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  1. Hello Everyone :)
    I'm Cassie and i'm new to Iwaku but not RPing
    I've been RPing since about 06. But that was when I was younger so I've grown along with my rp style. I'm not perfect but I do try to throw back whatever my partner is giving me. Though I don't think I could ever reach novel level in least it was with just one character and it would take me some time. I really try to adapt to everyone's type of writing style which I feel really does help me because it makes me push my limits.

    Rambling aside lol :P
    I'm up to more detailed rps but if you're an expert please have a little patience with me.

    Now i'm really open to pretty much anything. I like fantasy, slice of life, Supernatural, Horror, Survival, Fandoms (ocs), Really i'm up to try just about anything.

    For pairings I prefer to be a female but I'm working on getting better at men so i'll agree to play a guy if needed. I normally do my main as a female then will play a male as a side character for my partner. I'm open to FxF as well. With that said I am also comfortable with playing multiple characters, 3 to 4 max.

    My response's are a paragraph at the very least but normally it two to three. With Multiple character it's at least 1 to 2 but depending whats going on it can be more. I'm very dedicated to those I partner with, my last partner an I have been writing since I first started back in 06. I'll get at least a response in a day but normally a good couple if my online time lines up right with my partner.

    Well that's everything I got for now :) So i'll end it here and leave it to you my fellow RPers.
    P.s I can give writing samples if needed :)

    Plots I've done and liked:
    Gang Members
    Virtual Reality
    School Life

    Vampire Knight
    Mortal Instrumentals
    Percy Jackson
    Legend of Korra
    Open to others also

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  2. I have a virtual reality plot ice been trying to find a partner in, if your willing to try it?
  3. Sounds cool :)
    PM your plot and lets see what we can do
  4. I'm interested in a monster X hunter pairing. I like playing strange, monstrous characters, preferably males because I'm somewhat suffering from the same problem like you, just from the other side of the river. I'm new to Iwaku but not new to roleplaying.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.