Exciting New Start

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  1. Herro...
    I do not like the idea of telling my true identity to the world so I like using an alias. Please, call me Leah Dossier. Just Leah, though. :3

    I am not the greatest roleplayer in the world, but I do have a passion for it. :D I'm excited to start!
  2. Hiya fellow Newbie!
    Are you looking for someone rp roleplay with straight away?
  3. Hi there Leah the could-be-panda! My first name is Lea. >:3

    Welcome to the community!
  4. I- uhm, sure! I mean, I'm in no great hurry. But I'm up for anything if you are!
  5. :D Thank you! I love th avatar, by the way. I love that movie!

    And that face. I don't even know how to react to that devious grin you have there. O.O
  6. A chibi panda ninja?
    That is amazing.
    I'm going to draw that now.
  7. :D Oh, why thank you!
  8. Of course, I'd be just The Panda Ninja, but my older sister has that title :3
  9. Chibi Panda Ninja Go!

    Chibi Ninja Panda.png

    (If anyone could teach me how to properly use shadows and highlights, I'd be forever grateful ^.^)
  10. :D Wagh! Look, it's even wearing my favorite color.
  11. Well, If you want, read through my Resume and then flick me a Private Message and We'll work from there~
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  12. Okey Dokey!