Exalted: Fall of Creation

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    "If you are ever at the mercy of another, pray to whatever deity you believe in, that they are a bad person. A bad person will want to take it slowly, enjoy their power over you, which would give you at least a chance for comeback. A good person will simply kill you without any mercy. Because he would not enjoy what they are about to do, they will do it as quickly as possible."- Unknown

    Many years ago, the woman who would become Scarlet Empress united the entire world of Creation under her banner. The incursion of the Fair Folk and the threat of the Contagion were as nothing before the might of the Realm Defense Grid, a weapon array of unparalleled destructive power. With such a weapon at her command, she was hailed as a hero to all the land, and declared the master of the fledgling Dragon-Blooded empire. For nearly eight centuries, few dared to oppose her, for fear of the Realm Defense Grid.

    Eventually, things began to settle and the Realm went on as normal. However, soon after the relative peace had begun, there were rumors that the Empress was missing or dead... and power struggles erupted between the various regions. Merchant Princes turned Warlords, Tribal Chiefs turned Conquerers, Slavers turned Politicians. The world was on its way to ruin. That is, until the return of the Scarlet Empress.

    A mighty demon known as the Ebon Dragon had kidnapped her and twisted her very soul to fit his malicious ends. At the head of a mighty army, the Empress returned to the world... seemingly bent on destroying all that she had fought for so long ago. But this was not the worst of things. Seeing the realm's weakness and the return of the Empress causing such disarray, the undead monstrosities known as the Deathlords mounted a coordinated assault on Creation. At the head of their armies was the mighty Juggernaut, an ancient creature that was slain by the Deathlord known as Mask of Winters and now controlled through immensely powerful necromantic magic.

    Lastly, the realm turned to its once mortal enemy for assistance. The Fair Folk. Creatures of the ever-changing Wyld Lands, they were offered all the lands of Creation outside the Blessed Isle if they were to fight the Empress, Yozis, and Deathlords. All too happy to accept, it was they who finally turned the tide. Fighting alongside the Solar, Lunar, Sidereal, and Dragon-Blooded Exalted, the war was finally on more even terms... but that just meant more destruction and chaos for those less fortunate.

    The tales of the ensuing war vary wildly and grow more outlandish with each telling. All that is known for sure is that the Scarlet Empress, her Yozi allies, AND the Deathlords were all defeated... but at immense cost. All the armies of Creation, from former Realm legions to ragtag militias... all were devastated. It is said by lorekeepers and scholars that nearly ninety percent of people in Creation were slain by the time all the fighting had stopped. Those who remained had saved the world, but how much of that world was left?

    Since that time, very few Exalted have come to being. Most think the strain of the war on their normally-immortal souls was too much, and their essences literally unraveled. Those few who remain or do become Exalted, are in positions of power or quickly elevated to them. However at last count, there are only twelve Exalted left on the Blessed Isle. Three Solars, three Lunars, two Sidereals, and four Dragon-Blooded. Among them are the late Empress' daughter, Mnemon. Now Empress herself, Mnemon is defended by another Dragon-Blooded Exalt: her son, Asaio. Asaio is the wielder of the 'Teeth of the Jade-Scale Mountain', a sword powerful enough to fell a Deathlord... and a national treasure of the Blessed Isle.

    Unfortunately, the last bastion of Creation is now under threat once more. The Fair Folk now covet the Blessed Isle above all else, as it is the only thing they haven't returned to the Wyld. Fishing vessels in the oceans that surround the isle have reported sightings of mutated creatures and semi-human beastmen attacking their fellows... a sure sign that the Wyld taint is beginning to approach the isle. While this goes against the Scarlet War Concordat, the few remaining Exalted can do little against the near-limitless forces of the Faerie.

    This is the end of times... but the Blessed Isle will not go quietly.

    Map of the Blessed Isle (open)

    Each square equals 500 miles (800 kilometers)
    Click image to enlarge.


    1. Don't be a jerk. A bit of arguing is alright, as is friendly debate. But if things start getting heated, take it to PMs.

    2. Don't argue with GMs too much. If you disagree with a ruling, say so and say why. I will re-evaluate my opinion and may reconsider my stance. If I say something is final, however... do not continue to debate it.

    3. This is not a place for short posters. The accepted MINIMUM is two paragraphs per post, with three to five paragraphs being the expected normal. If something is particularly tough to respond to... let people know in the OOC that you need something more to reply to.

    4. Godmodding. Do it, and I swear to God your character will die the next time I post. Godmodding is defined as follows: “Autokilling” or “Autohitting” of PCs without prior agreement with the player, Making up attacks on the fly, nuking cities in one shot, doing things your character really just wouldn't be able to do, and being Superman.

    5. Please try to remain active. Give notice if you'll be gone. Extended periods of absence will result in characters being moved along and/or killed off.

    6. Collabs are encouraged. They're fun. :3 Don't know what a collab is or how to do one? Just ask.

    7. No OOC chatting in the IC Thread. That is why THIS thread is here.

    8. Have fun. Don't spam GIFs. No Lemon Party. Thor is best Avenger.

    9. This RP WILL involve characters dying. If you do not want to risk a character dying, don't join.

    10. Put "I will not bow" at the end of your CS so I know you read the rules.

    Character Sheet Template (open)

    [character image]
    Equipment/Possessions: (keep it reasonable, please)

    Personality: (at least one paragraph, please. Being shy/timid/etc gets you dead first.)

    Backstory/History: (At least three paragraphs.)


    Arc 1: Where are your Gods?

    They call them the "Imperial Ruins". They act like the city is gone. The people in the capital city of Lord's Crossing prefer to ignore the ghosts of the past and act like nothing is wrong. However, those not blinding themselves to the truth know that the 'ruins' of the Imperial City still house a large number of people. Nearly fifty-thousand call the damaged city their home, rebuilding what was lost in the war and trying to salvage their way of life. They are a strong people, united by adversity and a strong sense of community. However... that is all about to change.


    Active Roster

    Lars Bakerson, played by Beta
    Velerya Inkhard, played by Azula
    Eris Rashnir, played by EmiliysRose
    Lafrenze Magia, played by Izurich
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    Name: Lars Bakerson
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male

    Shortbow, Quiver of 25 broadhead arrows, handaxe, hunting knife, padded leather armor, worn iron greaves, belt pouches x2 (one contains various dried herbs, mushrooms, and forest plants, the second is empty)

    Always eager to please his friends and family, Lars is the kind of guy people come to depend on. Despite the fact he fails just as much as he succeeds, Lars never lets that get him down. He always says "Well, I'm not Exalted. You can't expect me to succeed every time." and brushes himself off after a botched hunt or a lost bet at the local tavern.

    His sunny disposition can sometimes grate on people's nerves, but at the end of the day he is always the one with a smile on his face. Granted, he sometimes has trouble looking on the bright side... but his motto has always been "It could always be worse, so let's make the best of this."

    Lars was a very young boy when the Scarlet War erupted. Born in the Imperial City, his family was among those most heavily impacted by the return of the Empress. Her regime assumed total control of the city by force, keeping all citizens docile with brutal policies and enforcing the laws with public executions. Only with the combined might of the Exalted and Fair Folk were the people of the city saved. ... but at the cost of the city itself. In the months immediately after the Battle of the Imperial City, there was no real presence of law and order. People took what they wanted and scavenged whatever they could to stay alive.

    After the dust settled, there was no real way to determine who had committed what crimes and what belonged to what person. Lars' family had taken shelter in an old grain storage barn on the city's outskirts, and assumed ownership of the barn and its contents. Since then, the couple has opened up a store in the Imperial Ruins which sells various baked goods. His younger days were spent helping his family bake the various breads and pastries that allowed them to keep food on their own table.

    It wasn't until he was in his mid teens that Lars decided he'd rather hunt game than bake cakes. His adventurous spirit and sunny personality led him to sometimes spend days at a time in the woods outside the city as he followed his quarry. Occasionally, he would come back hurt. It was never usually anything beyond scuffs and small cuts, which were treated by applying herbal compounds to dull the sting and clear out any infections. In time he learned to make these compounds himself, allowing him to treat his minor injuries even while he was out in the woods. This allowed Lars to hunt longer and more frequently, leading to extra income for his family via the sales of meat and pelts.

    However... no amount of hunting could prepare him for what was to come.

    Lars' time as a hunter has given him a fair knowledge of the plants and animals that populate the Blessed Isle's forests. He is able to make simple compounds from various plants and fungi. These compounds do not heal injuries magically, but they can help resist infections, dull pain, and promote normal healing.
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  3. I'm craving for fantasy RP right now and this looks interesting for me, but I have questions about it. What exactly our characters will do? I don't get it, it's too vague for me. Will this be like sandbox or will it have a linear plot where you will lead us to several events? Also, can I make character who is not human?
    I've read your post and I might miss several things >.< So, I'm sorry if my questions are a little bit dumb or something.
  4. To begin with, the characters will be somewhat forced to group together by a common incident. I'll just up and say it now that tragedy will strike the Imperial Ruins (where we are starting off) and we'll be fleeing. There will be a BIT of sandboxing as it can't really be avoided with a map as large as the Blessed Isle, but there is a plot that will keep things going toward an eventual climax. I regret to inform you that nonhuman characters can't really be made. Well... that isn't 100% true. You can make characters with hints of other bloodlines. Exalted allows for the following mixings.

    God-Blooded: Humans who have at some point within the last few generations, had a lesser god among their parentage.
    Fae-Blooded: Same as above, but with Fair Folk.

    Individuals with supernatural lineage gain some advantages and disadvantages, but not to the point where they really overpower normal humans.
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  5. Alright~ I'm making my character now ^^
  6. [​IMG]
    "Oh, you want him dead? I can do that tonight, tomorrow, or next week. Depends on how much you will pay me though."



    Broad Sword
    Short Dagger
    Pouch of Jade Coins
    Pouch of Blood Berries
    Three Doses of Seven Bounty Pastes
    Liquor Flask

    Confident, Charismatic, Individualistic, Impatient, Stubborn
    Velerya believes in herself beyond limit, she also only depends on herself. No one can save her more than her, she says. Velerya never questioned her skills and capabilities, when she says she can do it, she will do it and prove that she is able to do it. Her confidence generates some kind of aura that makes her able to give an individual influence, some even say that she is inspiring. Her way to talk, to walk, to fight are so convincing and no doubt ever stained it. However, her confidence often makes Velerya underestimates her enemies, making this side of her becomes both strength and weakness.

    Though Velerya can make a great influence to those around her. Velerya tends to care about herself more than anyone. She puts herself first, after that, maybe she will think about other, maybe. Growing up as an orphan makes Velerya doesn't trust anyone easily. She enjoys her solitariness and she doesn't mind having no friends. Velerya believes, she will just have to convince them to stand on her side and problems solved.

    Her temper is the worst, actually. She hates waiting, time is money. Therefore, time is so precious because money is so precious for her. Testing her patience is like waking up a sleeping hungry dragon who just broke her wing after trying to escape from the raging villagers. Another bad personality she has is her stubbornness. When Velerya says something that she thinks right, it's hard to change her opinion. She will do anything to make people think the way she does, which is one of her ability.

    No one could tell where Velerya lived nor born. Velerya never told anyone about her past. She moved from one town to another as mercenary, looking for jobs that paid her enough. She had nowhere to call home.

    Velerya Inkhard, another orphan that left alone at the market street, without nothing but an apologize letter. She was taken by an old lady who later raised her with other unlucky children. Living in poverty was not easy, especially when the war took place. She must worked hard since she was kid. First, she got money from selling flowers. Then, she tried to sing to gather more money. But, no matter what she did, nothing gave her enough money. The old lady could do nothing to help her, she just gave the orphans a place to live. While food and other needs were their own concern. Velerya thought that her life would stay in misery forever until she met a wandering traveler when she was 9.

    Velerya remembered his name clearly, Augustav Inkhard. He was not young, but also not old enough to be called the elderly. She guessed he was in his late 40s. Thick beard and sleepy eyes were his most notable features. Augustav taught her a lot, from reading to fighting. He trained her to use sword to protect herself. Since that day, Velerya was no longer an ordinary orphan, at least she had several skills to aid her life. After she was fond enough with swordplay, Velerya started to use this skill to gain money by performing her swordplay skill at the market. Some people amazed with her skill, so she got a lot of money from that.

    Augustav didn't stop there, he continued to teach Velerya a lot of things. Velerya never knew what was his reason, he was just suddenly popped in her life and taught her just like his own daughter. However, Velerya never had a chance to thank the man, Augustav was killed in his sleep. The murderer stayed unknown until now, no one able to solve the mystery. Velerya drowned in grief for several months. Finally, she was able to stand again and decided to take Augustav's last name as hers.

    Years later when Velerya was 17, she decided to move on with her life. Living as an orphan would never give her any good. After giving the old lady a token of thank you, Velerya left the orphanage. Velerya unofficially became a mercenary, living by doing jobs given to her. In no time, Velerya became a professional mercenary. She did her job alone and she did it perfectly. Her name was somehow popular, especially among the lower classes.

    Velerya thought her life was already perfect. Using her skills to get easy money, while exploring the world. Little she knew, the worst part was yet to come.

    People usually call her Vel for short
    Velerya's first name was Velena, but she changed it after she left the orphanage
    Velerya is a decent fighter, but only at close-ranged combat, she is somehow suck at long-ranged combat
    Velerya is a heavy drinker
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  7. Please tell me if there is anything about Velerya that isn't suitable for your story ^^
  8. Hmm... Well, there's no such thing as Health Potions in Exalted. Quick/Magical healing is actually fairly uncommon in the setting. Things like herbal compounds are more the norm when it comes to healing.

    For your healing item, I will allow a pouch of "Blood Berries", which can halve the time required to heal wounds that caused a great deal of blood loss for any person who ingests a dozen of them in one day. (For instance, the berries help heal gashes but not broken bones.) Dried blood berries keep for a year, after which they lose their potency. You can have five dozen of them in that pouch, as they're about the same size as dried cranberries, and thus not too hard to store.

    As for the antidotes, there ARE things like that. There's a thing called "Seven Bounties Paste" which can cure almost any illness, save leprosy and the "Great Contagion". I'd be willing to let it also ward against poisons, so long as the poison in question isn't something really extreme like Wyvern Venom and so on. You can have a single tin of it, enough for three doses.

    Just note that both of these things are fairly pricey for a non-noble or non-merchant, so I'm only allowing you to have them because she has worked as a soldier of fortune. Perhaps she received them as payment for a recent contract instead of money.

    Only other real thing is that the currency of the world is not gold coins, but jade coins.

    Looks good otherwise. I'll add her to the roster.
  9. Yay, thank you~ I will edit her tomorrow since I'm already on bed, it's quiet hard to edit using phone.
  10. @Azula

    Feel free to invite any friends you have who might also be interested. I've sent out invites as well.
  11. I will ^^ I put it in my signature as well, I hope it helps~ This new feature kinda makes new RP gets fewer attention because OOC chat doesn't bump the RP >.<

    Maybe putting this at the roleplay advertising will help? Since the ad banner is currently down, it's quiet hard to draw people's attention.
  12. I do miss the banners. They made things so much easier. As for advertising... ehh... I kinda suck at writing ads.
  13. Hope they will fix the ad banner issue soon. Hmm, I never used the rp advertising either, I used ad banner for my current RP XD

    But is it just copying what you write on the overview and paste it at the rp advertising thread? Or maybe putting it in interest check will also help? I often check out that forum to see if anything catch my attention. I think people lurking in that forum more than in the rp advertising.
  14. Yeah, I always used banners. It's too late for an interest check, as the fact the RP already has an OOC would mean it would get moved to advertising anyway.

    I don't know. Maybe I'll try writing something up.
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  15. exalt.jpg
    Ghosts, like ladies, never speak till spoke to.

    Name: Eris Rashnir
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Dark leather whip
    Dark violet pendant connects by a black ribbon
    Three small pouches connected to a thin leather belt
    -graveyard bones
    -Tarot Cards
    -potions and poisons that she has usually bought on whims. (Plant Elixirs)
    Her long coat usually has dead flowers in random pockets.

    Personality: Eris is quiet but not because she is shy. It is hard for her sometimes to tell if the voices around her are living people talking or the whispers of the dead. Because of that, some people thing her aloof, when she is anything but. She is gentle with people she meets and hard to anger. Normally she is a soothing voice of reason for those who come to her, but she isn't a pushover. She can be very patient, waiting for the perfect time to strike if need be.

    Backstory/History: She was born after the war started to a mother who most thought was half mad. She didn't know her father, her mother having never been able to find him after the night she lay with him. This in of itself made Eris the outsider of her neighbors, being the 'bastard' child of an insane woman. The Whisperings didn't help. She didn't understand what they were for most of her childhood and would act as if the voices were normal people talking.

    When she was ten, her mother left her to an elderly fortune teller who taught her how to read the Cards and taught her he uses of different stones on the spirit. This Teller was the woman who gave her the dark amethyst stone around her neck, telling her that it would help dull the voices that she always heard. The woman also gave Eris lessons on fighting with a leather whip, the fortune teller's preferred weapon. The weapon smelled of rose oil, the oil that was used to moisten the leather.

    The old woman died when Eris turned 18, leaving the fortune teller shop and all of its belongings to the young girl. People still came to have their fortunes read, or to receive the calming incense and potions that she made. This gave her money to live off of but she started to have the nagging sense that she shouldn't stay, there was something she had to do. It was like a dream, but the harder she tried to see it, the fainter the feeling got.

    Other: Eris' knowledge on stones and calming properties of plants and teas makes it easy for her to help put people at ease. She keeps the whip hidden under her coat on a small hoop that is attatched to her belt.

    I will not Bow
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  16. @Emiliysrose

    After the edits you made, looks acceptable. Eris is added to the roster.

    If we can get one or two more people, we can begin the IC.
  17. Beta is sad that no one else is interested in this...
  18. Aw don't be sad @Beta It's actually hard to gain people nowadays if we don't put it first at interest check because of no banner >.<
  19. I advertised, though.

    Le sigh.

    Well, if anyone has a friend interested in Fantasy, tell them about this. If we can get one more player, we'll begin.
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