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  1. I love walking and swimming; what's your favourite way to work your muscles?
  2. I walk every day to work and back. And my job is heavy labour so I get quite a bit of exercise daily.
  3. Depends, it varies for me. I like yoga, cardio and strength. I follow a regime of strict cardio and strength, on my off days, I do yoga for flexibility. If the weather's nice, I'll squeeze in a jog too. :D
  4. First I do hachidankin stretches, then I swing weights like they were weapons. Then I swing the actual weapons. Oh and shadow box with said weights.
  5. I never considered stretching as actual exercising, to me it's more of a form of "moving meditation". Makes the body feel real good!

    I love the grind of keeping a workout regime and go to the gym to lift weights =)
    I also like long walks, very underrated form of exercising.
    Once a week I do a long cardio shift, I think it's cool to test your own endurance.
  6. I like swimming, I like walks at night, I enjoy weight lifting- and no, that doesn't mean I'm good at it *flexes skimpy asian girl arms*

    I used to be big into track, so I'd do hurdles, high jump and dashes. I have a very love-hate relationship with cardio; it feels great after you do it, but that means I have to get up off my lazy arse.
  7. Sex. >:[ All other exercise sucks!

    *mumbles about loving to swim and not getting to!*
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  8. I'm not too into exercising, I hated gym class when I were in school, and tried to skip as often as possible. But I do like to take long walks while listening to music and just let my mind think about whatever for a while. I usually take a walk 1-3 and sometimes even 4 times a day, usually for thirty minutes per walk.
    I also love to swim, but I rarely do it as our bathhouse has closed for renovation and won't be open before this summer. (It has been closed for almost two years)

    If I'm in the right mood, then I do like to do Yoga, kickboxing exercises and bicycling. But I rarely get into those moods, so usually I'm just content with a walk.
  9. kokikai aikido

    But I'm still recovering from a sprained elbow and numerous head colds so I don't get to be thrown around as much as I would like these past few months.
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  10. Yoga, stave practice, Thai chi, cleaning my dwelling, occasional hike, climb a mountain, walks 2-3 a week, and cooking (for me I cook like a champ so for me it's a work out)
  11. I really should exercise more. I'm a fan of yoga, and I enjoy the weight rooms! Most of all, I like aerobic step. I suppose I could go back to doing that everyday, assuming I don't bother my downstairs neighbors... They're old and mostly deaf, so probably not. >>;

    Most days, I do get some walking done. I walk to the college for my math class and sometimes walk extra after class if I need to go to the store or something. Otherwise, I just walk back home. Leisurely strolls are really nice, even though this town has a severe lack of crosswalks... Totally not pedestrian friendly here. .__. No one likes to stop for you either unless you have a child with you.

    I enjoy games/sports for exercise, too. Especially frisbee in a big open field where you might have to chase the disc half a mile or so on a really windy day.
  12. *Looks around nervously while snacking*

    I... walk to college?
    I used to go swimming, but the affordable venue had some really bad hygiene problems, and the one without hygiene problems was way too expensive to go to regularly. It's since been replaced with a weekly kickboxing session, though.
    Honestly though, I really need to do something like jogging. I've got terrible stamina.
  13. Come to Canada and start hiking with me!
  14. I would if I could ;_;
    Hiking seems really cool but something I don't have the time for.
  15. I live in a two story house, and my bedroom's on the second floor. So, I climb those multiple times a day. My great-aunt is visiting, because she's moving to California from Colorado. She owns a male Alaskan Malamute named Kodi. Now, this house is rented, and our landlords won't let us own a dog. Visiting is fine, but staying the night? No. So Kodi stays at my grandmothers house, which is 0.4 miles away. If I wake up early enough, I go with my aunt to walk him here, and if she walks him over, I go with her. I'm usually the one walking Kodi. So, there's that.

    We only moved into the house a couple months ago. I helped pack and unload our trailers, and I helped unload the truck with our furniture and stuff. The only reason I didn't carry the 'Medium' boxes of stuff was because I found carrying them awkward. Still, my dad's computer books and stuff is heavy. And my mom's kitchen stuff.

    I'm looking to get into archery, because the two lessons I've had were fun. Both were with a Girl Scout troop that I'm not part of anymore. Moving cities and stuff, y'know. One was at an indoor range, and we were using compound bows. I think I got a bullseye or two. The second was outside, in the hills, and we were using recurve bows. That one was fun. My arms were sore, although I can't remember if my legs were. I mean, hiking around the hills was tiring. I'm sure twitching from the bugs didn't help my accuracy at all. But I've been reeeaaally wanting to do archery again.

    I watched this Let's Play of Endless Ocean and its sequel, and the person making the videos is a scuba diver. I've never learned more about fish in my life. And now I want to go scuba diving. >_> <_<
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