed his attention to one of the stands that were set up. They'd strategically placed the snack foods within the produce, probably luring the failing dieters from the path of healthy eating.
  5. Kieara rested her hands easily on her stomach and smiled as he spoke to her. For the bad half of town he was very friendly. She nodded in response to him. "as a matter of fact I am." she said to him. She kept her aquamarine eyes trained on him. She liked to be able to gauge the people she spoke with. And observing them was a way to do that. "I am Kieara." she said offering her hand for him to shake. No ring.
  6. He felt somewhat triumphant in knowing his assumption was accurate. He met her gaze evenly before he looked down at her extended hand, only to see that there was no ring on her finger. Truly surprising, though it shouldn't of been. A lot of women were single mothers lately. "Nice to meet you. I'm Avery." He said, shaking her hand and then releasing it. "How are you liking it here?" He asked, making friendly conversation despite knowing they weren't in the most impressive part of town.
  7. She shifted her feet beginning to hurt. Who was she kidding? Her dogs had been barking. All that walking hurt so much on swollen feet. She spoke. "Nice to meet you Avery." she said to him and spoke again. "It's a decent change of scenery. Area of town i'm in isn't the best, but it's better than where I was before." she said to him with a friendly smile. She tried to look for a silver lining in everything. Even if it meant making a new friend in the part of town she lived in that might potentially rob her blind.....Well, it was the kind of area they were in. Though he seemed far too nice to be a thief.
  8. He listened to her, actually caring what she had to say. It was a weird trait of his, to care a little too much about strangers. He had a knack for meeting the wrong kind of person, but what danger was there to be found in a pregnant woman? That list was far too big for his liking, but he cast it aside anyhow. She seemed uncomfortable and he took a step back. "I guess I should let you get to your car so you can get home..." He drifted off, brow quirking up slightly. He didn't know if she even had a car. If she didn't, he would make it his job to give her a ride home if she'd accept one.
  9. She smiled and shifted on her feet again. It wasn't that she was uncomfortable, she was just hurting is all. She noticed him backing up and spoke again. "It's quite alright, my feet are just hurting is all." she explained noting his seeming notice of her shiftiness. "I had to walk here from 34th street." she said to him. It was a 7 block walk to an apartment building with no elevator that she lived on the third floor of. And her job? Waitress. It wasn't meant for her feet to rest it seemed. She was used to it though and didn't complain. She spoke. "I'll let you get back to what you were doing." she said. She took her few items and headed for the register.
  10. "In which case, the right thing to do would be to let you be." He told her with an easy smile. If there was one thing he knew well, it was how to be a gentleman. It was difficult not to be. He had to think for a moment as to where thirty-fourth street was. Maybe for a person with no health concerns, that wasn't too far to travel, but that was a long walk when you were with child. Or, he assumed as much. He didn't exactly have the most experience with pregnant women. She was headed toward the register, so he grabbed one last thing and followed her easily. "At least let me give you a ride home. You shouldn't have to walk." He said, voice almost to the point of a plead. Avery wasn't interested in the glory for helping out a damsel in distress, it was just one of those things he felt he needed to do.
  11. Kieara wobbled along with her few things and began to place them on the counter for the man to check out. She thought that he'd already gone on his way. She turned hearing his voice again. His plead. Now any other time she'd never have even thought of getting into a car with a man she barely knew like this to drive her home. Especially not in this half of town. But man if her feet didn't hurt. One ride wouldn't bother....right? She smiled. "That's so kind of you. I'd hate to impose...." she said unzipping her purse to pay for the items. "You don't mind do you?"
  12. He waited until the cashier was bagging her items to put his on the conveyor belt, and then pulled out his wallet, waiting for her to finish up the exchange for her items. "Really, it's no imposition. It's not like it's that far out of my way." He told her, telling the truth. He lived around ten minutes away from her, just inside what was the nicer part of town. The cashier struck up a friendly conversation with him, and Avery just smiled as he talked about the recent game. Avery paid his bill, took his receipt and change, and grabbed his bag. "Shall we then?" He offered, motioning for her to walk in front of him.
  13. Kieara paid for her items and gathered her things in the bags. Only two. She smiled and nodded to him. "Sure." she spoke to him and wobbled in front of him outside and looked around. there was only a couple cars in the lot. "Which is yours?" she asked him looking over her shoulder at him. She waited patiently for him to get done talking before she'd headed out. She didn't want to be rude.
  14. He hadn't intended to have to talk to the cashier, but he humored him briefly enough to not seem rude. "Sorry about that." He said as they walked out the door. He pointed toward a black sedan, beginning toward it and opening the passenger's side door for her. He wasn't in a rush, and he hoped she didn't think herself an inconvenience, because she really wasn't. He never did things because he felt inclined to do so.
  15. Kieara smiled and spoke. "Oh it's perfectly fine." She said to him and moved to the sedan he pointed at behind him. As he opened the door she blushed a bit. "Why thank you." She said to him and got in slowly so she didn't fall. She sat her bags at her feet and then buckled up adjusting the seat belt around her large belly. Once situated she rested her hands lightly on top of her stomach. "You're very kind. Thank you." She told him as she waited.
  16. (You said she was a waitress above. Did you want her to maybe work at his restaurant, so they could run into one another again?)

    The pink that rose in her cheeks made him smile. "Anytime." He told her easily. He closed the door once she was inside and buckled, moving to the other side of the car and getting in. He started it, glancing over at her. "Thirty fourth street, right?" He asked, checking before he drove in the wrong direction entirely. He just flashed another smile in her direction when she told him he was very kind. He turned down the radio while he waited for her response. The music had been rather loud, as he wasn't really one for quiet.
  17. ((sure))

    Kieara spoke. "yes. It is." she said looking at him a bit oddly and then glanced behind them in the direction of 34th street. Where was he going? This wasn't her way home. He knew that.....right? Surely he'd notice the street signs. Maybe he had an errand to run. She was going to wait and see what happened.
  18. He took a left out of the parking lot, not wanting a fine for loitering, and glanced over when she verified what he suspected. He then took a right, watching the street signs before he could find the next right he needed to take. There they were, heading toward thirty fourth easily. "What's the number on it? I don't want to drop you off at the wrong place." He told her simply.
  19. "Building 22." she said with a soft smile. She spoke again. "Thank you for taking me home." she said. She needed to get ready for work and then she had to come home after that and start putting things away from the boxes she had everywhere. She was dreading it, but it had to be done. Even if it was difficult. She was silent being a fairly shy woman. However, Avery was very kind to her and she liked her new friend.
  20. Avery nodded, turning onto her street and watching the house numbers carefully. The last thing he wanted to do was drive past it and make himself look like an absolute idiot in front of the woman. He pulled off in front of her building and put the car in park, glancing around the neighborhood. Not the best place in town to be living on your own, but he couldn't change the fact it was where she had established residency. It wasn't like he was one to talk. "Shall I walk you in?" He offered, brow quirking upwards.