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  1. Bathed in liquid ecstasy, you float ephemerally in your glass womb. A soothing darkness wreathes you, and the thrumming song of machinery lulls you to a half-sleep.

    A horrible sound rings. The life-giving liquid gushes away, gurgling violently in the drains. You rasp and gasp as oxygen assaults your throat, and a blinding light pierces your eyes. Your glass womb opens with a mechanical hiss.

    You fall. The floor hugs you as if a long lost friend, and all your senses rush to meet you. Pain. Fear. Relief. You look at your hands. They're not yours.

    You are one of many test subjects of the Evosolution Program - a medical and biological experiment that, if successful, would allow humans to take control over their own evolution.

    Because of reasons unknown, you were not awakened from the genetic manipulation process, which would have taken at least a year. Instead, you are flung 150 years into the future, along with who knows how many others.

    Will you survive in this new world? Will you thrive? Will you ascend the new, brutal food chain or will you be a bottom feeder? Through tooth, claw, mind and soul, your future is in your hands.

    Mutations (open)

    Whether by accident or design, the genetic manipulation was not completely successful. A number of minor mutations has afflicted (or benefited) many of the participants. And in the case of a few, extraordinary mutations such as wings or titanium-bones.

    You are the lucky few. A particularly powerful mutation has blessed and cursed you. What this is for you to design.

    Plot (open)

    Most of the plot will be revealed in the game. You and the others who've awoken from their test chambers will either revel or revile the new world they are about to discover.

    I as the GM will only play NPCs, baddies, and control the environment. I have a planned storyline though how it exactly plays out is very malleable. You're free to worldbuild, interact with setting and other players, and explore as much as you want but please don't derail the action-adventure aspect!

    1. Read these rules.
    2. Follow Iwaku site rules.
    3. Try not to be an jerk. As GM, I reserve the right to be the last say in any argument.
    4. No god-modding, Mary/Gary Sues/Stus, etc.
    5. If you can't continue posting or are just bored of this, please say so! That way we can move on faster.
    6. Use prose. None of the *asterisk actions* thing, please. On that note, please write in third-person.
    7. Whatever goes, goes. Graphic violence is okay; a warning if reading that kind of thing makes you queasy, I tend to write relatively graphic violence. No sexual stuff, though. Please take it to PMs or fade to black.
    8. Ask any questions you may wanna ask. Literally. To prove you've read the rules ask me a random question.
    9. Have fun! That's the most important part!

    Name: (Whatever word you, and others, use to call yourself.)
    Gender: (What gender pronoun you want me and others to use.)

    Biography: (Your history before the Evosolution Program, a rundown of your general personality, and your current appearance (picture not needed; written description needed))

    Mutation: (You can list as many 'cosmetic' and 'aesthetic' mutations as you want - a third eye, scaly skin, a disturbing voice, etc. List one major mutation, such as wings, a prehensile tail, superb senses, etc. Anything I deem OP I will ask you kindly to revise it :) )
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