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  1. What I offer-
    • Avatars (automatically 200x200)
    • Sets (Avatar + Signature)
    • Icons sets (3 icons)
    • Roleplay Banner (automatically 800x100)
    • Character Banner
    • Sometimes coding when I feel benevolent.
    • Brownies
    What I'm looking for- I am sorry for the brick of text

    Patience ;w; I work at my own pace... You can nag me after 2 weeks though.

    Renders. I mostly work with these. If you want a signature or a banner or icons, it is debatable, but for avatars, I will ask renders only. This is to not exceed the 50kb/Avatar limit.

    Credits. I work for free, so I'd like a minimum of respect towards my work. The least you could do is write "Made by Exireh" and maybe a link in your signature. I'd appreciate since I do not watermark my graphics. Also, please do not use my work on sites other than Iwaku. Thank you!

    Leniency and understanding. My experience as a GFxer is very limited (countless of hiatus and pauses within a single year) and I do not have full mastery on everything. So please, be comprehensive and do the edits I request-- it'll make both of our life simpler.


    1. I have never worked with "Real life" stock (real people) but it doesn't mean I cannot try. However, my first attempts might not be as good as the examples I display in my samples gallery. I do want to work with real stocks though D:
    2. You can find Renders... uh... everywhere. Just Google it. For those who do not know what a Render is, it is an image whose background was completely cropped. This sort of thing. You see, the picture's only Ezio, there is no background to the image, not even a white square.
    3. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO SAVE YOUR REQUEST AFTER GETTING IT. I periodically do cleans of my Photobucket and Computer Files so if someday your signature disappears, you'll know the cause.

    Request Form

    Stock: (You can provide more than one)
    Request: (Refer to 'What I offer')
    Size: (Avatars and rp banners are already set)

    Anything special?:

    Text: (I know Iwaku's a roleplaying site, but don't give me a novel ;w;)


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