EXODUS 47: This is Where the World Ends

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  1. *Every Character and Story Arch Will Be Subject To My Approval for Quality Control*

    PLOT: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/exodus-47-this-is-where-the-world-ends.55237/

    INTEREST CHECK: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threa...-the-world-ends-original-superheros-rp.55236/

    I invite you to allow your imagination to go WILD. This is a sandbox RP. That doesn't mean we dont have a plot or set story, but it does mean everything is subject to change at any moment. It can go anywhere if you let it!
    You'll need....

    First Name/ Surname
    Nicknames/ Ego
    Powers/Skill (1-4)
    Status: [Infected/Clean]
    Location: [Which Dome?]
    Appearances (Normal/Superhuman/Other)
    Brief History

    WAIT. Before You Scroll. Just know that you dont need to read all of that. Simply chose a category you may be interested. This is all worldbuilding facts about our world to warm you up to the atmosphere..so with that...Welcome to EXODUS 47!


    Transhumanism and the introduction of publicly used androids and A.I are mostly accepted in the EXODUS fleet. That's pretty self explanatory. Feel free to make android character or tanshuman characters. Culture is also battling against what makes one human, especially with the evolution of artificial intelligence and the rise of another organism (Morbi Heroa) that seem to outclass the human species. That may be a large theme here. What is a human? In a world where superhumans, androids, Morbi Heroa and A.I exist? What is home? In a world where home was destroyed. This is where the world ends!

    Universe's Organizations and Races

    EXODUS R&D Dept
    A wide range of sciences that use cutting edge research to understand the parasites and ancient civilization. They work closely with the EMF.

    EXODUS ASYLUM Tightly bound asylum and prison unit used to contain the most powerful threats to the old society before the Great Move. Several villains are kept in here with the hopes that their genius and power can be used to even the odds against their predatory species.

    XDS ENTERTAINMENTThe central source of all things entertainment and media related. XDS is responsible for the most cutting edge forms of entertainment. From entertainment androids of all forms to embedded television sets,"If it entertained you, it probably was XDS."
    EXODUS Militant Federation (EMF) -The EXODUS' main muscle, comprising of trained soldiers of all kinds and superhumans that were drafted after revealing themselves.

    BOUNTY UNION A union forged by an underground community of anti-superhuman activists that looks to eliminate every law breaking super in the solar system. The union's headquarters are located in EXODUS-SATURN, although a small (secret) embassy is located in every dome found in the system. Every recorded superhuman has a bounty depending on their action. The union is sponsored by the elite of the EXODUS world. These hunters come in all shapes and sizes with all forms of equipment, both cutting edge and archaic.


    A.I System [Nicknamed Moses]

    The secret A.I interface, Moses, is the main brain of the entire exodus fleet surrounding our solar system. These 'super states' are consistently monitored by the Moses program in terms of billions of archived records of each of its officially recorded inhabitants. (This doesn't count for those outcasts that may have gotten in somehow). The A.I system is praised by its critics as 'the closest thing we have to God'. Thisnear omnipresent system watches and protects its inhabitants in order to execute its final algorithm.

    Defined Goal [Algorithm: Promise Land]

    Beyond its sugarcoated appearance lies a program embedded eep within the frame of the exodus project named 'PRMSELND.exd'. The center of the Moses system, EXODUS-SOLAR, holds a nuclear cannon instructed to fire at regular interval in order to wipe clean the surface of the entire planet and devastate the enemy should it be activated. The program would kill millions of innocent outcasts and heroans. The power of the cannon was meant to counteract the power ofThe Engine of Life. Which must be found, obtained or terminated in order to prevent the algorithm from being launched.


    The COLUMBUS BRIGADE is a sector of the militant forces being used to explore the Earth. Their flagship, St. Mary, orbits near Earth at all times. Below are some of its projects..

    The Eden Project

    An ambitious project by some of the Federation's more eccentric scientists, it focuses on genetic engineering in an attempt to "reclaim" the surface of the Earth. Extensive genetic engineering has led to the creation of a number of new lifeforms, all designed to be able to not only survive under the new conditions on the planet's surface, but to thrive. They don't always resemble what people are used to, but such are the vagaries of scratch-building living things. All of the project's creations are designed to survive in extreme conditions, notably when it comes to high levels of environmental toxins and diseases. In addition, many are capable of collecting these poisons and breaking them into something harmless: they would not only live in a toxic waste dump, but eventually render it safe and clean for anything else. Resistance or immunity to the Morbi plagues are, of course, highly sought-after traits.

    The project's base of operations is a large "garden" spanning several square miles of what would be American desert. The above ground facilities are protected by high walls, razor wire, and a mixture of automated defenses and manned guard posts. Most of the scientific and laboratory facilities are safely underground, while the above ground complex contains a number of specially-created biomes separated by partitions, each one sprawling in size and full of newly-created flora and fauna. The entire experimental garden area is highly toxic, and personnel operating within it have to take regular doses of chelating agents and other antidotes, in addition to wearing NBC environment suits, to safely work without dying from one form of poisoning or another. Their base of operations is found on EXODUS-SOLAR, the center of the entire fleet.

    ER TEAM (Exploration/ Retrieval)

    The main muscle of the brigade. The government works nonstop at reclaiming Earth. . As such, chosen teams of five are given cutting edge exploration technology in order to fulfill Earth-bound missions in order to combat the opposing forces met on their home planet. The ERN (Exploration Retrieval Network) is a communication network accessible by connecting to a set placement of underground hubs. The network allows all members to communicate via voice or network-based textchat. The hubs are rather simple. Hydraulic shafts found in small, surviving nuclear bunkers scattered across the globe lead far down into a separate building created to house ER teams and their equipment. The goal of these teams are to scout remaining superhumans, fulfill independent missions or find information on their greatest enemy. Missions work in cycles of 3 months before a carrier ship will pick the surviving members up at a designated bunker. Their equipment varies (giving yous space to character build), although their biosuit is always a must.

    [I imagine it somehwat like thishttp://www.therpf.com/f11/metroid-prime-3-halo-4-male-cross-over-suits-191019/]


    The Morbi Heroa (DemiGod's Disease) is an ancient group of sentient parasites that existed on our planet since the dawn of time. Secretly recorded in every great civilization, their presence is often related to the appearance of super human capabilities. Not much is known about them. The Morbi Heroa are thought to be the common ancestors of all Superhumans at a time where survival was only possible by hiding in the DNA of bigger hosts to grant them supernatural powers for survival. These all-wise beings have risen up in the spark of power and corruption found on Earth in order to 'cleanse their planet before it destroys itself.' As such, they commonly call themselves 'Salvation' and are organized in a 'Planetary Salvation Unit' (PSU). The parasites come in large spores, humanoid form, host form (think zombies), or in fungal form.

    The House of Heroa -A cult of followers that worship or have sided witht he Morbi Heroa's purpose. Their dedication is tested withThe Ritual of Infection. (To be decided)

    The Great Twelve

    For each of Their Appearances..
    -Common Strengths
    -Common Weakness
    -Habitats and Behavior

    The final goal of the Morbi Heroa is to activateThe Engine of Life, an ancient structure believed to be hidden somewhere on Earth. The engine, a devastating source of power, will be used to wipe clean the Earth and Solar system in order to 'purify' the world again. It is believed thatThe Engine of Life is what began all life that ever existed, resulting in 'The Big Bang'.

    The Infected (Outcasts)

    Outcasts are those who live on the border of society, typically found on Earth. Once infected, citizens are sent to Earth to avoid further destruction or spreading. Among the remaining Earthlings, outcasts are usually left to be taken over by their spores. When infected, one typically becomes insane and fights the battle of two minds to win his/her body. Not all infected are the same, though. Some are infected and are given powers alone (covert infection) while some are infected aggressive and are technically zombies to the Morbi Heroa spores.


    The federation is split between each planet of our solar system. Simply put it, there is an EXODUS state for each planet. The location names work like:


    The states are pretty large, roughly the size of the entirety of the USA due to the overflow of superhumans that rose over the past decade. The states are very uniform. Each dome (state) is ran by an A.I system that monitors the environment, which is linked to the mainframe located at the center of the operation at EXODUS-SOLAR (the center of our solar system). The cities are in no way a dystopia, but a bustling futuristic metropolis. Think of each state as just another cyberpunk/sci fi country with superhumans on the lose. oAs for the technology, people still get by on four wheels, although hoverboards and hovercycles have just recently been created. Outerspace travel would take place in public carriers, personal crafts or in militant space carriers that travel along an illuminated gravitational field that resembles a huge roadway in space.\

    City Infrastructure (Specified)

    The super city domes are all uniform. Each is covered by a thick protective layer (dome) that guards its inhabitants. There are ports of entry at each of the 16 poles. The domes were modeled after the cities of Earth. There are walls that divide this cyberpunk-esque society.

    The first is nicknamed White Wall for the white walls surrounding the City Hall, a large dome placed in the enter of each super city. The surrounding buildings are high class businesses, expensive hotels, and luxury shops. The second district is nicknamed Gray Walls for the gray, dull walls surrounding the police station and prison. The rest of the buildings are factories and lower class businesses and motels.

    The surface of the Earth is desolate. Only empty ghost cities and empty ruins cover the surface. Those outcasts who find themselves able to live on the harsh surface can find themselves hunting or being hunted. Whether joining forces of being slaves to the Morbi Heroan armies that have covered the nations or surviving off of the harsh land, Earthlings are the new survivors. Some networks of humans have networked underground bunkers and lairs (think underground villages) in order to escape the heroans and the harsh conditions of the above earth. Weather is extreme. Either extremely humid, hot, freezing or stormy

    The battle armor equipped by most militants and operatives countering the heroan enemies is thick and heavy. Each suit acts as a barrier to prevent infection via cuts or incisions. Traditional bullets and weaponry did not work back at the battle of the Earth. The heroans are strong, versatile and dangerous. The suit's technology hosts bioscanners, universal databases, intercommunication devices, tracking beacons, self destruct beacons (upon defeat), vehicle communication devices (for those using nearby vehicles), air and water filters, and are able to host various other customization functions tailored to each soldier (or bounty hunter).

    Projectiles and standard bullets have been replaced with new discoveries in high-energy ionized gas (plasma) which have been integrated into firearms, explosives and all forms of combatant material personally manufactured by the Bounty Union/ EMF to fit closley with the style of their squads. The energy and heat given off are not enough to fully eliminate a heroan, but can compliment combat in order to do so. Custom exoskeletal technology and near-ground hover carriers have also been made to compliment on-soil soldiers.
    (In Dome) Done with standard wheeled vehicles.

    Travel (Outer Dome)

    Most of those travelling outside go by public carriers as its viewed and unsafe to leave the dome without any training. Militants and soldiers are carried in carriers. Some bounty hunters or elitists may have the luxury of being able to travel with their own personal spacecraft. Many police stations have been commissioned in order to lower the amount of stolen or illegally created crafts used to explore Earth or travel to other domes without permission. Each port or travelling system has a standard scanning procedure along with its immigration proecedures for scanning immigrants for infection. This would include a full body scan through a locked off chamber. Infected persons are detained and shipped to Earth as outcasts.

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  2. I like both of those ideas, with the 12 "Gods"/leaders in particular standing out as a fun addition. Thy would probably make the whole primary threat easier to relate to or communicate with, rather than just some strange horde of super-powered crazies and zombie-like monsters. It probably won't really undermine them being an enemy who won't communicate or has strange, ungessable goals, either. I'd suggest going one step further with the mythological connection and actually give them reporting names from myth, assigned to them by the EMF based on behavior, appearance, powers, etc.

    I know the setting's only just in the solar system, but I'm curious a bit about how quickly people and information can travel. There's no need for FTL communications everywhere, and the time lag from light, or even worse, people traveling across the solar system, could be something of a big deal. Sort of the same problem from the Age of Exploration on Earth, where news traveled by ship, and took months to get around. You could be going to help someone who might not even still be alive.

  3. I was actually thinking of names for them after I wrote that post. For the mythology, I thought Christianity would also be a good base, since it is a major religion in the real world today, and might hit a little closer to home for some people. If we go with the Christianity idea, I was thinking their names would center around the Archangels so like Michael, Raphael, Uriel etc etc. It's common knowledge there are 7 particularly famous archangels, but I did some research and found 8 more. We can narrow it down to twelve in our discussion. Btw I reserve the name Metatron for a character I'm thinking of making.

    I don't know about traveling through space, maybe wormholes? Teleporters? Information can be digital, like how it is sent around today

    First Name/ Surname
    Nicknames/ Ego:
    The Puppeteer , The Hot Flash
    Powers/Skill (1-4)




    Status: Clean
    Location: EXODUS-SOLAR, White Wall
    Race/Organization: Exploration & Retrieval Unit Soldier
    Gender Female (Alters for Missions)
    Sex Female
    Age 43
    Appearances: Transhuman Cyber-Citizen. Various
    Brief History
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  5. ah I see that can be a problem. Possibly @ShiningMist can input his ideas? Or maybe we can draw inspiration from shows in which the main setting is space?
  6. That's fine with me! I can see how it can offend some people. If not a modern religion, then maybe they can go back to and old religion but take on a different name. Say Titans?
  7. I'd probably do a mix. Titans, Norse gods, Celtic gods, Middle-Eastern and Indian myth, monsters, whatever. Since at least my take on it would be these aren't the actual names of these guys, just what the people fighting them choose to call them, so they would probably be more indicative of either their behavior or powers, than anything else.
  8. All of this reminds me of the Kaijus and Angels from Pacific Rim and Neon Genesis Evangelion lol. If we are avoiding modern religions maybe we should avoid Indian/Hinduism. Otherwise the other mythologies can work too. we would have to figure out and decide what abilities these 12 have if their names are based on their abilities first.

    Ooh what about the Zodiac?
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  9. The zodiac always work well for these things.

    Any opinions on my little "fun things on Earth" idea?
  10. I quite like it. It's a change from robots who would normally be considered the ideal candidates for the reclaiming Earth project. It can make for an interesting plot if the beings suddenly turn on their creators or include signs of intelligence.
  11. I'd like to join! What do ya'll still need help with?
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  12. I think so far we've mostly just been throwing stuff at a wall to see what sticks, so I'd invite you to join in doing the same.

    And I have a thought. I wonder how the culture might generally be different in the setting. And also if there are some people who agree with any ideas the Morbi Heroa might have about cleansing humanity. Or just worship them as gods due to being crazy. And, if superhumans are often viewed with mistrust, what role would they tend to serve? While I'm sure they would still be primarily protectors and, well, heroes, I doubt they'd be all Justice League style and afforded all the admiration one usually expects.
  13. I can see some people joining the cult and others repulsed by it. If the supers are the ones to get the most disrespect and dislike from other people, i can see a lot of them siding with the Morbi Heroa and forming a cult. We can even go X-men on this and make a division between the supers: one who want to be human or be respected by regular folk, or side against regulars and kill them all so that only supers exist, seeing themselves as a superior evolution of humanity. I can see others joining too, like those who do not see the supers as dangerous beings or those who desire powers themselves. They would worship them just like gods so with rituals and prayer and sacrifices too. The numbers of the cult can vary from planet to planet. For example the moon could have the weakest branch of the cult because they are the closest to Earth and get a first hand look at the damage done to the planet other than the ones who are still there. Earth's cult strength i want to say is varying, possibly even numbers with those who are not in the cult, if that made any sense.
  14. Do you want me to make character sheets for them? Also are the 12 going to be NPCs or playable characters? If the latter is the case I can play a few of them but I doubt I could control all unless I was writing my own novel >.<
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  15. I just prefer some light being shone on who these guys are and their function. Or the civilizations theyve been a part of and their religious contexts etc and how they play into the RP at the present time.

    I had an idea for the Morbi Heroa to be at an arms race to activate an ancient structure on planet Earth called 'The Engine of Life' (its an old RP idea of mines) in order to cleanse the solar system and "give birth to a new world"..if that helps you with where I want their motives to be
  16. Can two characters be made?
  17. Okay I see now. That'll be enough information for now, I'll ask you for more if i need it. Otherwise, give me awhile to work on them and I'll have them up ASAP!
  18. So many words... If possible I'd like to join. A few questions right off:

    • Are the Outcasts the superhumans? What do you mean have an appearance that is a hybrid of the spore's humanoid form (what exactly does that look like? One of the Flood Pure Forms from Halo?) and human, something like a Flood Combat Form? Do those undead-looking chaps get superpowers too? Or are these just Morbi-allied infected with superpowers and there are other superhumans that look human but have powers and do whatever the hell they want?
    • And these zombies, how do they differ from other infected, or are they just sods afflicted by the Heroa but not given powers?
    • I have my own personal doubts about those 12 Major Morbi (or Morbi in general) being able to just transform from true form to humanoid. It's cool if you want it, but wouldn't it make more sense if they did the same thing as their lesser counterparts and enter a host, the only difference being the hosts are granted godlike powers, far superior to average supers?
    • Can supers be Bounty Hunters, or is the Union too super-phobic for that (and do all members hate supers that much)?
    • What is meant by "archaic" technology?
    • DOES ANYONE IN THIS UNIVERSE JUST WANT TO HUG THE PARASITES RATHER THAN KILL THEM? Is there a group of humans who would rather make peace with the supers and Morbi Heroa and live in harmony?
    • By powers/skill do you mean we can have multiple powers (I don't know, someone has flight, strength, speed, and laser vision, or are they stuck with energy manipulation and just happen to be able to do a lot of stuff with that)?
    • What exactly are the limits to the powers we can have? They're being gifted by these parasites, but what are the limitations? Energy and matter manipulation, or are we talking Necromantic powers, Vitakinesis and the such? In other words, are these parasites limited by the laws of Nature or are they completely supernatural?
    • Something useful to consider when making weapons is the practicality of them in general. What do you want to blow up? In our case, we have zombies, zombies with superpowers, normal people with superpowers, and parasites who give people superpowers. How do we kill zombies? Typically with termination of the nervous system, so a flechette gun would be practical (something like the Graal Spike Thrower from ME3). How do you kill parasites? Fire. Burn the spores and it efficiently kills them. Napalm bombs of a higher caliber might also be in order. How do you kill super-zombies? A first answer would be nukes and ballistic missiles, but that's not always an option. So we go with annihilation of the body, which can be achieved with directed energy weapons (lasers, hard-light, and plasma are all excellent ways to tear apart bodies), explosives (I'd recommend grenade launchers, rocket launchers, and rocket-propelled grenade launchers. This being the future, most would likely have homing systems, shrapnel of varying sorts, likely be updated to release bursts of plasma or liquid nitrogen for added effect), and ice (nitrogen cannons to spray them down with liquid nitrogen, allowing them to be quickly finished with a blow to the head) come to mind immediately. Superhumans are a more difficult problem, assuming they have powers that can cause trouble (and most likely they will). Energy and matter controllers can be dealt with simply, but not easily. You have to find a method to block or bypass offensive attacks (likely an energy shield that can withstand fire, lightning, plasma, large projectiles, and weird spore thingies, as well as have armor that can adapt to varying situations, such as sudden bursts of light being dealt with by adjusting tint in visors, being able to increase tread on boots on the ground in the event that the terrain changes, and general body armor that can take a hit). The same goes for supers with more biological changes. Armor systems should be able to recognize carriers if they appear normal or have changed shape, and really, really need to be able to take a hit if the super has strength or speed on their side. As well, armor (R-9 mentioned mech-suits, so this is what I'm going on) should have automated targeting systems to compensate for human error (not everyone is a master marksman who can hit a moving target on a moving target, and not everyone can track a target moving at the speed of sound). Suit should be connected to primary weapons (the gun the soldier is holding) so that the status of the weapon is continually updated in (you guessed it) a HUD. Suits would be best served amplifying strength, speed, and agility for one, and a few cool features would be to include additional weapon systems (think those tiny little launchers that Iron Man used to kill those terrorists holding human shields in the first movie, as well as a few bigger things). Basic VIs could be useful for watching a soldier's blind spot (anywhere they can't see) and making sure they don't die (if something is creeping up behind them, the VI fires one of those tiny cannons to kill it, and if those aren't available warns the soldier). I assume that most space battle scenarios are obsolete since it's not humans vs. humans anymore. However, ships and smaller craft need to be equipped with weapons appropriate for a supporting role to act as backup for infantry (large spaceships are equipped with more accurate orbit-to-ground weapons for area damage and priority-target destruction, aircraft equipped with destructive explosive projectiles and lighter (but still deadly) directed energy (whatever you want that to be, hard-light, plasma, normal lasers) weapons for aerial combat and air-to-ground attacks. Mobile armor would be best suited as it is today: Big gun plus little gun equals big boom. Most tanks would likely now be equipped with heavy anti-infantry weapons for use against those hordes you were talking about, like two big guns for the big targets and a bunch of smaller guns for rapid fire streams of projectiles.
    *Takes deep breath* I've heard from a number of people that when I write, I'm arrogant, presumptuous, take over another person's RP, and am otherwise unlikeable. I hope that this isn't the case here, and I would like to make it very clear that no matter what you've read and no matter how I've written it, it is all very sincere and honest questions or suggestions.
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  19. Ill answer each question in order.

    1) The Morbi Heroa were modeled after the Flood. So all f yoru assumptions are correct. The outcasts can be anyone from an infected person with powers to a regular citizen left behind by the EXODUS project. I never make a set rule as though 'outcasts must have powers or be infected of soem sort.' Its a sandbox, so go wild. Also note that there will be a difference between infected people with powers and regular superhumans. Its just common belief that every superhuman must be infected (as an in-world urban myth of sorts)

    2) When I said zombies I meant to say, like some parasitic takeovers, theres always a battle between the two minds of host vs parasite. These zombie-like phases make infected persons slowly lose their mind and become very destructive or psychopathic (in layman's terms). Once fully taken over, their hybrid form can be fuly used as the host would be dead...like a zombie (flood combat form). The parasites can either infect persons without damaging them and granting them powers ottake over the host by force (what I just described)

    3) The 12 Morbi Heroa are not fully worldbuilt yet. There isnt any standard for them. The only thing that is certain is that these 12 heads are godlike creatures that have been leading the infection since the dawn of time. Their presence can be seen in ancient folklore and religion.

    4) Superhumans probably can't be bounty hunters since the union was founded to terminate them. The purpose of each bounty hunter will naturally vary, and it seems realistic if a superhuman would somehow hide in the union to protect himself 'under their noses'.

    5) Archaic technology (in the bounty hunter sense) would be the technology we have available as of today, given that the story takes place in a time where technology has far surpassed what we have as of 2014.

    6) Yes of course, The House of Heroa is a group (cult) of people that have joined the Heroan organisms for various reasons (from logical to religious, anything goes). Of course their rituals are followed by most but some associate with the House for less religious or occult reasons. The Morbi Heroa did become the human's #1 predator and almost drove them to extinction, so I imagine there is a lot of animosity from the general public. The heroa are parallel to human beings in many ways, having their own unique sense of self just as we do. It would make sense for some who have met a friendly, non-violent heroan to take sympathy for them. So..yes it is possible to want to befriend some. But the army itself is looking to eliminate all human beings, which means living in harmony is not an option.

    7) Chose 1-4 powers or skills. Equipment should be able to help you as well depending on your character. My only rule is that no one is invincible, but can be hard to defeat. Feel free to use powerless characters as well. There isn't much rules and regulations for this, but every character passes through me before being validated (for a final say in quality control) Dont worry..Im not that picky! :P

    8) The parasites grant a range of powers. There isnt a rule or list of them. Again if someone is infected you chose 1-4 as though you were making a character. If a superhuman is ifnected I SUPPOSE that superhuman loses its powers for the ones of the heroa, depending on the infection whether it is for posses ion or covert infection (not meant for takeover). They can range from super strength to necromancy. Although necromancy wouldnt be magical as it would be a variation of spore/ morbi heroa manipulation to resurrect or infect others.

    9) I dont mean to offend you, but I couldn't bring myself to read all of that. Ill answer as best I can based on what I read from it. The science in this RP is not as hardcore as you may think. Afterall, it is a superhero RP at heart, which means the science of it all isn't very important to me. Of course this isn;t a hack n slash RP because strategy will have to be world built as to the Morbi Heroa's weaknesses and strengths against weapons like bullets and fire/explosions (after all, they drove the humans off of their own planet at a time where all of those weapons already existed.) Instead, I plan to worldbuild (probably along with he discussion and help of the interested RPers) a set of equipment and measures that can be used to flesh out the experience of battle against certain characters like the Morbi Heroa and the infected.

    Ending Note

    I always like to see RPers curious about my worlds, so ti wasn't offensive at all. I read it al as enthusiasm and not overbearing arrogance. You seem to enjoy worldbuilding, which I like to see! Your character sheets go in this thread so when you're ready..you can post them as you like. If you have more questions or ideas just post them here, I'll try to answer them and weed out which of your suggestions best fit the RP's spirit. With that said, welcome to EXODUS 47 :D
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  20. I've already pieced together a sort of battle strategy and description of what weapons would be fitting for certain situations, so if anyone is willing I'd want to bounce some ideas back and forth for tech and combat. (We can do it here, but it would be less space-consuming to do it by PM, and we post the finalized result here.)
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