Exiled vs The Exiled (Dealing With A Ban)

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  1. EXILE

    One day, you have wanted to show an awesome picture of (I don't know WHAT!) last night. You remember that Cuddles wanted to talk to you about your character. Woozily, you stare at the big clock in your bedroom. You learn that you were online for more than three hours, so you decide to leave her a happy note and call it a day.

    The next morning, you wake up, strip, have breakfast, and sit down on the CPU... only to find this message every time you went on your favorite forum. You can still access it at school, but when you get on the forum at home, it says:

    You have been banned from this forum. Please contact the Administrator for more information."
    O, what lamentable day! You were banned from the forum! Seeing that very message makes your heart sink. But what did you do to get yourself kicked, child?

    Here's what you need to do when YOU'RE the one who's going to get the boot:
    • Save everything dear to you, including character sheets, pictures you loved to share to the forum, blog entries worth displaying to the world, etc. Once you get a ban, there is a slim chance of EVER coming back. If it's an IP ban you're dealing with, go on other computers and copy/paste anything you didn't get to Google Drive! If you can't do that... well... it's down the drain.
    • Apologize to those you have angered throughout the forum. If they blocked you, don't even bother messing them about.
    • Accept the consequences to your actions in a civil manner. I believe there is little reason to get cross with those who ban you (or ask you to leave).
    • If you wish to be remembered, you can post a "Goodbye" post that explains why you're getting banned (but don't spill the beans or propagate misinformation regarding your absence). If your reputation is in HORRIBLE standing, please be careful. Certain users may not want to see your username, let alone the messages you want to deploy.
    • Don't say anything; take your sentence like a big girl/big boy~!
    WHEN I RETURN...!!!
    No, just no; don't ever compose these Last Words when you're facing banishment (be it imminent or in effect). In role play, you can do whatever the HELL you want. On a forum, if you acted like Thor from the Marvel Comics, imagine how this place would look!​

    Now Class, 1+1 Is NOT FISH!
    Learn from your mistakes. If you want to try apologizing to the forum just to get everything back, good luck with that. Some administrators are not authorized to lift bans, and you cannot talk to them. Sometimes, if you get banned from a forum, you have to just move on. However, the next time you bump into them, do not expect them to contact you again. In fact, re-establish friendships, as long as you don't talk about the forum.​

    Come Out Clean!
    If the forum Admin decide to lift your ban, you WILL need to refresh yourself on all the forum rules. If the forum doesn't seem to fit your tastes PRIOR to your banishment, steer away and find other communities. Also, if you mention the other forum, keep in mind that everyone can see what you are doing.​

    "Okay.... Brady and Sam--I Can't Talk to..."
    If you had certain users that have bullied you and/or reported you in the past, don't use the same avatar and signature; certain administrators can ban you if you have the SLIGHTEST resemblance to who you were before. Instead, if there are guides, you may wish to change your writing style so that you're not confused with another person. ​

    Go out and H.A.L.O Here!
    Help and Lead Others~! If you do not want a bad reputation, you may want to restore your reputation by helping out on other forums and be remembered for the good work you did! As aforementioned on a corresponding guide, some people will find hostility in certain users without trying. ​

    Turn off the Waterworks; That kills Birds.... AND PEOPLE!
    Whatever you do: Don't mope over your ban from ANY forum. The administrators reserve the right to issue banishment for ANY reason. They may not even GIVE you a valid reason. If that's the case, leave it alone and move on. ​

    "I was fuckin' banned from www.rp. fuckin' com!"
    Please do not blog about your banishment either. I plead the fifth, but ranting about being kicked from a place will not make any more friends. YOUR actions caused the ban, so you have to be an angel. As the song goes... "You better watch out, you better not pout, you better not cry and I telling you why..."​
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