Exotic and Beautiful Travel Destinations!

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  1. [​IMG]

    The topic came up in chat and then I was stuck looking at beautiful travel photos. XD The above picture is of the Atlantis Palm Resort in Dubai. It's gooooorgeous.

    What beautiful locations would you love to see in person one day?
  2. I want to visit Viet Nam. Anywhere in Viet Nam, really. Probably the main cities, of course, but I've always found the Quang Binh province to be beautiful.
  3. Touristy places, BAH Diana BAH I SAY!


    I've always wanted to trace my family's roots in the sottish highlands.
  4. Space. [hires]
    This picture tortures the crap out of me XD I want to see the earth from orbit!
  5. Dublin Ireland