EXODUS 47: 'This is Where the World Ends' [Original Superheros RP]

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  1. EXODUS 47

    The Story is an Original Superhero RP that takes place in a post apocalyptic/sci-fi setting. Decades ago, planet Earth has been ravaged by an unknown species of sentient parasitic lifeforms that have become humans' top predatory species (Codnamed Morbi Heroa) . Because of the near-extinction of the human race, the 'Great Move' was made. Only the wealthiest or most valuable members of society were able to escape the reaches of the Morbi Heroa, by launching a Galactic Federation space program to preserve the most elite in a space-bound home and military system.

    The system holds housing systems, all institutions, military bases, prisons and asylums to hold humanities' most valuable or dangerous persons. Think of it as 'Earth away from Earth'. This system, originally founded on the Earthly city of City 47, was named EXODUS 47. EXODUS 47 , nicknamed 'The Dome' is a floating city that is interconnected by teleportation a group of independently floating states that are scattered across the solar system reaching from as close to the Sun to as far as Pluto.

    Its up to our heros to find the cause and reason for Morbi Heroa's existence as well as finding a way to stop them. Let your characters run wild by joining the parasites or the federation in a fight to the finish. This is where the world ends!
    More Info on Our Enemy:

    The Morbi Heroa (DemiGod's Disease) is an ancient group of sentient parasites that existed on our planet since the dawn of time. Secretly recorded in every great civilization, their presence is often related to the appearance of super human capabilities. Not much is known about them. The Morbi Heroa are thought to be the common ancestors of all Superhumans at a time where survival was only possible by hiding in the DNA of bigger hosts to grant them supernatural powers for survival. These all-wise beings have risen up in the spark of power and corruption found on Earth in order to 'cleanse their planet before it destroys itself.' As such, they commonly call themselves 'Salvation' and are organized in a 'Planetary Salvation Unit' (PSU). The parasites come in large spores, humanoid form, host form (think zombies), or in fungal form.

    A social stigma was placed on Superhumans because of this. Although a lot 'out of the closet' of superhumans work openly for the military, many regular humans are still disgusted by their presence since they can be called 'offspring of the enemy.'

    What do you Think?

    If you're interested, comment below!
    You'll need to create your own unique heroes and characters (can be inspired by existing ones).

    Character Sheet Help: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/exodus-47-this-is-where-the-world-ends.55239/
    PLOT: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/exodus-47-this-is-where-the-world-ends.55237/
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  2. I've got something that should work well for this, so I'll give it a shot.

    Just like human narcissism to declare themselves a "Galactic" federation of one single race (or, one too many Star Trek fans in charge of naming things). Surprised we're able to make space colonies or generation ships or whatever but are too stubborn to just leave the planet, although maybe we can't. Whatever the case, I'll probably have some world-building to play with.
  3. Cool. I'll probably put my ramblings in the OOC/character sheet thread then. Probably with a character attached. Any general range or limit on powers we should know about? I know your last game is more Batman-inspired and on that sort of level, but this seems a bit of a bigger game with bigger stakes.
  4. I wanted a sandbox feel for his RP. For now, I dont have a limit for now. Its more of a space opera/ superhero/ apocalypse / zombie RP so there's a lot of ways to blend things for character creation. Go wild, just not OP
  5. Well, it's easy to tone stuff down as needed anyway.

    It occurs to me that while a sandbox set-up isn't bad, some sort of general directions for players to pursue might help. As-is, there's a setting, but no hooks for story. Although I feel like fighting back the unknown, ancient enemy would be a major one.
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  8. We could. I'm not a terrible hand at photoshop and the like, so I could probably slap something together, though it'd need @ShiningMist to approve it and all that.
    I've got no clue what sort of imagery to use, though.
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