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  1. [video=youtube;2trfFybWHmA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2trfFybWHmA&list=PLB7FC4A6E53A96C88&index=11&feature=plpp_video[/video]

    Might as well add this promise to the site, at the rate members are dating and marrying.
  2. A site that really cres about your roleplay relationships!

    Though it IS true, we do care about YOU!
  3. ok is it wrong that i watched this and thought "i wonder if after the match.com/eharmony sites do they ask to the sex/lube comericals next"
    then i turned it to LOGO and saw two women....must say Logo knows how to do comericals better
  4. Translation!
  5. two woman talking about sex is hotter than people wanting love......
    oh and just so you know im pansexual ((and dont ask if i find pots and pans sexy....because of course they are i mean gosh if anyone can use them right and not burn it that is magic))



    I think that's all I know right now...

    - w-
    < w<
    > w>
  7. and nightingale forever alone T_T
  8. Alas, I am forever alone as well.

    I guess that makes us together alone? ;u;
  9. NO!
    jk jk
    we can be alone together
  10. I'm SPECIAL. I'm.... DIFFERENT. T____T
    I ... I am. Honest. D:
  11. yeah different thats what most guys say right before they slip something in your drink and you wake up in a basement with nothing on and all you can see is the camera.

    oooh bitch i know your game.
  12. You're just jealous because all the ladies come home with me.
    It's all right. I know it can be hard to watch. But if you take notes, you might learn how. :D
  13. ​No cat fight? D:
  14. hun i dont need to go home when your with me a closet will do XD
  15. Closet dalliances are also acceptable.
  16. none can resist kitti's advances
  17. -sighs- count me in as well :c There are many women in Iwaku than men O-o
  18. I thought it was more equal these days actually.
  19. ​YUS. EQUAL.
  20. Much better in the old days when us ladies were the minoritity and could pick from the unwashed masses... Wait, no it wasn't. It was a damn boys club here with nothing herp derp.