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  1. When it comes to gaming, why do more and more people feel the need to complain about exclusives to the point of sending death threats to the developers and publishers or saying they'll buy the game used/boycott it? It happened with both Bayonetta 2 and Rise Of The Tomb Raider despite the fact that the games wouldn't even exist with those exclusive publishing rights.

    Another thing I noticed is that people also tend to bitch about exclusives because another console is also getting something (Kingdom Hearts III). Why should it matter that other people will be able to play the same game as well?

    If people want to play every game imaginable, they have to get all consoles and PC. That's the only way.
  2. I usually come across the opposite, but then again I'm not well versed with the going ons in the gaming

    I had really loved the game Fable: The Lost Chapters, and had been looking forward to Fable II. So when it turned out to be Xbox/Xbox 360 exclusive, it had been a huge disappointment to me, and I admit I still am somewhat bitter about it.
  3. It was probably exclusive because Microsoft paid for the publishing which is what every game needs in order to be released. Just because a game was successful or garnered a cult following doesn't mean that it brought in enough money to ensure a sequel. It was either that or the game being cancelled or stuck in development hell. I'd rather have the former. If anything, that should've been more reason for you to buy those consoles since they are pretty cool.
  4. Maybe, but at the time I had a gaming PC and didn't exactly have the luxury to buy another console.
  5. Understandable. Maybe you can try emulating it now?
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  6. Once I get a new gaming laptop. :bsmile:

    To be honest, I do feel rather silly now about how pissed off I was back then.
  7. It happens to everyone :P

    Laptops are not very ideal for gaming :(
  8. Nope they aren't, but I can't afford to get both a laptop and a desktop, and I need a higher end laptop for work purposes. Besides that, the game I wish to play the most at the moment is Skyrim, which I should be able to play on the baby I've got my eyes on. :D
  9. I don't know if they have them where you are, but Micro Center has some really good gaming laptops, and the stores almost always carry open box and clearance laptops. My laptop was originally $1000 and I got it for around $850. Asus makes really good gaming laptops. My husband just handed his down to my oldest daughter. He bought it back in 2012, and it still runs great.
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  10. Not everybody has the funds nor desire to buy every console, just for specific games. Not in this economy. ._.
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  11. Well that's just the way the world works. Don't complain about something the gaming industry needs in order to thrive. That was my overall point. Exclusives exist because they sell consoles. Plain and simple. People who complain about them need to learn how the industry works.
  12. Yeah, I hardly wanted to buy an Xbox for just the one game. And honestly I wouldn't have been so disappointed if Fable II wasn't a sequel to the first game. The third game was both Xbox and PC.

    I guess for avid gamers it would've made sense to just buy the console, but for someone casual who only likes certain games, it seemed a bit too much of an investment.
  13. You can understand how the industry works and still think it sucks.
  14. How does it suck? If consoles didn't have exclusives, sales would be low. Multiplatform games are a dime a dozen now and some versions may turn out better than others. Exclusives give consoles an identity. A brand. A mascot even. This is very vital to their success.

    There's a reason why Sony has Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, etc; Microsoft has Halo; and Nintendo has Mario, Pokemon, Smash Bros, Zelda, etc.

    Also like I stated before, some games don't make enough money to warrant a multiplatform sequel (especially when you consider how much they cost to make nowadays) so it's either exclusive publishing or no game. I'd rather have the former. If you don't want these things to happen, buy the games brand new at full price. Not in the bargain bin (that happened with Bayonetta) or at a reduced price. Getting upset at the companies involved only makes gamers look stupid and spoiled.
  15. Well. The only thing about exclusive content for gamers is that it encourages competition in the industry. Competition to have bigger and better games. Or, like in the case of Bayonetta, bet on the black horse that would not be attending the race without it.

    But the reason exclusive content sucks is that it's hard to justify putting down another couple hundreds just to play those 2-3 games that already cost you like what? 50 each?

    I think competition ultimately is good for the industry, but while it's negatives aren't worth death threats, it doesn't mean some things don't just royally suck.
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  16. Quality over quantity. Another thing some gamers need to learn. Try doing research before buying a new console and seeing what its library is like. With the internet, that's not a viable complaint anymore.
  17. ... Yes it is.

    You don't know what games are coming for what systems at what times. You only know announced games or games that are already out. However, if announced games aren't finished or released and therefore there are no reviews or gameplay videos to go by (from neutral parties, as opposed to marketing footage/hype) to see if you might like it and make an informed decision based off of that.
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  18. Most games come out for all systems at the same time unless said otherwise. That's where patience and wisdom comes in. Announced games also have trailers and release dates that usually ever show at the same time as the announcement or at a later date. The best time to buy a console is midway through its life cycle. By then, there are usually plenty of exclusives and third-party games. Once again, the internet is a great tool for that.
  19. I vaguely remember a psychology lecture about this. When you want something your brain releases dopamine to get you into gear for obtaining the item. Just imagine all of the fun things you will be able to do with that DLC! Any obstacle in the way of getting that item immediately becomes an irritation, thus the complaining happens. Advertisers love it.
  20. You're encouraging people to buy a console mid-cycle, but at the same time that would actually be harmful to the industry because pre-orders, first day/week sales are thriving investors and publishers. I'm having trouble following your train of thought. Could you explain your position?
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