Existing Roleplay Submission Thread 2022-2023


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Welcome to the WaRP submission thread for the Existing Roleplays category! To submit your entry, please fill out the form below and reply to this thread.


Name of Roleplay:
Link to OOC/Plot Info Thread:
Link to IC Thread:
Links to other threads (if applicable):
Co-GMs (List all, if applicable):
Original or Fandom-Based?:
Is this a Redstar/Bluestar RP?:
Current number of players:
Why do you think your RP deserves to win?:
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Name of Roleplay: The Evrensel Conflict
Link to OOC/Plot Info Thread: "War does not determine who is right — only who is left."
Links to IC Thread:
The Only Easy Day was Yesterday (Loud)
The Only Easy Day was Yesterday (Stealth)
Black Future
The Lost World
The Penance Company
Distress Call
Dark Side of the Moon
Essence of Shade
A Quest of Behemoth Proportions
Links to other threads:
OC Creation
Canon Claims
Original World Creation
Evrensel Codex -- Lore (Table of Contents)
Co-GMs (List all, if applicable): @The Wanderer @Birdsie @Knight Falchion @BlackRoseDova
Original or Fandom-Based?: Fandom
Is this a Redstar/Bluestar RP?: No
Current number of players: 21
Why do you think your RP deserves to win?:

The idea behind Evrensel is to be a playground of ideas. The main plot is to be a connection between how the characters get from A to B, while A and B can be a variety of ideas. One could be a mission where you explore a world created by massive behemoths, and discover the secret mysteries behind who created them and what their true purpose is, and another could be you rescue the world of Little Big Planet.

It's a blend of sandboxes and massive story arcs between each world the players visit, with a collaborative approach between players on how to achieve victory in the RP, and building upon an interconnected story of all these universes suddenly being connected, and how they're being affected by it. Original and fandom ideas are welcome, meaning there won't be a shortage of what the players can do, and they are allowed to GM their own story threads should they want to.
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Name of Roleplay:
The Circle

Link to OOC/Plot Info Thread:
The OOC/INFO Thread

Link to IC Thread:
The In Character Thread

Links to other threads (if applicable):
- The Up-to-date thread regarding the world and roleplay.
- Character Index

Co-GMs (List all, if applicable):

Original or Fandom-Based?:

Is this a Redstar/Bluestar RP?:
Redstar RP

Current number of players:
9 (including myself and co-gm)

Why do you think your RP deserves to win?:
The Circle is a roleplay I started years ago. It began as a general idea I made and further expanded with experience, and the advice of friends. With its growth came more grand ideas within the lives of the characters, all the choices they make through various events, and the world itself. It is a character-driven roleplay, and very sandbox. Within the Circle, I create plots that affect every character whether they choose to be directly or indirectly involved, keeping the current of the RP moving and giving options to have a more objective-based RP for those who choose it and space for others to create their own. But again, the reactions and actions of the characters make all the difference.

The world has many unique locations, and with the space of a realm, they would be granted the opportunity to explore those areas as well as enrich their histories, add a more varied cast, and connect to others easier, Instead of being confined to one city as a setting. It would also allow for more world-impact events to take place where players and their characters could see exactly how they change things.