Existing Roleplay Submission Thread 2024

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Welcome to the WaRP submission thread for the Existing Roleplays category! To submit your entry, please fill out the form below and reply to this thread.


Name of Roleplay:
Link to OOC/Plot Info Thread:
Link to IC Thread:
Other Links; eg. Roleplay Extras, Discord servers, Google Docs, etc. (if applicable):
Co-GMs (List all, if applicable):
Original or Fandom-Based?:
Is this a Redstar/Bluestar RP?:
Current number of players:
Why do you think your RP deserves to win?:
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Name of Roleplay: The Only Way To Go Is Up
Link to OOC/Plot Info Thread: INTEREST CHECK - GROUP RP AD - THE ONLY WAY TO GO IS UP ~ A Story Born Of The Void
Link to IC Thread: ALWAYS OPEN - The Only Way To Go Is Up ~ Story Proper~
Other Links; eg. Roleplay Extras, Discord servers, Google Docs, etc. (if applicable): TOWTGIU 2024 PROPER LORE THREAD
Co-GMs (List all, if applicable): N/A
Original or Fandom-Based?: Original Setting, Fandom Characters
Is this a Redstar/Bluestar RP?: neither nor
Current number of players: 22 Players.
Why do you think your RP deserves to win?: Formally, I have no reason. I entered this WARP to try and expand my Tower's L O R E to the best of my ability, and in this past month, it's quite the experience.
Name of Roleplay: Halo - Empty Throne: The Roleplaying Game
Link to OOC/Plot Info Thread: Here
Link to IC Thread:
Human Inner Colonies and Sol System
Human Outer Colonies
Doisac Sphere
Western Covenant Sphere
Sanghelios Sphere
Eastern Covenant Sphere
Other Links: The Empty Throne Discord Server
Co-GMs: N/A; run exclusively by me
Original or Fandom-Based?: Fandom - Halo, a (mostly) military science fiction setting.
Is this a Redstar/Bluestar RP?: No.
Current number of players: Six active players, will update until August - game freshly started. Many are still making sheets.
Why do you think your RP deserves to win?:
Because the game is built as a large, multi-thread game, with a long narrative that will last a while. I've been making and running games like this since I was twelve, and thus I know what I can and can't do, how to avoid pitfalls that could hurt or kill the game, how to deal with unruly players, and what my muse attaches to (and I've carefully designed this game to be one where it wouldn't let go in a million years).

As for my enjoyment of Halo, I've seen it be dragged through the mud and I'm still here, so me just not liking the setting which the game is based off anymore is flat out impossible.

In addition, we've made the game as open to newbies as possible. For newbies to Halo, I've put all the important details into the OOC and each IC's first post, so a completely fresh person to Halo could understand immediately the current state of affairs, who's who, and hopefully what they want to play.
For newbies to roleplaying, I'm always here to help new players and answer questions, and I can be as accommodating or handsfree as possible. Empty Throne also has four modes of play - single character, squad/lance, a ship and its crew, or a full-fledged minor faction - to allow people comfortable with some game styles but not others to have a place in this game.