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    ~Here's whats up~
    21 year old Colton is an ex-playboy he left because no matter how many nude pictures they took he was always to shy to have sex with someone on camera. He's only ever had sex once and it was the moment he turned gay. Colton has blonde hair that is cut slanted across his face covering his left eye. He's small in size only 5'2'', skinny, pale in composure, and blue eyes that shimmer in the sun. He prefers tall boys but that's about it as far as pickyness. He is now working in a cafe in London, England and lives in a apartment with one bedroom, a kitchen, and a living room. He's shy, loving, kind, and strong headed with a cool composure. Behind his stern composure hides a dark part of him, he is a masochist, and has an embarrassment kink.

    ~Character Sheet~
    Reference Picture/Description:
    A Little background:
  2. Name: Marquis
    Age: 20

    Marquis is a college student ata local unversity and working to become a fashion designer. Most people really look up to him, and not just becuase he's almost six foot tall. He has a creative mind and is so.ebody everyone just seems to love, but thi seemingly mr. perfect has some secrets he's been hiding. In his free time he lvs a secret double life where he performs adult entertainment and will dance or do a strip tease he does this at local gay bars, male strip clubs and anywhere they want him. He also poses nude for gay adult magazines and for such websites. He goes by the stage name of Azure and has recently come back into contact with Colton after not hearing anything fro him since his days as playboy. Now he has found the guy he had been obsessed with since he met him online and he thinks he's even better in person and is determined to either seduce him or win him over somehow. He is in england for a part time job and is originally french-canadian.
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