Excuse Me Sir, Do You Have a Moment to Speak About Death? (mahigan & Darog)

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  1. The Underworld, red

    Hell was a dreary place. It stank of brimstone and sprayed lava in intervals of five to ten minutes, making it a very uncomfortable place to walk through, let alone stand in queue. Death Agent #7302 (newly promoted) blamed poor management for that while huddling under her "Lava, Ectoplasm and Acid Be-Gone!" branded umbrella. Luckily for her, her position in queue grew ever nearer to the "Job Shack". She closed her eyes. There was nothing to be afraid of (even though she had mucked up her previous two? three? jobs). She was Death incarnate. She alone had the power to rip out the souls of the living.

    “You,” the voice whispered, “are fucking Death. That’s right. C’mon, c’mon! Take it in. You. Are. Death. The big bad Goddess of the Underworld. Head honcho of souls, the big cheese of Hell. Mortals will grovel at your feet when you rip their souls outta their fu-“


    Death Agent #7302 shuffled up to the window, dodging sizzling puddles of magma. She growled slightly upon seeing the bloated shade, safe under the roof of the "Job Shack". Her prose interrupted, the shadowy figures exchanged glances in the depths of Hell. On one side of the teller window sat Disnorakiin, otherwise known as “John”. His eyes were fading stars, their light diminished and dull, hanging in the shadows he called his face. His pose spoke of one who’d seen this pep talk routine many times over. One who couldn't care less who died and who lived, one who'd rather be watching the eleven thousandth run of "Lusty Maidens of Tartarus".

    On the other side stood Death Agent #7302, who called herself “Sahvozdosil”, but was more commonly known as Alice. Her eyes shone bright like newborn suns, ready to enact burning righteous vengeance on the living. Or so she said, there were many new Death Agents who let it get to their heads. Though she lacked discipline and tact, Alice more than made up for it with her theatrical displays of energy.

    Luckily for the humans, Death himself was in control of their lives. Not a loose cannon like Alice, nor the apathetic John. He alone chose carefully who to kill, running a program on Skullscript which factored in many different aspects of human life. Wealth, age, health, favorite songs - they all told a lot about a person's worth. This year’s Death thought so anyway – it was just a title granted to their elected leader.

    Some years a particularly bloodthirsty soul would be elected as Death, heralding the doom of millions on the Overworld. Others, a delicate hearted soul would kill no one. The current Death was a systematic worker and a complete dork but his coding kept the balance between souls and people in check. Anyway, the peoples’ names were printed out and sent to “John”, who’d then hand them out to the Death Agents. The Death Agents were tasked with retrieving their souls. Woe betide the one Alice received.

    "Death Agent #7302 reportin' for duty! Jess tell me the name, John, and I swear to ya I'll kill him," her shadowy tendrils of fingers snapped, "Jess like that! Who is it? Rich, poor, old, young - there's ain't no one I won't kill! I WILL SNUFF OUT THEIR INSIGNIFICANT LIVES... LIKE CANDLES AGAINST A HURRICANE!"

    A plume of fire erupted coincidentally in the background, but to Alice, it was destiny. Fate itself had made that soul leave the oven on too long. Ghostly burnt steak to one soul made for an epic backdrop for another. Bad-ass.

    "Drop the accent and the attitude before I drop you. There are," he ruffled through a stack of applications, "seven thousand, three hundred and one other Death Agents who’d be perfectly happy to take this job.”

    "What! No! Wait! Why?!"

    "Get this through your mind, Alice. You've failed your last four retrieval missions. No. One. Else. Has. Ever. Failed. Two. You've made history in Hell, congratulations. Unfortunately for you, Death Agents are required to hold a standard. I personally-"

    "Oh my fucking god. God as in Death. President, King, Mister Death. I am so sorry. Will not happen again. So can I have the contract, pretty please with a cherry on top?”

    "Alice, I-"

    "What did I even do wrong though? It's not my fault people don't want to come to Hell! Look at this shitty place!"

    "Alice, just-"

    "Fuck. What do you want me to do? I'll even su-"

    "Jacob Gardner! The name of your contract is Jacob Gardner!"

    Ka-ching. A whiff of burnt parchment and fresh ink passed through the area before a slip of paper shot out of the window into Alice's hands. If her shadowy form allowed her to cry, she would've.

    "Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're a sweetie, John."

    "Wait Alice! Alice! ...This is your last chance."

    His words were unheeded, seeing how she'd already slipped away into the night. He scratched his head before fanning his wispy form back into shape. It was out of his hands now.



    The Underworld, red

    “Bitch.” She snarled once she was sure she was out of his hearing, a good block or two away. A bit excessive perhaps but rumor had it that Jobman John’s ears were as sharp as obsidian blades. What with her bad record as a Death Agent, Alice was sure as Hell not to take any particularly risky chances.

    For what mortals had to say about Hell it was actually a very cozy nook. Hot at times maybe, but then again the denizens above lived in places such as Phoenix, Arizona. They were hypocrites to write such slander about the Underworld. Some things they got right about it though, such as the torture going on (souls that hated their jobs on Earth tended to hate their jobs here more), “hellish” wails (they could blame the screamo souls for that one), and Nine Circles of Hell (a very popular band name as well as being the different districts). Alice herself lived in the Ninth Circle, a privelege granted for Death Agents due to the nature of their work. It wasn't as exciting as the life she'd led as a simple soul in the seventh district, where the snobby ghost operas of Ninth Circle were replaced with grungy ghost bands.

    Alice considered herself lucky really. Hell was as boring as it could be. The jobs you got were identical to the ones you had when you were alive. There were no pets in Hell as far as Alice was concerned, as all dogs went to Heaven and cats being a rare occurrence, having nine lives. They still had to pay, eat, shit, piss and sleep – though it was more of a habit thing. Being souls, technically they needed none of that but without them they’d have nothing more to do besides float around and lament their loneliness to the world.

    Only Death Agents had the privilege to visit the Overworld and for that, she was truly thankful.
    She flew up to the Great Latch, the portal between the two worlds and flashed her contract ticket to the operator. In monotone he spoke.

    “Welcome to the Great Latch, the portal between the Under and Overworld. Please keep in mind that-“

    “Uh, hello? Death Agent here.”

    He blinked for a few seconds before continuing his introduction.
    “That contact between humans and souls are strictly prohibited under Law #24. Furthermore-“


    “If found guilty of frater-“

    With a loud sigh, Alice pushed herself through the barrier and typed in the combo needed to unlock the Great Latch. She’d only been a Death Agent for three contracts but the patience needed to withstand his robotic speech was impossible. In a flash of lights, the portal dramatically began humming and shimmering with energy. The human world could be seen faintly in the distance and Alice took a deep breath before entering, his speech still going on behind her. Hell sucked.


    The Overworld, green

    Alice took in a deep breath of Overworld air before remembering to take her human form. Limiting, but useful to prevent panic. In a few uncomfortable moments her shadowy form morphed and shifted to form a womanly shape standing 5’8. Her now long, blonde locks brushed her back and she put on an endearing smile before becoming visible and taking in the scene around her. The Death Agent was met with the stares of shocked, some leering, of the passer byes around her – she’d forgotten to summon clothes again. In a flash Alice zipped away to a nearby alley, their laughter echoing in her ears.

    After her little mishap and a tank top, jeans, socks and shoes later, she finally opened up the contract crumpled in her left hand. Upon the singed paper was written her victim’s information: Jacob Gardner. Tall. Paramedic… and that was it. Alice frowned. John must’ve had sharper ears than she’d thought – he was renowned for making trouble making Death Agents’ jobs harder, especially those who'd wronged him. Luckily, all Death Agents had an affinity for sensing their victim’s souls but without more information, the job would be infinitely harder. “I HATE YOU JOHN!"

    Stronger Death Agents were able to call upon their powers of the Underworld to help them become invisible for long periods of time, fly, teleport to the shadows of the world but for Alice, a newbie, she had the power of walking and tracking down this soul whose presence she could barely feeling tugging on her mental compass. It’d take days unless she bumped into him but the chances of that happening were nearly zero, wasn't it?

    ((OOC: I reused some/most/a lot of my old intro. I hope you're okay with that. ))
  2. "Just another night..." Those three words echoed in his ears, as his partner was driving the ambulance along the street. Jacob looked out to the street from the passenger window, watching as building would be passed by and civilians walked along the sidewalk. It was the start of the weekend, a Friday night for people to go party and forget about responsibility all for a good night out. Jacob would usually be one of those souls tonight, if it was any other day. "Sooo, you booked some time off to see visit friends and family right?" his partner asked, hoping to make small talk. short blonde hair, with signs of a goatee growing, as a pair of glasses framed his face. Jacob leaned back into his seat. "Yep, November is a difficult month for...well it's just difficult, you know?" Jacob replied. "I mean, it would look soooo good if I took time out of my job just to go out and get drunk right?" He grinned, getting a laugh from his partner. "True, true. You know, I'm going to miss these talks when you go back to med school, Jackie."Jacob hated hearing his name being shortened, but this time he let it slide. "Me too, Chad." Jacob added, as the ambulance started to pull into a car park. "You go and get yourself outta here, I'll go and make everything is organised and in the right place!" Chad said with a smile that Jacob could only describe as "goofy."

    In truth, Jacob moved into this city to study Medicine, the uneventful dream of being a doctor after he moved out from his hometown a year prior. He was lucky to land job as a Paramedic just a few months of moving into his apartment. He was sure to move on from his life, but family, and his best friend would still keep him connected to that place. He didn't mind, actually, it gave him some time to let his head relax from all the studying and late night shifts he had done prior.

    He made his way through the back of the hospital, greeting a few of his coworkers as walked into the locker room. Getting out of his work attire, and into his usual set of clothing; pair of jeans, shoes, tank top with a black shirt over it. He looked over at the Nurse, working the reception as usual during this time. "Are you off, Jacob? you better drive safely!" Nurse said with a twinkle to her tone. "Don't worry about me, Jen! I'll see you when I get back" he replied in good spirit as he wandered over to his car.

    His car was nothing spectacular. Just old and reliable, his old man's car before him. Jacob got in, taking his keys as he started her up. The streets were slowly dying now, it was late. But still there was a peaceful tranquility to it. Other times Jacob would listen to music, the usual mix of Rock or Metal in his car was enough to keep his mind on track. That's when his night turned into something unlike anything he had experienced. He saw a young lady, completely naked run into the nearby alley. He immediately pull over, rushing over to her. He knew that the city was not safe for young women during the late night hours, especially those that were naked. He hurried as quickly as he could, pulling his hand over his eyes. "Hey! miss? This isn't the place to go at night. Do you live around here? I can drop you off at your place or wherever you live" Jacob offered.

    "Just another night, my ass...."
  3. Alice, Goddess of Death, could be shamed by no mere mortal. And yet, the hot rush of blood to her ears and cheeks coupled with the thumping in her heart proved otherwise. A sudden rush of nausea rushed to her head and she fought the urge to hurl the nothing in her stomach. It wasn't like the Overworld was a new experience with her - she'd gone on (and failed) a contract just weeks ago. She looked up as the pounding in her head increased and saw a man approach her.

    This couldn't be a coincedence. Low as her spirtual levels were, alarms were blaring in her head at the man's approach. Sure, the symptoms of nearby soul, just ripe for the picking were stronger than usual but there was no doubt about it. This had to be the "Jacob Gardner". Surely the job couldn't be this easy? Alice peered through the dark at him before deciding he was approachable. Alice had heard enough from the new souls about the dangers of talking to strangers. Not that she could be killed, but it was a pain to generate another mortal body, especially at her current state. Was he talking to her? Alice had to concentrate through her symptoms to make out his words. "I don't exactly think you can take me home," she chuckled, "but you can sure take me somewhere else!" She skipped by him and helped herself to a seat. "Dumpy old thing, isn't it? With such short lives you mortals have, I'm surprised people don't like splurge out all the time."

    The slight smell of gasoline and the smashing of the drums on the radio reminded her a bit of the sights back home. Not that Alice wanted to go back antime soon. The Overworld had so much more to offer - the only downside was being trapped in the meaty structure of a human. Alice waited for him to get in the driver's seat before tapping on his shoulder. "Heya! Do you knooooow," she unscrunched the contract in her hand, "where a pa...ra...medic. Paramedic. Yeah. Where would I find one? Take me to like, the nearest place where I can find one of these guys." The instructions being said, she flopped down lifelessly in the back seats. In the back of her mind, she knew that the driver was the one she'd been sent to collect. However a mixture of reluctance to go back and tiredness made her stall for a bit longer. The windows were all rolled down but she was burning. It felt as if her energy was being slowly sapped. "Like a spiritual vampire," she muttered to herself, "minus the hotness."
  4. He checked the young woman over, noticing she was clothed he quickly removed his hands. He wondered how she managed to change into those clothes as quickly as she did. "It's nothing, Jacob...she was probably holding a bag of clothes anyway, you did only catch a fleeting glimpse anyway" He reminded himself, trying to understand it as best as he could. He was surprised how willing she was to accept his help, and even more so as she jumped in the back of his vehicle. He scratched the back of his head as she asked him for a ride somewhere else. "Eeerm, sure...where would you lik-" He was immediately interrupted as she carried on the conversation. At first the use of "mortal" confused. "she...isn't one of those types who believe themselves to vampires right?" He wondered to himself. He then got into the driver's seat, the door creaked as he closed it. "Yeah, but she's reliable and lasted a lot longer than the usual sports car does. I'm just guy who doesn't like to splash his cash about....plus I'm not exactly rich, hehehe" He joked making sure she was okay, despite her rather strange and nauseous demeanor. Before she flopped down onto the backseat, she asked where she could find a paramedic, a rather strange question he'd never thought he would hear. He guessed she might just be a little too drunk from partying, her friends leaving her. He knew that scenario all too well.

    "A paramedic? sure, I work at the nearest hospital as a Paramedic, but I'll take you there" He replied as he started up the engine and turn around to face the way he had just came. Jacob turned down the music, making sure it wasn't too loud for her. He looked through the rear view, unable to see if she was okay.

    "It's real late to be drunk and wandering the streets, miss. Must have been one hell of a night." He started some small talk to break the awkward silence. He was never good with silences in a room with more than one person residing in. "What's your name? I'm Jacob Gardner, most call me Jacob, nicknames are reserved for close friends. what brought you to this city? I'm guessing you haven't been here long right? " His sarcastic side was dying to rear its head in the conversation, Jacob made sure to hold it down as best as he could. "Well, I guess I won't be getting much sleep tonight" His laughter turned into a low sigh.
  5. His words slithered in one ear and out the next for all Alice cared. Right now, all that was on her mind was the splitting head ache she was suffering. It was strange, usually her mental ticks which allowed her to find her targets consisted of an itchy head. This was on a whole new level - Alice felt like she was dying all over again. "Stop! Stop the car." She fumbled over the latch - did the red sticker mean it was locked or not? - before she finally managed to break it open and retched all over the road. It went on for what seemed like eternity, the acrid taste of bile filling her mouth and stinging her nose. The lights from the incoming cars blinded her and the blare of their horns was the last straw for her head ache. Alice gagged, her chest heaving but there was nothing possibly there for her to throw up. "Ohmigosh. I'm dying. Fucking dying man." She crawled back into the car, spreading spit over the seats. Though it was a warmer night, Alice was shivering as if it was winter. She curled up and remained silent for a few minutes before the words he'd said earlier finally made sense to her.

    Jacob Gardner. Alice blinked at the paper she still clenched in her hand. Jacob Gardner, scratched in ink, stood out boldly through her blurred vision. She'd heard that name somewhere... in the Underworld. Minute by minute, bit by bit, all the pieces eventually fit together in her disorientated mind. "Oh," she spoke hoarsely, "you did this to me. You fucker. I can't believe this. You fucker!" Alice struggled to sit up - whatever was happening, he was the source of all her problems. Normally she'd have loved to extend her visit to the Overworld but even a foolhardy Death Agent such as Alice knew when to pull out. She wondered briefly if he was feeling anything, this being a new experience for her, before lunging forwards with her clammy hands to pull out his soul. "Die, die, die, die, die!" It was less satisfying to say than her usual dramatic speeches but Alice couldn't recite a single verse now to save her life. As her fingers made contact with him, a gut wrenching feeling took over Alice, not unlike the one she'd felt when she had died. "What the fuck!" An unearthly howl erupted from her mouth, far louder than anything a human could produce, before she collapsed once more on the ground - this time unconscious.
  6. It had not been fifteen minutes before Jacob heard the young lady plead for him to stop the vehicle. Jacob was unsure what was happening this time. He heard the car door latch snap, the young girl who he had picked up managed to break her way out of his car. "Wow...now I'm going to have to get the car fixed...great" His thoughts raced through his mind. He immediately stepped out of the driver's seat to check on her. She had seemingly puked out the contents of the stomach, or so he thought. the smell was weird, a very sulfuric like aroma filled Jacob's nose. Being a paramedic, he had witnessed many people in the same position as her, but even then, he thought it was rather strange that she did not have a slurred speech pattern. He scratched the back of his head in thought. "Maybe all she needs is a good sleep? I'll take her to my apartment for some rest..." He wasn't sure what to do exactly.

    He jumped right back into the driver's seat, starting up the engine. "Don't worry miss, it seems you just need to have some rest. I'll take you back to my place, and then in the morning you can tell me where to drop you off" he informed her. That's when everything took a turn, a strange turn. The girl's cursive language surprised Jacob as he looked back to see her struggling to rise up. He felt her hands grab onto him with force, telling him to "die, die, die, die" to which Jacob was both confused and scared. It was then immediately he heard the inhuman howl come forth from her mouth, like a wailing banshee of sorts. The Deafening howl stopped as she unconscious. Jacob could not explain what had just happened, but it was then he felt strange, like some force was overpowering his body. His body started to spasm uncontrollably, his eyes rolled back into his head. He could feel cold, hearing sounds ringing throughout his ears. Just as it suddenly happened, Jacob stopped, panting heavily, as the cold sensation stuck to him. "I...don't even know what just fuckin happened right....jesus"

    "And why the fuck am I cold?...god damn it!"Jacob shouted, confused and dumbstruck at what aspired this evening. "I guess I'll head to my place and just work out this whole mess" He retorted to himself, revving up the engine once again, taking a complete back to the route of his Apartment. The drive back was longer than it actually was for him, his breathing returned to its normal pace as he made his way to the apartment building. He slowly climbed out of the vehicle after parking, moving over to the back seat door. He looked at the unconscious girl, and wiggled her out of the car, slamming door shut. He slung her over his shoulder, making his way to the lobby of the building. It wasn't long before he was fumbling around for the keys to the door, his head cloudy and "buzzing" as if he had just hit it on the floor. He entered through the door. The Apartment was cluttered but neat. boxes still out with some of his stuff in that he didn't bother to take out. He placed her on his bed, in the next room. "This is gonna be one helluva ride...."
  7. Alice felt cold, a sensation she hadn't felt in years. She also felt heavy and clumsy, as if the ground were pulling on her like a magnet. Instinct took over and she found herself clutching at the sheets, pulling the worn fabric over her. She sighed before stretching once - it was satisfying beyond measure and Alice found herself free from the pain she'd suffered just hours ago. She smiled before turning over on her front. A fellow Death Agent must have finished the job for her and Hell had never been so welcoming before. It didn't explain how she felt but her last contract hadn't exactly been explainable so she didn't dwell on it. It was only when she brushed her hair out of face she realized something was wrong. Was she still stuck in her mortal form? Alice didn't wait to find out and her eyes shot open, immediately confirming her worst suspicions.

    "Arrrghhh! I'm still here?" She began to slip out of bed but stubbing her toe made her think better of it. Suddenly, Alice wasn't so certain about the status of her mortality anymore and coupled with the fact that she had no idea where she was right now made her extra cautious. "WhereamI! Who'reyou?" She clutched the sheets tighter to her as she stared at her contract. "Youuu're not dead. Oh my god, you. are. not. dead. Oh man, Death's going to kill me! I'm going to kill me! No, I'm going to kill you!" Her tongue was tangled with fear and her words seemed to come out of their own will. "Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck! How is this happening?! I don't understand. You're not dead, and I'm not dead? I'm alive?" She ransacked her mind for clues, anything to help her make sense of the situation. She had attempted to rip his soul out last night and Alice vaguely remembered a horrible sensation of her own soul being sucked out. It made her shiver involuntarily but the memory had sparked a sneaking suspicion in her. "Okay. Okay. Calm down Alice. Deep breaths. In and out, one and two." She paused before exploding. "How can I be calm?! You stole my powers, motherfucker! You suck!"
  8. Jacob was exhausted from the events of the evening, unsure of what they meant, or even if he really understood what was going on. He fell into a sleep as he slumped into his seat. "Maybe...I can spare a few minutes just to...clear my...head.." Jacob said, yawning, feeling the tiredness take him as if he had not slept for years. He was sure that the young girl in the room was okay. His dream was rather vivid, as if it was happening to him. He saw himself staring into a bottomless pit, seeing the emptiness from within, as he leaped forward, casting himself within. He didn't understood the dream at all, not sure what it meant. He stirred, slowly waking up from the coach that was his bed for the night. Slowly rising, noticing he had not changed at all from last night. He sighed before making his way to the kitchen, a headache plaguing him since he got up. Taking out two cups, he made himself and the young girl a cup of coffee.

    He made his into his room with both cups, hearing the footsteps and the thud as signs she was awake. He noticed the girl was confused. "I'm Jacob, remember? you hitched a ride from me? until...errr, I'm not even sure what exactly happened." The girl suddenly entered frenzied state, flipping out right before him. He heard "Death is gonna kill me!" and "I don't understand. You're not dead, and I'm not dead? I'm alive?" not sure what she meant by these. She then mentioned about him stealing her "powers" to which he just blinked. Just what was she talking about? unsure, he placed the cup of coffee on the end table, next to the girl. "I literally have no fucking clue what happened? But this is giving me more of a headache! Listen! Who are you? what do you mean by "Death is gonna kill me" and what is this about powers? How can I have stolen your powers? and most of all; Why were you sent to kill me?!" Jacob had enough, exploding his confusion and frustration in a moment of confusion. He then calmed down. "errm...Sorry"
  9. Up until now Alice had suspected some foul play going on, specifically from John the job dealer. Now, hearing and seeing Jacob's confusion, she wasn't so sure. Alice couldn't rule it out exactly but she knew from experience just how hard it was to act innocent. She pursed her mouth and cast a suspicious glance at him as he professed his bewilderment. "Fuck!" She took out her frustration on the bed which only served to lay another blow to her wounded pride. Grasping her injured hand, Alice felt her anger give way to shame bit by bit and she took a few breaths to calm herself down before talking. "Maaaan. I can't believe this... You have no idea what happened? Like zip, nada, nothing?" Her flayed hands served to accentuate her point. "This is unbelievable. Okay then, listen up bud. I'm too pissed to say this twice."

    She cleared her throat before she pointed her thumb towards herself. "My name," she paused for dramatic effect, "is Sahvozdosil, death goddess of Hell!" She observed his reaction before continuing a little sheepishly. "Well, in due time anyway. Also known as Death Agent #7302 by the totally brain dead members of the underworld society and as Alice to you mortals. Death isn't what you humans think it is. He's not some scythe wielding grim reaper or some deep interpretation of life or whatever. Kinda a weird soul actually. Kinda geeky but he's good at his job. I guess."

    Alice reached for her cup of coffee, gazing curiously at the brown liquid before taking a sip. She made a face before placing it down again."What is this, medicine? Eesh. Tastes like I just took like a lick of brimstone. But yeah, Death's just a title for whoever's running the joint down there," she motioned downwards with what she thought was a soul piercing stare, "and he's the one who came up with the system that told me to kill you. Yup! Think about that for a while. A teeny, tiny, little machine's the one that lets you live," she reached over and dragged her finger over his neck, "or die." She smiled, happy with her speech. Only the thought of what came next made it falter. "As for my powers, well, I have way too much to list. As for how you managed to take them well, your guess is as good as mine fucko. I dunno," she looked at him with a curious eye, "do ya feel any different? More in tune with the powers of darkness and despair? If your eyes turn red and you sprout horns it's a sure sign of your new hellishly evil powers being developed." Only a twitch of her lips gave away her terrible sense of humour.
  10. Jacob shrugged, not sure how to respond. "I only remember that you went to grab me, and then you unleashed some...demonic howl..." He replied, unsure if that was even what happened. To be honest, Jacob only remembered fragments of that event, as if his mind was trying to pull all the pieces together to actually know how this whole thing started. Jacob scratched the back of his head. He listened intently to the girl. Sazos..Shaznos? that's one helluva name" He responded with a tone of filled with confusion, as he looked at her with a quizzical look. Listening to the revelations he was hearing about the afterlife, Death being a geek, and the fact her name was Alice, was all little hard and strange to take in. He had some questions floating round in his head. He took a long swig of his coffee, waiting for her to finish her explanation of just what was going on.

    He stood and paced around the room, looking out the window, the morning light slowly rosing "I guess I got up a little too early" He thought, just as Alice had finshed. He looked at his hands, they didn't feel any different at all, but he noticed that in the back of his mind, he could feel something, and he was not sure what it was. He looked at Alice. "Well. I did suddenly feel tired as I got you in my apartment. I have this weird feeling in the back of...my mind? soul? It just feels...odd or weird." he replied once again. "Oh and that's coffee. It's not the greatest tasting drink, but it does the job of waking you up pretty good" He smiled.

    "Seems like what you've just said, makes a lot of people wrong about their theories of the afterlife, huh? " He giggled slightly. He walked over to the left of her. He had some questions of his own. "So, can I fly? do I have super human strength, do I command the forces of hell to smite my foes? Does this mean we've practically switched roles? you're the human and I'm the Death...demon, God? What happens now?" He dumped all the questions on to her. He needed answers for obvious reasons, but right now he was more worried about the repercussions. "I was only meant to travel back to my home town and spend some vacation time with my family...I wasn't expecting a death goddess to give me her powers!" He shouted, gripping his head as he did so. He looked at Alice as soon as he stopped, embarassment swept through him. He didn't know how to respond.
  11. Alice cringed as he butchered her name. "Sahvozdosil! Sah - vo - do - sil! It's not that hard to pronounce." She watched curiously as he took a swig of the black sludge he called coffee. Mortals clearly had a stronger stomach than souls did, regardless of their mortality. She could see why it did a good job of waking people up - you'd have to be dead to ignore that taste. Alice nodded as he spoke of being tired and having weird feelings in the back of his mind. She had realized no matter what he said, there was no way of knowing for sure if he'd actually taken her powers - Alice didn't know what symptoms a mortal would have, as she'd only been promoted to a Death Agent as a soul. There was only one thing left then... the Ritual.

    Jacob seemed to have the same ideas as she did however, as she discovered much to her chagrin. "Hey, hey, hey! Those are my powers you're talking about there." She was miffed and hoped he didn't discover her greatest power was turning invisible. Still, Alice was convinced she'd develop the powers he was talking about soon. "Um, you'll figure those out as we go along. I guess we're just going to switch roles for now. I'll go to this, what do you call it? Well, whatever you do I'll just tag along. Oh don't look so worried," she prattled on, "taking souls is easy. It's restraining yourself from taking eveyone's that's hard." Alice jumped as he suddenly shouted before flushing herself.

    "Hey, I wasn't expecting a mortal to jack my shit! There's only one thing left for us to do right now, so listen up bucko!" She paused dramatically, taking in a deep breath. "What we need to do right now is..." she whispered and motioned with her hands, "the Ritual. We'll call upon the minions of Hell itself and we'll let them figure it all out. Who knows, we might not even need to do that whole role swapping thing-a-ma-bob." Alice jumped down from the bed, clearing the floor of any mess. She then shattered her cup, spilling the dreaded coffee on the floor which she promptly wiped away. "Are you ready?" She held up a shard of glass, a intense look in her eyes.
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