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Just an old idea I had lying around in my computer. It's not really fleshed out (I was nineteen when I wrote it and was new to creating rps) Now that I look at it, it reminds me of Bakugan XDDD So if anyone is willing to help me with some ideas or more fleshing out I'm all ears! ^^


The Back-story- The year is 2011- due to the amazing leap in technology by the founding company known as “DNC” “dimensional Network Connections” humanity has figured out many things in the span of ten years since the companies first emergence back in the year 2000. They have discovered the cure to cancer, created Cyber electronics, fixed the Global Warming issue, and even learned to perfect gene splicing. However the most amazing thing that the company had accomplished was –dimensional travel. When coming back from their first exploration the team sent there found strange core-like spheres. With research and understanding it soon was found that the spheres were alive…. A spirit dwelt in each unique one. Soon the spheres were used for everything. From war to even games, and thus started the age… of the EXOSpheres…. However a group of people are about to find out there’s more to the EXOsphere’s than they thought, a hidden background of DNC and- the TRUTH about the spirits dwelling in the cores….

This isn't a GAME anymore...


DNC- DNC or “Dimensional Network Connections” is a multi billion dollar run organization. At first starting out as a small funded group to find means to help the world by the Government. They soon aimed for higher goals. They eventually became the symbol of the world for finding a new Dimension. They discovered the EXOspheres and the EX Spirits inside of the Spheres. They also branched off into different sections for war, politics, and entertainment becoming the strongest company in the world. The new Boss of DNC founded the game “Core Wars” due to the help of his young son. Now they are seemingly trying to figure out a way for humans to live in another realm- however that is only media speculation…

Adept- The term used for the human players of the game “Core Wars” where the humans give commands to their EX spirits to do battle. Being an Adept isn’t easy however- as commands are given through mental commands instead of verbal. The stronger and calmer Adepts become the best as they can keep themselves composed in stressful situations. There are tournaments and even jobs for Adepts who are proficient enough. Almost everyone on Earth is capable of being an Adept, classes are given for those who want to condition their minds, and schools host electives in Highschool and College for those interested as well.

EXOSphere- A strange gem colored core-like sphere. Which each have their own unique symbol on them. There are ten colors- corresponding to the ten elements. Red is Fire, Brown is Earth, Green is Wind, Yellow is Lightning, Blue is Water, Orange is Energy, Purple is Poison, White is Light, black is Darkness, Gray is Metal, and a clear one is a “deceased” EXOsphere.

EX Spirit- The spirits that are contained within their EXOsphere. They are usually obedient to their Adepts however there are “rare cases” where they go against their Adept. EX Spirits are basically like spirits except a few differences. For one they are tangible- meaning they can be hit, knocked out, or even harmed. They don’t die when they lose in battle; they are simply “recycled” back into their EXOsphere form where they turn clear until they regain their strength again. This clear state is often called their “deceased state” despite they can’t die truly. They hail from another dimension known as “Korre” and appear in many forms. From humanoid to beast-like their forms are nearly endless. Though there is still much mystery surrounding the EX Spirits and what they truly are…

X-Adapter- A special device that is strapped to the arm like a gauntlet, the device is used to contain and control the power and mental link between the Adept and EX Spirit. The EXOSphere is placed in the middle of the device which activates the link. For safety measures there is a “Reject” command which with a mental or vocal command can end the connection. The better the connection with your spirit, the better you can "Sync" with them and thus have a greater success in battle.

Core Wars- A popular game where the adept and the EX Spirit fight as a team- the Adept commands the EX Spirit while the EX Spirit does the fighting. In the match the EX Spirit cannot harm the Adept enemy or face automatic lose of the match. The game is an elimination battle where the teams try to knock out the others EX-Spirit and force them into their “deceased” form or their core form to end the battle. Usually the game is for fun, however some people like to wager things to “spice” things up a bit. Among the Stronger Adepts are Tournaments where they decide a Champion- who keeps the title for three years, until they are opposed again. There are also underground tournaments where there’s more at risk than usual… Core Wars is a worldwide Government run organization and enjoyed by the billions.
Kinda reminds me of Angelic Layer or Custom Robo
Reminds me a little of Megaman Battle Network, Metabots, and a game in the Seventh Tower book series.

Speaking of Seventh Tower, I had an idea from there (and from Digimon....sorta). What about fusing your EX spheres to make stronger, but harder to control creatures?